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Nick The House Help  - Season 1 - Episode 25
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(The next day,Kingsley and the boys get ready,Natasha and Rebecca also were ready,I was with Yvonne in the room,I tried to stop her but she refused,she only told me that this is her fight,Hmmmm “he fight indeed.

Me : Yvonne,I know this is your fight,but am here to fight for you.

Yvonne : Please Nick,let me join you in this mission,I can’t stay here alone.

Me : (Think for while) Baby but promise me,you won’t get your self killed.
Yvonne : (Smiled) I promise
*I called Kingsley and the boys to meet us at home,so that we can share the groups,I walked down stairs to check on Olamide and Dan,They were all ready.

I get back inside,Mrs Amanda came out of the room,well prepared.
Me : (Surprise) Where do you think you are going to?

Mrs Amanda : Am joining you guys
Me : Why???
Mrs Amanda : My son is out there
*I got tired,I left her there to meet Yvonne,I opened the door,Yvonne was fully naked.
Yvonne : Baby i need you one more time before we partake on this mission.
Me : (Smiled) Same here…

We both kissed our self’s as if it was our last day,I sU-Ck her b–bs as if my life depends on it,she mourned so loud,she locates my belt,I can feel her hands going down the zip side,she unzipped my trouser,she touched and Robed my D–k gently,I feel her every single touch,I carried her to the bed,she sprayed her legs,I locate her honeypot, I finger f–k her,she mourns hard, Give it to me baby”She said”

I slowly removed her G’String,, and slot my hard D–k into her honeypot.

**The rest was story** “Do you guys noticed that i only slept with Yvonne twice,Am a gentle guy,I think #Winks**

after the hot sex we freshened up,prepared for what we call a mission. Kingsley and the boys where all waiting for us at the parlour, Me and Yvonne said our prayers before going down stairs,to our greatest surprise Natasha,Rebecca and Mrs Amanda were already waiting,we all prayed together, then i start.

Me : (Cleared throat) I thank you all for being here this morning,for you to come out here just to sacrifice your life’s for this family,I own you guys great things in life,this mission is not going to be easy,am scared,but for you ladies to come out here today,makes me stronger,We have 3 innocent life’s out there,we need to get them rescued,to say truth,have never used guns in my life,but today is not gonna by different, I will like us to be careful, Me,Kingsley,South,Jimoh and Mrs Rebecca will go to Ogun state, Mrs Rebecca will lead us there,while Dan,Olamide,Natasha,Rebecca and Yvonne will go to Anderson main building to rescue the boy.I believe Yvonne knows Anderson Building *Yvonne nods* once again,watch your backs,always stay together, I wish us Good luck .

Mrs Amanda brings food,we all eat like one family, Kingsley brings out guns and bullets,the guy is always ready, while Yvonne to me to follow her,we walked into a store,she opened a big box and brings out big gun,**You know those ones rich men always keep to secure them self’s ,she told me it belongs to her dad. we kissed for like 5minutes before joining others,they were all set,the cars were ready,we all hugged ourselves with tears in Yvonne eyes as she hugged me tight,she said in my ear “Don’t die out there”

We all entered the cars and drive different ways..
To be continued….

Dear Readers.,the previous story i posted is Episode 24,, followed by this one.. I just noticed,, also sorry for the late updates.. I was busy through out,, thanks for your understandings. Happy Sunday.

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