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OJ(Olakunle Johnson) - Season 1 - Episode 1
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Unruffled by the uncertainty that loomed just ahead,olakunle johnson embraced the first day of his new life with arms wide open.he wa agreebly the calmest person on the bus.

He had a small scar close to his left nose,one that reminded him that his past held many sad tales.he stood at about 6fts.,he wore a curly dark hair,dark eyes and lovely dark skin.he looked at other individuals on the prison bus,all of whom seemed so lost and frustrated,the chains in their hands and feet mirrored their hopelessness.each man was confined to one section of the bus.

Most of them had being condemmed to spend the rest of their lives behind bars,locked away for crimes that ranged from armed robbery to murder.

The guards looked fierced with the automobile machine guns they held and looked ready to pull the trigger at the slight rovocation.

Olakunle’ gaze didnt cross any other persons.
He just loked from the roof to the metal floor of the ‘BLACK MARIA’ but didnt say a word.

A total of twenty four prisoners werebeing transported to the prison that day.they had two armoured vehicle escorts and about twelve millitary personnel.the bus moved quickly leaving behind miles of used road.the bus came to halt is journey from the holding cells and as each man alighted,the ugly aroma of fear and confusion filled the apeared as though olakunle was the only person that didnt perceive it.

The prisoners filed out and were made to stand in rows as they listened to the prison rules.the prison warden was a stern looking man,he wor his pot belly proudly,stood so close to the could barely see him behind a table.he carried a face that was round as a soccerball and he smelt of stale sweat yet he didnt seem to care.

He stood before the prisoners and introduce himself’you will address me as MR WARDEN,is that clear?’.There was no responce,mr warden wore anger on his face then yelled rheotically,”are you deaf!?this is my prison,when i asked a question,i need an answer!!’

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