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Oh Brother - Season 1 - Episode 42
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My heart was pounding and my brain was clouded, but all I knew was that he meant the world to me. He was one of a kind and all mine. Christian was wrong. I was lucky to have won his heart.

Moving my lips away from his lips, I gently kissed his jaw. I then moved my lips to his neck, and then to his collarbone. Sprinkling kisses everywhere, I smiled when he sighed lightly.

“Whoa,” Christian mumbled as I began kissing the part of his chest that was exposed thanks to his v-neck. “I should buy you gifts more often.”

I laughed as I brought my face away from him and looked at him as I sat up on his stomach. His face was red, but he looked happy. Indescribably happy, just like me.

And suddenly, as I stared at his handsome face and his chest that was rising and falling faster than usual, I had this urge. This sudden urge to be closer to him in a way that I would never have thought about for years to come. But knowing I loved him and he loved me, and that it was my birthday, now felt like the perfect time.

“I love you too,” I suddenly said, smiling as his eyes softened.

He suddenly sat up and we were now face-to-face as I was moved to his lap. I could close off our distance in a second, but there was something I needed to ask him. It would definitely be embarrassing, but I wanted to know if it was okay.

Christian began to lean forward, but I stopped him by placing a hand on his chest. He frowned.

“Can I have one more gift?” I asked, feeling my cheeks redden.

Christian frowned. “Sure, anything.”

My faced turned redder as I realized I didn’t know how to ask for what I wanted. I didn’t want to come off as creepy either, if he’d say no. But knowing we only had this once chance, I ignored my embarrassment.

“You,” I said quietly, putting my hands on his chest.

Christian looked confused for a second, but as my hands went higher up his chest his eyes widened. His own cheeks turned redder, and suddenly I felt embarrassed. I began to wish I could take back what I said.

“Autumn, are you sure?” Christian asked with his eyes still wide.

I nodded, looking to where my hands were. “Yes.”

He stared at me for a few seconds as I ran my hands towards his neck. His muscles were evident and I found my heart pounding so hard that I felt like I might throw up. Maybe it was my nerves, but I felt sick and excited all at once.

Christian suddenly smiled and then kissed my lips gently. He then lifted his arms up and smirked. I was confused at first, but then I realized what he wanted. Quickly, I pulled off his shirt and threw it across his room. My embarrassment vanished as I grinned.
He laughed, running his fingers through my hair. “Eager, aren’t we?”
I smiled sheepishly and pressed my lips to his bare chest. Kissing him across his chest, I heard him sigh as I ran my hands around his body. My own body was itching for him, but I knew I had to make this moment perfect. We only had this one day together.
Christian suddenly hugged me and I yelped as he fell back onto the bed. Before I knew it, he then rolled over so that he was on top of me. With his blue eyes staring down at me with lust, I found my brain ignoring what I originally wanted. Right now, I wanted to be as close as possible to him soon.

“Are you sure?” Christian asked again, breathing heavily.

“Yes,” I said, becoming surprised by how husky my own voice was.

Christian smiled at that and he kissed me. He kissed me like I was all he needed, and I kissed him back the same way. I loved him. It was clear as we became one that day.
I woke up and yawned, stretching my tired body out. Turning to my other side, I was surprised to see a shirtless Christian sleeping beside me. He was sleeping peacefully, and that was when I remembered the events of yesterday.

I blushed, but I was surprisingly happy with what had gone down. Being with him in that way had made me feel closer to him. It made us feel like one, and I definitely didn’t regret anything.

Smiling, I decided to make breakfast for him. My mom and Stephen had stayed at a hotel – purposely missing my birthday – so I was glad to know I had a few more hours alone with Christian. Finishing the rest of Tangled sounded perfect right now.

I sat up and stretched, and then got out of bed. After listening for any sounds of people, I then glanced at Christian who was still sleeping peacefully. I smiled as I stared at his perfect self. I really did love him.

After staring at him like a creep for a bit more, I then exited his bedroom and walked down the stairs. Entering the kitchen, I wondered what to make as I opened the fridge. Spotting eggs, I remembered the day I realized I had feelings for him. We never did get to eat the omelet after I burned it, so it would be perfect to make it now. I smiled.
Honestly, I was just so happy. I didn’t even know why, but everything about yesterday was perfect. From the movies we watched together to his gifts, and then the aftermath, it was like I had my own fairytale yesterday. With that, I had completely forgotten about my mom.

Grabbing the carton of eggs and some meat, I went over to stove. Humming quietly, I began to cook. I was suddenly thankful I could cook.

