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my sweet kidnapper  - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I stared at the ripped up picture that was
getting wet by the rain. My body felt heavy,
cold and empty. Little by little, people started
rushing inside and I was left alone. I crouched
down onto the side of the fountain and

” What did I tell you about crying over
someone who won’t cry over you,” A soft voice
appeared in front of me. I looked up. It was
Cole. ” I heard what happened,” He whispered.
He held an umbrella over me. What stood out
the most from his angel face self was that he
had a small bruise on his left cheek.
” W-what happened?!” I exclaimed. His face
turned down.

” Nathan past by me and my fist acted by
itself,” he chuckled. I thought to myself of a
translation to that sentence, “I beat up Nathan
for you.”

My eyes widened. I attempted wiping the tears
away to give a smile, but more came instead.
Coles face became passionate and he held out
his arms for me to jump in. I took it. The
warmth of Coles hands filled my emptiness.

The flashing memory of when he made that
promise came into my mind. How he
promised he will always be there for me. I had
thought that was a stupid pick up line that
guys use but when I looked into Coles eyes
now. He wasn’t joking. I leaned in closer to
Cole and gave him a small peck on the lips. I
wanted to show him at least a small gratitude.
He blushed and let go.

“L-Lets go inside now,” he stuttered helplessly.
I nodded. My throat was dry from all the
crying. I turned back and look at the picture, I

felt the need to pick it up before it got ruined.
However what was the point of keeping a
broken memory now…

I changed into some more dryer clothes and
went into my room. I didn’t want to see
Nathan or talk to him nor be in the same room
as him. I threw Aunts Marie’s things out the
door and la!d in bed. Peoples voices still
echoed downstairs. I put a pillow against my
head trying to block out all sound. Tears still
rolled down my face. The small flashing
memories kept zooming into my head of all
the times I spent with Nathan. I wished for
these painful memories to fade.

More tears swept across my face creating a
small damp spot on the pillow I la!d on. I just
wanted to go home, to see my friends and
family. I tried thinking of Jake whom I had
feared to think of. My heart soon sank down
more as I thought of questions that I would
never have thought of: Does he still care about
me? Did he ever think of searching me when I
was kidnapped? Has he already moved on?

– ( The exchanged day ) –

” Alright Cole and I will be in that car and you
and Nathan will drive in that car,” Daniel
pointed at the 2 black vans standing in front of
me. I replayed what Daniel had said and
recalled Nathan and I being in the same car.
What an awkward trip this will be. Nathan gave
a small growl and walked towards the drivers

“Get in,” Nathan hissed. He was his closed
cold selfish jerk again. I glanced at Cole at the
corner of my eye. He looked pissed and
worried. I gave him a small smile and went in
the car. I tried to make less eye contact on
Nathan and stared outside the window at the
empty blue sky.

Today is the day everything can get back to
normal. I could forget all about the kidnapping,
the blackmail and Nathan. Finally I could return
back to my regular self with Jake. Nathan
jabbed the keys into the engine like a
madman. Some way to treat a car.

” Seat belt,” He whispered. I ignored him.
Since when does he care? He didn’t repeat
himself and started following the car Daniel
and Cole were in. It felt like hours of silence
but it was only five minutes. We drove into a
forest pathway.

” Kim,” Nathan whispered quietly. My body felt
tense and heavy, I didn’t want to talk to him.
” Listen I’m sorry, about last night. I still love
you” Nathan said still looking at the roads.
“What does that even matter, it wasn’t like it
was going to work out or anything.” I rolled my
eyes. The words were chocking in my mouth.
“Kim, I didn’t break up with you because I saw
Lucy. Its what Lucy had said,” Nathan

“Lucy had said?” I said now curious. My heart
had lifted a bit. My guess is that Nathan didn’t
break up with me because of Lucy but she had
blackmailed him. What was so important that
he would give up love for it? Did he even really
love me in the first place? Nathan stayed

” What was so important that you would give
up me for it?” I finally asked. Nathan stayed
quiet still. I sighed and looked onto the side
of the road.

