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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 10
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Portable limped slightly on his right leg and didnt seem to be able to control himself from blinking.OJ took a look at him and his flaws and how was an easy prey within the prison walls.he felt a need to protect the little man but he didint se how he could,the only thing he remembered about himself was the fact that he was a stone cold killer.

OJ took a quick gaze at portable but didnt say a word,then portable continued’please i am your cellmate,can i be your friend,the other guy want to have me but i am straight,i dont do guys,they are scared of you and…’but before he completed his statement,there was a call from behind,”portable,come and service me”
Portable turned to see who was calling him.although he recognizwd the voice,but he hoped it wasnt his oppressor.

Eja was the most feared inmate not just because of his heavy built but because he was convicted of murder was rumoured that while he was being tried for murder,he killed a spectator at the court premises then he laughed hysterically

Eja had committed almost every crime imagined and now he was in the prison to extend his reighn terror.

some of the inmates even whispered that he was more dreaded than the notorious criminal-SHINA RAMBO,the man that struck fear amongst lagosian in the late 80s.

Portable was scared of being raped and looked at OJ as though pleading for help but OJ didnt even looked at his direction.the little man stood up,ready to embrace his fate,as he made an effort to walk towards eja,OJ grabbed his hand and declared in pidgin english’i don put leg on top this one’

it was like a child speaking for the first time,his voice vibrated through out the yard drawing attention of everyone around,it sounded like a declaration of war.

Eja became furious because that the declaration challenge his authority and although he had some hidden fear about OJ,he had to protect his ‘rep’.his eyes red with fury,he was ready for the worst,he pushed OJ but OJ just looked at him and warned,”I DONT WANT TO KILL YOU TODAY!”.

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