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my sweet kidnapper  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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~Nathans Point of View ~

Ever since the accident, my mind was filled with thoughts of Kim. She would be in my mind 24/7. In my dreams I would see her cute smiling face and then her sad broken face. Father managed to find out some news about Kim.

From what I was told she had lost her memory. I felt guilty. Not only had i broke her heart but also her mind as well. She had lost her memory because of me. Not only that, but she won’t even remember me. She won’t remember the kisses, the confessions, the feelings we had for each other. Most importantly, I’m also glad she doesn’t remember, how I broke her heart.

For the next few months my brothers and my father had to move in with Aunt Marie. Due to the accident, the police have gotten suspicious of our sudden disappearance at the hospital when we delivered Kim. So we had to go away until the investigation would cool down. Our excuse to leaving our huge mansion and living with the brats, bug infestation. Cole didn’t seem to want to leave the big luxury house. However me and Daniel overruled him. Daniel wanted to be with his lover and I wanted to get away from the household of broken memories. Which reason was more stupid?

Now that I had transferred schools. Maybe Kim would be out of my mind. Though I doubt it. Kim was able to connect with me. She was able to break the cold heart of mine to make it warm, even though it was a short while. All because of this stupid secret I had.

Its all Lucy’s fault. I hate her even more than ever. If she hadn’t threatened to tell then Kim wouldn’t have lost her memory and even though she doesn’t remember, she wouldn’t have gotten heart broken by me.

Life was getting more boring as usual. I would lazily stare out at the window in Math class. I knew most of the formulas and operations so I didn’t need to pay attention. I heard the class door open.

” Ah! Welcome to our class Ms. Song” the teacher yelled. My body froze instantly when I heard the last name. My heart felt like it was beating a thousand times a minute.
” Hi, I’m Kim.” She smiled at me as she pulled a chair beside me. She had long black hair and chocolate brown eyes and a kind face… Kim. I nodded my head as if I was imagining her next to me. But there she was… beside me.
” Um. You Okay?” She asked waving her hand in front of my face. I felt the erge to just embrace her and kiss her. I gulped and nodded. ” Are you sure? You seem a bit.. terrified or something.
” I’m Fine.” I said and recovered myself. She gave a small smile that made me melt inside. I turned my head to avoid her noticing my reactions.
” Nice to meet you.” I whispered. Hoping that would end the conversation and move onto Math. Sadly it didn’t.
” And you are?” She waited.
” Its Nathan,” I said still looking at the window. During the whole class, Kim would constantly stare at me. when I thought she had stopped I would turn my head and our eyes would meet. I would instantly turn away and look at the window. She would giggle every time.

~ Kim”s point of view~

After class. Nathan walked me to class. Apparently he has the same classes as me except last class where I had Gym and he had Science. I hadn’t been able to see Jake the entire day. I made me worry but at the same time I was happy to be with Nathan.
” So tell me about yourself,” I said biting into my chicken wrap. I shifted myself to get more balance on the ledge. We on the side of the school under a planted tree.
” There’s not much to say. I moved in with my aunts and its boring life as usual,” Nathan said as he shrugged his shoulders. As he explained I noticed his beautiful facial features and stared. His voice felt soothing. There was something about him… I felt like I already knew him. I shook away the feeling and bit into my chicken wrap again.
” So what about you?” Nathan asked noticing I was staring at him. I blushed and looked at my chicken wrap. He smirked.
” There’s not much to say also. About two weeks ago I got into a car accident and I had lost my memory. But now I’m starting to recover them,” I smiled. A hint of fear flashed through Nathans eyes as I looked at them. ” But only memories of my family… So how was your day?” I said changing the subject.
” Boring. In Science my partner is an idiot. We were using microscopes and he thought that the Ocular lens were actually called the Shiny lens thingy,” He smirked. ” So what do you remember in the accident?” He said going back to the awkward subject.
” Uh. I remember getting my head smashed on the window, I guess I wasn’t wearing a seat belt…” I stopped because of a memory flashed in my head. It was quick but it heard someone calling my name. I shook my head.
” Whats wrong?” Nathan asked putting his hand on top of mine. I nodded.
” Yeah this usually happens a lot when I get a memory back,” I smiled.
” What did you see?” He asked concerned.
” I heard someone calling my name, everything else was kinda blurry.” I sighed. Nathan shifted to the side. It felt awkward. I heard Nathans phone vibrate. He picked it up.
” Hello?” Nathan sighed. I heard someone yelling on the other side of the phone.
” Nathan you jackass! Where the f--k are you! We were suppose to meet once school finished. Its already thirty minutes past that. Cole is in a bit of trouble so get over here you -” Nathan hung up before he could hear the rest. My eyes widened
” Well I gotta go,” Nathan growled. I smiled hiding the disappointment.
” Okay. Well nice talking to you.” I said waving my hands. He gave a small nod and started running away. I sighed. First day of school and I meet this extremely hot guy. I doubt he is still single.