” Deer,” I said looking at the deer that was
attempting to cross the road. Nathan was
looking at me in a confused face.
” Kim, we are not a couple you don’t have
permission to-”

” NO! I MEAN DEER! LOOK OUT!” I interrupted
pointing at the road. Nathan looked at the road
and turned the steering wheel.

The car swayed and my body slammed onto
the side of the door. Everything started going
into a blur. I felt the car going in mid air and
swayed upside down. A sharp pain hit my
head that had smashed into the car window
and I felt blood run down my face. The faint
sound of Nathans voice echoed through as my
eyes got heavier and heavier until it was pitch

~Nathans Point Of view~

” Kim! Kim! I shouted. I ignored the throbbing
pain that was hitting everywhere in my body.
The smell of smoke filled inside of me making
me impossible to breath. The only thought that
ran through my mind was the well being of
Kim. Was she alright? Is she dead?
I scanned my eyes to find Kim unconscious
beside me. She had a slow steady breathing
pace with several cuts on her face but none
lethal. Blood was dripping on the side of my
head but nonetheless alive.

” I have to get her out”I thought to myself. I
tried moving but suddenly a pain shot through
my ribs. I screamed in pain. ” I have to save
her!” I thought again. I took a deep breath and
used all my strength and tries to lift Kim,
bridal style. The cars suddenly tips over from
the movement. I immediately protect Kim from
the fall. The broken glass instantly stab on my
back. I winched in pain.

I glanced on the side, there was now an
opening on the passenger seat – an exit to get
out. I started dragging Kim out of the car. The
smell of gasoline ran through and without a
second to spare I ran with Kim in my arms
and the car exploded. I took a small glance
back. ” To think I was just in there.” I

My body became weak and I tumbled on the
ground the smoke still covered my throat. I
tried coughing it out. Car lights flashed into my
eyes. I squinted and saw three shadow figures
coming towards us.

” Nathan what happened?!” said Robert
shocked as he saw Kim unconscious.
” Car accident. A… deer came out of nowhere…
I-I was not looking,” I struggled to say. Robert
picked up Kim gently as I was explaining.
” Is she going to be alright?!” Daniel asked
concerned. Cole stood in the back with is eyes
full of worry for Kim.

” She needs to go to a hospital. The back of
her head is bleeding. Daniel, help Nathan into
your car. Kim rides with me and Cole,” Robert
replied. Daniel nodded and threw my right arm
over his shoulder and already helping me into
the car. I looked helplessly at Kim who was
dying because of me.

There wasn’t much action in the emergency
room. I heard Robert talking to the nurses and
Cole tried fixing my wounds himself.
” Please shes was in a car accident!” shouted
Robert. Nurses beginning turning there faces
towards us and there eyes widened seeing Kim
unconscious in dads arms. She most certainly
looked like she was in a car accident.
” We need a bed!” yelled one of the nurses
immediately. Soon the bed arrived. ” Place her
there carefully.” She ordered to Robert. ” What
kind of car accident?” she idiotically act. Can’t
she tell?

” A bad one. Will she be alright?” Daniel
interrupted. The nurse looks at Daniel.
” I can’t say for sure but the from this
appearance she might have brain damage.”
The nurse replied and soon left.
” Farewell Kim.” Robert said and walked out. I
grabbed his arm.

” We can’t just leave her here like this!” I

” Did you forget what kind of position we are
in Boy? They’ll start questioning. We have to
leave.” Robert said in a stern voice.


” Nathan. That’s an order. We’re leaving.”
Robert hissed and grabbed me by the arm. I
struggled but my wounds began to open again.
I winched.

” Where to dad,” Cole whispered. It seems like
he didn’t want to leave too.

” To another hospital. Nathan needs to be
checked also.” Daniel whispered. My body felt
full of regret, I didn’t care about how my body
was but for Kim. Is she going to be alright?

~ Kim’s point of view ~

The sound of a monitor beeping woke me up.
The ceiling lights blinded me. I felt myself on
a bed. I heard someone calling my name. I
turned my head slightly. A sudden pain

” Kim?!” said a boy with amber coloured eyes
and disarranged brown hair. His face looked
worried I looked at him confusedly. ” Whose
Kim? ” I asked. Panic started rising inside of
me like wild fire.” Wait? Who am I? Whats
going on? Why am I in a hospital?” My mind
cringed of the random thoughts that appeared
in my mind.

