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my village prince and I - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Continues from Afamefuna povThe words of my father from the other day in the throne roomkept echoing in my head.EZE NWANYI: Afamefuna, I am dying.My mouth was opened but no words came out.EZE NWANYI : yes, I have cancer of the lungs.AFAMEFUNA: whatttttt…, since when, how, I don’t understand, are you joking right now.EZE NWANYI: no am not son.AFAMEFUNA: then you should be flew to the best country in the world for treatment.EZE NWANYI: son it has eaten into me too deep, I didn’t know on time.I saw the truth in his eyes, this got me so restless but I had to be a man and not a boy.AFAMEFUNA : for how long.EZE NWANYI : six months now.AFAMEFUNA: and you are just telling me now.I couldn’t believe this was happeningAFAMEFUNA: who else knows.EZE NWANYI: just you and my doctor, and it should remain that way.AFAMEFUNA: what about mother, she has theright to know.EZE NWANYI: and risk spoiling the remaining days she should be happy with me to be in tear.My father was right, my mother won’t have stopped herself from crying knowing she could loose her husband soon.AFAMEFUNA: how long do you have left.EZE NWANYI : more than a year but might not be two years,My mouth drop to the ground as I gaze at him in shock.EZE NWANYI :now you see the reason why I want you to get married so as to have an heir.So after the conversation I decided to do as my father says but will get married to someone I love and Amarachi is the only woman my heart beat for. Ada always comes to visit and we have been really close but still I don’t feel anything for her and I know I will never feel something more than friendship forher, I than made up my mind to tell my father that I have found the right one.I walked to the throne room, as I entered I sawMazi Amadi, Ada’s father getting up, I greeted him wish he responded, he excused himself and left, I sit down excitingly to tell my father the good new.EZE NWANYI: what is making my son so happy today.AFAMEFUNA: father I have a special news foryou.EZE NWANYI: really I too have a wonderful news for you also.I was confused.AFAMEFUNA: news ok father you go first, mind will come later.EZE NWANYI: guess what.AFAMEFUNA : what.EZE NWANYI: I have found a suitable bride foryou.I was shocked in hearing that but still remained calm.AFAMEFUNA: and who might she be.EZE NWANYI : I know you will ask, it Ada, MaziAmadi daughter.I gaze at my father speechless.Was my ears deceiving me or maybe I was hearing wrongly, I looked at my father smiling face just wondering what to say to him.EZE NWANYI: are you not happy.AFAMEFUNA: what makes you think I will be happy.EZE NWANYI: you should be, Ada is a fine choice for you and she will make a good queen.AFAMEFUNA: and will she make a good wife for me, father I thought I was the one making the choice not you.EZE NWANYI: I am your father and I have the right to choose who will be the future queen of my kingdom.AFAMEFUNA: are you being serious, wait is what both of you were discussing, father please don’t make me laugh.EZE NWANYI: and do you think I am good withjokes.He said angrily.AFAMEFUNA: father with all dew respect, I am not going to marry Ada, it either you call Mr Amadi and tell him that you made a mistake in choosing his daughter or you are just in for a big disappointment.EZE NWANYI: how dare you.He got up and I could see him burning in rage,I too got up I really don’t like surprises.EZE NWANYI: how dare you threaten I the great king of Amucha.AFAMEFUNA : to the people you are the king but to me you are my father and I will tell you what’s hurts me.My voice was now high but I didn’t care less, Iwas getting angry and I really didn’t know howto stop myself.AFAMEFUNA: you have no right to discuss marriage at my back, no right to tell me when to marry and no f-----g right to tell me who to marry and that you should know.I said walking out angrily.EZE NWANYI: Afamefuna, you dare walk out on me.I couldn’t care less, I roughly opened the door ignoring the call of my father, I walked passedmy mother, she was surprised to see me angry and hearing my father’s voice that high, she tried to require from me what was happening but I totally ignored her and went to my room, I locked myself indoor burning in rage, well I have what they call bad temper I guess it runs in royal bloods, and when am angry if I am not careful I end up hurting others or myself, the thought of my father choosing a wife for me and ordering me to agree to it hurts me, does he see me as one of his servants, I am his son, only son and heir to the throne, no one orders me around without my approval, no one not even my father.*********************I opened my eyes to hear the voice of my mother calling me from my door, I must have fallen asleep, the event that happened earlier today came back to be, I looked out the window seeing it was already dark, I got up from the couch I have fallen asleep on to open the door, I walked back to the couch without looking at my mother, she sat down beside me.LOLO AGBONMA: Afamefuna, you got me worried, I have been knocking on your door for some time now, why would you look yourself indoor and even refused to eat dinner.AFAMEFUNA: isn’t it obvious that I don’t want to see your husband.LOLO AGBONMA: your father.AFAMEFUNA: whatever.LOLO AGBONMA: Afamefuna, you know he wants the best for you.AFAMEFUNA: seriously, if he really wants the best for me why will he then do this to me.LOLO AGBONMA: what he is doing is for your own good, Ada is from a good home.AFAMEFUNA: and so, does that guarantee that I must marry her.LOLO AGBONMA: but I thought you liked her, she is always seen with you in the palace.AFAMEFUNA: mother Ada is my friend yes, but her to be my wife I don’t even think about it, mother I want someone like you, beautiful, patient, loveable, caring, gives listening ears, elegant, every thing you can think of.LOLO AGBONMA: and Ada is not.AFAMEFUNA: she is not even close, she is arrogant, she doesn’t care about others, rude, you need to see the way she talks to the maids sometimes, she carries herself like a god when she is nothing, she will turn this palace into a war zone if she enters it and I don’t want that for my future.LOLO AGBONMA: then if it not Ada who, because I don’t see any other person that matches up to her.AFAMEFUNA: mother there is.LOLO AGBONMA: then who, or do you have anyone in mind.AFAMEFUNA: yes mother and she is perfect for me.LOLO AGBONMA: who is she, what is her name.I didn’t know if I should tell her about Amarachi knowing how people react hearing her name.LOLO AGBONMA: Afamefuna, what is her name.AFAMEFUNA: her name is Amarachi.LOLO AGBONMA: Amarachi, is she from this village.AFAMEFUNA : yes and no but she grow up here so yes she is from this village.LOLO AGBONMA: what is her father’s name.I hesitated, I already knew what her reaction will be but I was ready for it.AFAMEFUNA : Amarachi Uzochi.LOLO AGBONMA: are you talking about Uzochi and Nneka adopted daughter.AFAMEFUNA: yesShe scream in shock, well yeah I expected that.AFAMEFUNA: mother there is nothing wrong with her, why do you people hate her so much.LOLO AGBONMA: shut up, shut up just shut up, this boy has kill me, hope you haven’t lay with her, tell me.AFAMEFUNA: no mother.LOLO AGBONMA: better for you, do you have any idea…..She was now raising her voice.AFAMEFUNA: mother yes I know everything about her and seriously I don’t see anything wrong with her.LOLO AGBONMA: then you must be blind, thatgirl is a curse, a disappointment, an outcast, and it is an abomination to bring her into the royal family, never.I just stare at my mother not knowing what to say to her, why is this happening, why does my heart choose someone rejected by everyone, she went on and on about how deadly it is that I am seen with her not to talk of marrying her.AFAMEFUNA: fine, okey just fine, since no body cares about me or my happiness I accept it, there is no problem at all, everythingis just perfect.LOLO AGBONMA: AfamefunaAFAMEFUNA: please mother, I have had enough from you this evening, I need to calm my head down and think.LOLO AGBONMA:: you really need it, you needto think and make sure you think very well.She said this and left, I was confused, do I really

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