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my sweet kidnapper  - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Jake covered my eyes. It made me feel like a little kid again of how kids aren’t suppose to see two people make out. In our case two guys making out.

“Well we will leave you two alone now,” Jake joked and grabbed my hand. He was hiding something.

Jake stayed silent most of the way back home. He didn’t bother to look back. I could feel his hand squeezing mine. It tensed more.
” Ow Jake!” I said swiping my hand away from his. It was red. Jake’s tensed face turned into a guilty one.
” Sorry.” he apologized. His face looked hurt and depressed. We were a few blocks away from my house. Jake sent some awkward vibes towards me.
” I think I want to be alone for a while.” I said. I took a few steps forward then Jake grabbed my arm and placed something in my hand.
” Here,” He said. He smiled holding his sadness. I held what he placed onto my hand – a cellphone.

” The reason why you didn’t see me at school was because I went to go buy you a new a cellphone. Your mom assumed your cellphone was destroyed so she sent me to go buy a new one. And you cellphone number is the same.”
” Oh wow thanks,” I smiled. The phone was purple my favourite colour and had a small hello k---y key chain hanging on the side. His face brightened at my reaction. I scanned through my caller list.
” I see you put yourself on my speed dial,” I chuckled.
” Yup. Number one, because well I’m number one.” He bragged. I smiled.
” Well bye!” I said. He grabbed my arm again and pulled me in closer giving me a gentle kiss on the lips. I blushed. I felt uneasy for some reason as if… Jake wasn’t the right person I should be with.

” Bye,” He smirked.

~ Nathan Point of view ~

I la!d on my bed playing with Kim’s phone I confiscated during the kidnapping. Thanks to this phone I was able to figure out her birthday. It even had small pictures of her I would constantly stare at times. This made it harder for me to forget about her. It flashed through my mind that it was possible that I could be able call her still. I mean she might have gotten a new cell? Hopefully the same number.

I took out my cell phone and dialled her cell number. A familiar voice picked up.
” Hello?” Kim answered. My heart raced when she answered. My body stood frozen I couldn’t get any words out of my mouth.
” Hello?” She asked again. I gulped.
” Kim?” I spoke finally.
“Jake?” her voice brightened. The way she called his name made me hurt inside.
“No its Nathan,” I chuckled.
” Oh hey Nathan!” she laughed then it went down. ” Wait. How did you get my number?”
” Uh.. I have my ways,” I laughed.
” Are you stalking me?” she said sarcastically.
” No, I’m not like that. But who wouldn’t stalk someone as beautiful as you?” I felt like my normal self around her again.
” Wow, corny lines. Do they always work?” She asked.
” Not always, Apparently.” I chuckled. I could hear her laughing on the other line.
” Do you wanna do something after school?” She randomly asked.
” Um sure!” I said back. My heart was racing. ” See ya tomorrow,” I said.
” Bye Nathan,” she hung up. A sudden knock came at my door.
” Go away,” I growled.
” Its me, I need to ask you something,” Daniel spoke on the other side of the door..
” What? Can’t you wait later?” I yawned. Daniel opened my door.
” Guess not,” I sighed.
” During the kidnapping, you were beating up a guy. Did his name happen to be Jake?” He glared.
” How am I suppose to know?” I scoffed trying to remember the guy I beat up. It was foggy but I remember his eyes being amber.
” I saw Kim at karate class with a guy with amber coloured eyes. Watch out for him, he might expose us,” Daniel spoke in a serious tone. “Should have known Kim would go to the Karate club,” I thought to myself remembering the time we met.
” Yeah sure whatever,” I growled throwing the nearest object at Daniel so he could get out of my room. Sadly he caught it.

~Kim’s point of view~

Nathans phone call came really random last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. In my dreams I remember seeing such memorizing green eyes almost like Nathans. Except they were full of fear and loneliness. Then I would be transferred into a dark room again. This time I felt someone warm body against mine – a hug. I would pull back to look at the persons face but it would turn out blurry. He said something again but it was muted. I tried to mouth the words he was saying. Only one word came out clearly. Roses.
” Kim Wake up! Someone sent you roses!” A familiar voice was echoing in my mind. I felt a small poke on my arm following an jab on the stomach waking me from my dreams.
” Ugh! Simon you little twit!” I yelled clenching onto my stomach. He gave a big smile on his face.
” Kim look! Someone sent your roses!” He yelled. I focused on what Simon was holding. In his hands was a bouquet of roses along with a fake on that stood out in the middle. At the side was a small white card. For some reason the image looked familiar. I tried remembering but no memories came.
I got out of bed and snatched the bouquet of roses from Simon. I scanned the entire rose bouquet. It made me wonder why there was a fake rose out of all of them. I read the card. It said:
Even after all that has happened
My Love still continues to grow like these roses.