As I cooked, I realized I should add some vegetables to the omelet. I went back to the fridge and that was when something caught my eye. A single note was stuck to the freezer’s door. A note I had never seen before, that was written in my mom’s handwriting.

Curious, I read the note. And at every word, my heart sunk. My body froze and my eyes widened, shocked by what the note said. By the end of it, my eyes were filled with tears.

The letter said that my mom was disgusted with me. She had seen Christian and I asleep in his bed, and she wanted nothing more to do with me. I was to go to a motel she would pay for, and I would live in it from now on. She wanted me out of the house today.

I took a deep breath in, trying to calm myself down. I couldn’t believe it. After how happy I’d been, I couldn’t believe my mom found out about Christian and I. It was at the worst possible time, too.

I covered my mouth with my hand, fighting back tears. She was kicking me out of the house. I had to leave today and that would mean I wouldn’t be able to see Christian anymore. My own mom was ruining my life.

That was when another idea hit me. My mom was ruining my life. The very woman I lived with was paying for me to live somewhere else. She had been making me miserable for quite some time, but now I was rid of her. Even if Christian and I couldn’t see each other at home, we still had school. He could always visit me too, which made moving out seem like a blessing. As I tried to think of the positives, my heart lifted. However, tears remained in my eyes.

“Good morning beautiful.”

I turned around, jumping from Christian’s sudden voice. As I looked at him and his shirtless glory, his grinning face fell. He suddenly frowned as concern became evident on his face.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.
I took a deep breath in. “Read this.”
I extended my hand with the note in it towards him, and he walked over and took it. Reading it quickly, I watched as he scowled. Unlike me, he seemed more mad than sad.
“What the hell,” Christian said, crumpling up the note in his fist. “She can’t be doing this.”

“It’s okay.” I forced a smile. “I’m finally away from the b---h, right?”
“But she’s your mom,” he growled. “She can’t be that heartless.”
I put a hand on his arm, wanting to calm him down. As I stared up at him, trying to tell him to calm down with my eyes, he sighed. He then ran his fingers through his hair tiredly.
“You’re okay with this?” Christian asked tiredly.

“It doesn’t make me happy,” I said honestly. “But it seems like it’s for the best. My mom and I haven’t spoken for almost a year, and we can’t even act like a couple here. I think this is for the best.”
Christian frowned. “But you’ll be all alone. You’ll-”
“I love being alone,” I said honestly. “I’ll miss you like hell, but we’ll make things work. Okay?”
“Why are you so calm?”
“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “I guess because this was bound to happen.”
Christian suddenly hugged me and I sighed lightly, feeling sad. I tried to keep the pros of getting kicked out at the front of my mind, but I still thought about how much I’d missed Christian. Even if we couldn’t speak at home, just having him around was enough. His presence was always soothing, and now I wouldn’t be able to see him everyday. It was almost scary.

“I hate her,” Christian muttered, running his fingers through my hair as we hugged.
“Hey, let’s not let this ruin what was supposed to be a good day,” I said, smiling. “I was making you an omelet.”
He laughed, letting go of me. “Ah, memories.”

I laughed lightly, even though the word memory struck a chord in me. With me leaving, we wouldn’t have these memories. We would only be able to see each other once in a while, and it would be difficult with my mom. I had no idea how this would work.

“You know, I came here wanting to tell you something,” Christian said, smiling shyly.
“What?” I asked, curious.

“Thank you, for yesterday.” He looked away, blushing slightly. “It was more of a gift to me.”

I laughed as I felt my face turn red. Only Christian would thank me for something like that. He was so cute.

Smiling, I put a hand on his cheek and forced him to look at me. “My birthday. My treat.”
He rolled his eyes and chuckled. I grinned and hugged him again. This was our last day and suddenly, I realized I had to pack up all of my belongings. We couldn’t even spend our last hours together, I realized.

As if reading my thoughts, Christian said, “I’ll help you pack. I’ll drive you there, too.”

I hugged him tighter. “Thank you. Thank you for everything.”

“Don’t thank me.” He kissed my head. “I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to your life.”
“Shut up.” I rolled my eyes, but my heart felt heavy.

I had no idea what the future had in store for us. I had no idea what it had for me either. All I knew was that I had to try to stay positive or else I would break. After everything good that happened, I didn’t want to break. Instead, I wanted to stay strong. I wanted to overcome the obstacles in life. Just like Christian said, I wanted to be like Niagara Falls.

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