~Nathan Point of View~

My heart was racing when she had gotten a memory flash. I felt guilty leaving Kim alone like that. Stupid Daniel and his stupid phone call. But I guess it was good timing. If Kim remembered the entire scene then I had no idea what I could do. I should think of this as a second chance right? Just simply lying to her. Not tell her that I kidnapped her, loved her, broke her heart, made her loose her memory and live happily ever after with her in this one big lie? Wish is was that easy..

I caught up to Daniel who was leaning on the side of a pole. He glared at me when I got to him.
” And where were you?” Daniel smirked acting like my mom.
” Stuff.” I growled.
” Sure. Spill it.” Daniel nodded.
” Is Cole around?” I asked looking around.
” Hes trying to get the cat out of his locker,” He chuckled. My eyes widened. Cat out of his Locker?
” Don’t ask.” He sighed. Did Cole actually bring a cat to school? Daniel pulled a small container out of his pocket. His lunch. He struggled to open it.
” Dammit.” He cursed. ” Nathan help?” He asked helplessly handing me the container. I easily flipped it open. ” How did you do that!”
” Kim is here.” I said.
” D--n all you had to do is fli—Wait WHAT?!” exclaimed Daniel.
” Shh,” I hissed. Ignoring the random people staring. ” She came in the middle of Math class.”
” Did she recognize you?” he said alarmed.
” No, she lost her memory idiot.” I whispered.
” So she doesn’t remember the kidnapping or how you ripped her heart in half?” He chuckled. I glared at the last comment.
” Yeah,” I said.
” What are you going to do?” Daniel asked already reading my thoughts.
” Well first, you can’t tell Cole about this nor dad. Nor can you mention our full names.” I said.
” Nathan you better not go fool around with her. You will risk our chances in getting caught if you do I’ll-”
” OH please Daniel. This is my second chance with Kim this is all.” I hissed.
” And what will you do if she remembers?” Daniel smirked.
” I will think of something,” I growled.
” What kidnap her? And run off to France?” Daniel joked. That wasn’t such a bad idea. I tried imagining a life with Kim and I living together. Daniel sighed.
” I won’t tell don’t worry.”
” Tell what?” a voice said behind me. I turned around. Cole stood behind me with a cat in his arms.
” Yo” He smiled.
“I see you brought that to school…” I said. The cat began to hiss at me.
” His name is Poe! I brought him for good luck!” Cole complained. ” Also Poe kinda destroyed Aunt Marie’s curtains so I had to hide him somewhere!”
” Poe. Toe. Hoe. Whatever,”I grumbled. Daniel chuckled at the last comment. ” Just keep that creature away from me. I don’t see how it can give you luck.”
“Anyways lets get going.” I said trying to avoid the secret. Cole gave me a suspicious look and immediately changed into a smile.
“‘Kay” He said. We walked a few steps and then Daniel randomly stopped midway.
” Oh F--k,” Daniel cursed. I looked back.
” What?” I chuckled.
” I am suppose to be teaching the Karate club at your school… I was suppose to be there thirty minutes ago.” Daniel said as he was rushing towards my school. He was lucky that our schools are only a few blocks away from each other.

” Well Bye Daniel! I’ll be sure to tell Peter to pick you up!” Cole shouted waving his hand out. The cat began to purr in Cole arms.