And still will continue to I love you until the last rose dies.

My eyes widened and I couldn’t help but blush. I looked around for a name. There wasn’t any. I tried reviewing my options. I looked at Simon he had a big smile on his face.
“I think its from Jake!” He laughed. For a dumb brother he might be right. Who other guy would send me flowers?
‘All that has happened’ could he possibly mean the kidnapping and whoever that Peter guy was and what he said.
“Kim and Jake sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G~” Simon started singing.
” Shut up you little twit!” I growled and he started running out of my room and singing. I blushed. Jake really is the romantic type after all. My heart went up high and sweet. My mind could only think about Jake. What he had done was so sweet. I got changed and walked outside. Jake was already waiting outside of my door. I smiled and gave him a long soft kiss on the lips.
” What was that for?” He chuckled.
” For the most sweetest gift you ever did for me. I never thought you were the romantic type to send roses.” I smiled. Holding the card from bouquet of roses. He gave a confused look then smiled. As if he was hiding something.
” Oh yeah. Glad you liked them,” He smiled. ” Oh yeah, today I can’t pick you up. Is it alright if you can walk home alone tonight?”
” Of course,” I smiled.

~ Nathans point of View ~

I sat in Math class five minutes before class had started. I wanted to know Kim’s reaction to the roses I had sent her. Did it make her happy? I tried imaging possible ways that Kim’s reaction could be. The image in my mind was Kim’s smile in her beautiful face. For once I couldn’t wait till Math class had started. Kim entered the room with a huge smile on her face. My heart began to melt inside and I felt like a eight year old who just confessed to a girl for the first time. She sat down beside me and was humming.
” Wow you seem to be in a happy mood,” I smiled.
” Well..” She smirked. ” Jake did the most sweetest thing! He sent me such beautiful roses along with the most sweetest card,” She let out a small squeal. My heart suddenly sank. She thought it was Jake. Who is Jake to her?

She handed me the card as expected there was no name on the card. It made me feel more depressed now that she was thinking Jake sent it.

” There’s no name on the card though, how did you think it was Jake?” I said trying to hide my depression.
” Well,” She paused. ” I had been guessing it was because he was all tense yesterday because of Daniel. And then this morning he told me he sent them.”
My body froze. One was because she met Daniel. Two was because who ever Jake – that b-----d – was, took the credit for what I had done for Kim. I felt like shouting at Kim that I did it. However, knowing her she would ask why and possible gain her memory about us. I kept it in. I felt like I was hurting inside.
” Nathan?” Kim said concerned.
” Whats wrong you look weird…” She said. I nodded and smiled.
” I’m fine.” I lied. A few minutes later Kim nudged me.
” Whens your birthday?” She randomly said. Man was she random.
” August 14th Why?” I gave her a confused look.
” Aw mine is August 25th. Your older than me!” She complained. I chuckled. I already knew when her birthday was.

After class we started walking to our lockers. Hers was three lockers down from me. I wonder if Kim forgot that we were going to do something together. I reached for my books for next class. I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I turned, Kim was wearing a purple jacket and her school bag already packed.
” What are you doing? We have another class..” I said trailing off.
” I know,” She smiled. “We’re skipping so we can do that thing.” She smirked. My eyes widened. What was Kim planning?
” Alright,” I sighed. I shoved my books in my locker and grabbed my sweater.
” So where we heading?” I asked as she was holding onto my arm. It felt like we were on a date. Something about the way Kim was acting made me feel uneasy. It felt as if she was covering something up.
” Movies.” She whispered.

~ Kim’s point of view ~

Nathan looked uneasy when I told him about the roses Jake had sent me. Then his expression changed like he went to hiding something. When I stared at his green eyes waiting for his answer. A memory flashed by from my dreams. The dream I had finally became clear. In front of me was Nathan holding a bouquet of roses like the one sent today. We were in a rounded room and a garden surrounded us. Could the roses possibly be from Nathan? Who was Nathan to me? Where was I at that time? This worried feeling in my heart swayed unevenly. I wanted to get my answers now. I needed to get the answers away from Jake. Skipping class to go to the movies was the only and private way.