~ Kim’s point of View ~

I watched Nathan dash off. I packed my stuff. Immediately Jake came outside the door.
” Hey Kim!” He shouted waving his arms. I waved back smiling.

” He looked behind me where he saw two drinks on the side. Then looked up ahead seeing Nathan running off.
” Who was that guy who was eating with you.” He asked already assuming I was eating with him. Even though he was correct.
” My lover. We were talking about meeting somewhere and have sex,” I said sarcastically. Jake growled. I loved it when he was jealous.
” You know I’m joking,” I smiled giving him a gentle kiss on the lips.
” So lets go in now?” Jake blushed.
” But wasn’t the Karate club cancelled because the teacher didn’t show up?” I asked.
” Yeah. It turns out the teacher is a college student so he has an excuse to be late. He just arrived like five minutes ago. I think we can still go to it.” Jake chuckled. He already grabbed my arm and dragged me inside.
We entered the gym and the first thing I see is a hot sweaty shirtless guy. He had silky brown hair and dazzling hazel eyes. He looked like one of those dreamboats you would see in a girls fantasies. In this fantasy you would see a guy like him walk out of a waterfall and embrace you tightly and then you would live happily ever after. Is there even such a thing?
At first I had thought he was one of the students in the school but then taking a closer look he was more older around 19 years old. He was the teacher. He shooed off the student he was facing. He suddenly turned to our direction and like Nathan, his eyes had a flash of fear. Was there something wrong with me?
“You’re late.” He smiled. Wasn’t he the one who was late?
“Sorry, Sensei. We thought this club was cancelled for today,” Jake bowed and I did the same thing. The teacher expression changed into a smile.
” You can call me Daniel.” He said and pointed to the change rooms. ” You guys hurry up and get changed. Your going to learn how to use a sword today. ”
I slipped out of my uniform and into the karate one, I never really knew what it was called. For some reason I felt like I knew Daniel, the way he looked at Jake and I was awkward. I tied my hair and went outside. All eyes were staring at me, waiting for me to sit down. I scanned around for Jake. He shifted over for me to notice where he was. I smiled and sat beside him.

For a few minutes Daniel showed us how to preform a cut and a block and then sent us to practise. I felt as if I already learned this and as I did my first cut it was straight. In the corner of my eye Daniel was looking at me and smiling. Was he checking me out? Already noticing, Jake shifted in front of me blocking the view of Daniel.
” You wanna practise?” Jake asked looking pissed. He looked cute.
” Sure” I smiled. ” But I won’t go easy.” I smirked.
” I don’t need the handicap,” Jake bragged.
In about five minutes Jake stumbled onto the ground and it was an ultimate victory for me.
” Apparently you do need it,” I smiled.
” Since when do you know how to use a sword?” Jake asked shocked.
” I… don’t know.” I blinked trying to remember the last time I ever held a sword. Daniel walked towards us.
” Mind if I cut in?” He smiled. He was looking towards me. Could he be hitting on me?
” Um sure?” I said. Jake grumbled something under his breath to Daniel and then took his sword and leaned against the wall.

I got into a stance position and we began. I was being hit with countless cuts. However for a awkward reason I already knew what Daniel was about to do next. I would twirl and spin around every time he would miss me then swing back. Even if he was a teacher it seemed he already knew my moves as well as me knowing his moves. I felt as if I already fought Daniel before. He still smiled. It made me feel pissed. What was he smiling about? Everyone who was practising stopped and concentrated on our fight. It felt uncomfortable. I took a reckless swing and our two swords clashed and flung out of hands. It was a draw.

The match lasted for fifteen minutes. Everyone was staring.

” Good duel,” Daniel smiled wiping the small sweat droplets off his face.
” Yeah,” I panted. It seemed the match tired me out. I went to go pick up my sword that flew a few feet away from me. Daniel as well. He reached out for my sword and our hands suddenly touched. I swiped my away. Daniel still picked up the sword ignoring my rejection. A memory flashed. It showed me holding the handle of a sword and hands on top of mine. I remember feeling someone hugging me from behind as showing me how to do a cut. I tried focusing on who was showing me. It was still blurry. The memory continued of me pacing around a room and someone who was giving me countless cuts. The movements were just like Daniels. I tried focusing on the figure. My head started to cringe and the memory started to fade. I winced in pain.

” You alright?” Daniel suddenly asked from my reaction. He placed his hand on top of my head feeling my temperature.
” Yeah.” I smiled. My head still cringing in pain. Jake rushed towards us.
” Kim?” Jake asked. I could tell he was hiding his jealousy of Daniel, who was really close to me.
” Yeah I’m fine,” I said immediately standing up. ” It was just a small memory flash. I was focusing on it to much that’s all.” I smiled.
” Oh?” Daniel said in a concerned voice. ” What did you see? ”
” Um… I saw someone teaching me how to use a sword and we were battling in a room.” I said. It felt weird to tell Daniel whom I just met my memory. Jake noticed the awkwardness.
” Yo Daniel, I think that group over there is calling for you,” Jake lied and pointed to the group that was arguing. Daniel took a small glance at me then left.
” Well that was weird.” I sighed.
” No kidding! Did you see how close he was to you!” Jake growled.
” I wasn’t talk about that. I meant the memory I had.” I giggled at Jake’s response. “The movement of the person I was fighting with was like Daniels.”
” Hmm?” Jake looked concerned. He look at Daniel. “Now that I think about it. I don’t remember you taking sword classes. Unless…” Jake tensed up a bit. What was he implying? He shook his head and smiled. I gave him a curious look.
” Man you stink.” He chuckled covering his nose.
” Is it my fault I was fighting for fifteen straight minutes!” I complained.
“Yeah yeah,” Jake smiled. ” How about we go change and grab something to eat. You must be exhausted from that duel.” I nodded and headed for the change room. I caught Daniel glaring at me again. I turned to his direction and instead of a common reaction of someone turning there head away, he smiled and winked he then started walking towards me. I blushed and barged into the girls change room. What was that all about?
I peaked out from the curtain and Daniel was talking to Jake. Jake seemed to be in a pissed mood. What were they talking about? Jake caught me spying and I jumped back. I waited for a few minutes then peaked out again. Jake was leaning on the wall beside the door.
” You done yet,” Jake chuckled. His voice startled me.
” Um.. Almost.” I smiled and immediately got changed. I walked outside and Jake still leaned on the side wall. He wore a baggy white shirt with ripped up jeans. His hair as usual was messy and his eyes dazzling as they ever were. His face brightened when I came out. I looked around to see if Daniel was anywhere. He was gone. Where did he go? Did I take that long to get changed?
” You ready?” He smiled. I nodded. He gave a small peck to me on the cheek and we held hands.

As soon as we walked outside the door. It was raining and windy outside. I held out my hair to the side so it wouldn’t blow around in front of my face. I pulled out my umbrella and opened it. I looked up to see Daniel leaning on the side of pole – getting wet by the rain. His white shirt was soaking wet and his hair was dripping down. He seemed to be in a trance and didn’t care that his entire body was getting wet. He turned his head to our direction as I walked out the door. He smiled. I gave a small wave. Jake tenses his grip from my hand then he suddenly cooled down. I turned to look at Jake. He was looking straight at Daniel.

A black Porsche suddenly pulled up in front of us. Jake suddenly pushed me behind him. The car door opened and a black haired boy with grey mysterious eyes appeared. His eyes widened when he saw me. Daniel suddenly clenched his teeth.

” Whats…Kim doing here?” The boy said. How did he know my name?

” Who… Are you?” I said shocked. Jake had the same reaction.

“Kim its me Peter. Remember?” He looked at Jake then at me then at our linked hands.
” Wow. You sure move fast. I thought you would be sulking like Nath-”

Daniel swooped in and kiss Peter on the lips before he could finish his sentence. I blinked shocked at what was happening in front of me. Jake grew into a chuckle as if he already knew something. Instead of Peter pushing Daniel away they were making out right in front of us. Something else felt weird though. I replayed what Peter had said. Was he about to say Nathans name? What did he mean by moving fast? Who was this Peter guy? There are something secrets hiding about Nathan that I don’t know about and I’ll will be the one to find out.

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