After buying our tickets and turning up an hour early before the movie started. We spent some time at the movie arcade.
” Wow you sU-Ck at this,” he smirked as he watched me trying to win a teddy bear.
” Your suppose to do it like this,” He whispered. Wrapping his arms around me and placing his hands on top of mine. He gently move the claw and pressed the button and the claw snatched up two cute teddy bears.

“Whoa! You got two!” I said shocked. He bent down and gave me one.
” Here,” He smiled. I blushed. He made it look like it was a date. I nodded and got back on track. I’m suppose to be finding answers not be on a silly date.
“Thanks,” I smiled back. Nathan seemed to look to the side as if something was bugging him. It made me fidget. Should I really find out what that memory about?
“Whats wrong?” He suddenly said. My eyes widened.
“…Its nothing.” I lied. Nathan suddenly put his hand to the side of the wall closing me in. He then leaned in closer and kissed me on the lips. It felt warm. All my worries suddenly melted away from me.

I didn’t move or flinch nor did I feel wrong to be kissing Nathan while dating Jake.
” Nathan?!” A voice suddenly shouted. That made Nathan jump back. On the side was a dirty blond boy. He wore a green shirt with baggy pants. His ocean blue eyes stood out the most. However his eyes were shocked with fear. He looked at me.
” Kim…” the boy said. Who is he?
Nathan sighed and pushed the boy into a corner leaving me behind. A guy bonding moment perhaps? I chuckled.

~ Nathans point of view~

Cole’s voice startled me and I instantly jumped back. Instantly looking at Cole’s eyes. He was pissed. I motioned Kim to wait for me as I shoved Cole to the other corner. I waited for his question.
“How could you!” He whispered. I could tell how much rage he was keeping in. He loved her too.
“Sorry, but I love her,” I answered back. Cole clenched his fist.
” You know how much risk this is causing us!” He growled.
” Cole I know what your thinking, Its stupid but. When I’m with her I feel at ease and clean again,” I looked straight at him in the eyes. ” I told you didn’t I? That if you want Kim, your going to have competition. I won’t give her up that easy,” I smirked. Cole had a dirty look in his eyes. One that I never seen since back then. When that had happened.
“Well then let the games begin,” He smiled.
“Oh?” I smiled. Was he actually challenging me?
I took a few steps forward to head back to Kim. Cole suddenly grabbed my arm motioning me to wait.
” Don’t forget Nathan. The ” Sharon and Lucy” reason prevented you from going on, and it still can,” Cole smirked. I clenched my teeth.
“Shut up,” I growled whipping his hand away. I walked towards Kim who was of course trying to observe Cole like some detective. Man was she observant. I awaited her question.
” Whose that?” She asked still staring at Cole. I turned back he was smiling and waving to Kim. Kim waved back.
” Hes a friend of mine,” I smiled. ” Lets go to the movie now,” I said wrapping my arm around her and bringing her closer to my chest. She blushed.

We walked in room six. As we sat down Kim’s phone vibrated. A text message. I leaned over to see who its from. Jake of course. The text message read:
Sorry for not able to walk you home today. I’ll make it up to you later 3 Jake
I scoffed at his message. Kim looked at me weirdly. She slid her phone in her jacket and got off the seat.
” Be right back bathroom,” she smiled. I nodded and watched her walk away. My eyes were staring at her jacket. “It wouldn’t hurt to input my number on speed dial,” I thought to myself. I slid my hand in her jacket and got out the phone. I scanned through her speed dial list. Her first speed dial was Jake. Well good bye Jake. I smiled and moved Jake’s name to speed dial number two and put mine on number one. I chuckled to myself of how childish I was being. I slid Kim’s phone back juts in time before she came back in. She had a small pack of Twizzlers in her hands. Ugh does she really like those?
She smiled and offered me one. I turned them away. I hate the taste of those things. The movie began and it turned out to be a horror film. Something that Kim loved. Yet at the same time she was clinging onto my arm scared half to death. I chuckled and kissed her on the forehead as if we were a couple. She was too busy paying attention to the movie. The weird feeling I had gotten from Kim began to fade and I felt as if she was her usual self again. The person who makes me feel clean and at ease.

After the movies we got up from our seats. Instantly my eyes were locked onto something two rows down from us. I froze at my spot looking directly straight. Kim froze too.

” Jake…” Kim whispered. Her body was trembling. However I wasn’t look at Jake. I was looking at the girl Jake was holding. Lucy.
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