“Where am I?” I demanded to the boy. The
boy gave a relieved smile. ” Stop smiling!
Whats going on!”

” Oh Kim I’m so glad your alright! I’m sorry its
all my fault!” His face brightened and gave me
a gentle hug. ” What are you doing? Who are
you!” I screamed pushing him away. His face
looked hurt.

A man in a white coat enters the room and

” What happened to me? Who am I?” I started
demanding at the man. I started feeling

” Calm down Kim. You were in a car accident
that made you lose your memory. This may
only be temporary though,” The man stated.
My eyes widened in shock. ” I will go fetch
your family.” the man nodded and left. I
looked back at the boy.

“Kim do you remember who I am?” The boy
asked giving a worried look. I stared at him for
a long while. A blurry imaged appeared in my

I remembered tripping on the way home from
the park with the boy that stood in front of me.
Then he had promised me something.

“Kim, I’ll protect you no matter what and I will
never leave your side.” The words echoed in
my mind. I remembered leaning in forward and
kissing him softly. Who was he? The name
escaped my mind.

“I remember… its mostly blurry but I remember
being with you, but… I don’t remember your
name. Sorry.” I whispered. I felt guilty. I
couldn’t even remember someone who I was

” Its Jake.” he chuckled hiding his
disappointment. He smiled and kissed me
softly on the cheek. ” Your very close friend”
He winked. I blushed. The door opened and
Jake immediately jumped back to his chair.
A woman in her early thirty’s walked in the
room followed along with a man behind the
woman was a small boy clinging onto the side
of her arm. The woman looked straight at me
and tears flew down her cheeks. She rushed
towards us.

” Kim! My sweetheart! Are you alright!” She
screamed hugging me tightly.

” No, not until you let me go.. er..” I struggled.
I tried to remember this woman’s name.
” Don’t force yourself honey. I will come back
on its own ” She whispered letting go of me. ”
I’m your mom.” She gave a small smile.
” Hi, mom” I smiled. It felt awkward not even
remembering my own mom.

” Kim do you remember anything else?” The
man behind my mom. He was holding my
mom hand. Was he my dad?

” No sorry.” I whispered. He looked pissed.
” Cool down Joseph,” Jake placed his hand on
my dads shoulder. ” She must be exhausted
after being kidnapped for like two we-”
” Jake!” yelled my mom. Her eyes were filled
with anger. But what caught my attention was
what he said. Kidnapping?

” What?” I said looking at my mom.
” We were planning on telling you later. But
since Jake brought it up,” My mother said
glaring at Jake.

” About a month ago, when you and Jake were
walking home… some men kidnapped you.
Four days ago we found you in the hospital.”
The dad continued interrupting my mom. Jake
glared at him weirdly. A sudden rush of a
painful memory cringed my head.

I saw a boy kicking Jake, his face was blurry
all I saw was Jake getting beat onto the
ground. I remember a boy trying to restrain
me. I called Jake’s name out but before I
could reach him I was pushed into the van.
I turned my head to the side, In pain. My head
felt like it was about to explode. Tears rolled
down from the pain. I let out a whimper.

” Kim! You okay?” Jake asked concerned.
Grabbing my hand to stop the trembling.

” Yeah I’m fine” I replied and gave a small
smile. ” I’m just tired that’s all, when can I go
back home?” changing the subject.

” Soon we would have to run a few test to
check if there is any brain damage,” The
doctor interrupted.

I gave an unconcerned nod. Jake smiled and
patted me on the head. ” You’ll be fine Kim.”
Jake smiled pulling me head closer and
kissing me on the forehead. I felt comforted
but in an awkward way. As if there was
something big I was missing in my life.

– Two days Later –

My name is Kim. Apparently, I have a little
brother named Simon. Along with a mom and
a dad. According to what my parents informed
me I am a average daughter. Average grades,
gets along with most of my class. Plays piano
and likes to draw. Some memories flashed
back when they would to talk to me about my
past. Very slowly I was recovering my memory
but I felt like I was missing a huge fragment of
my memory that I needed to know.
” You ready for school Kim?” Jake chuckled as
he leaned on the side of my door waiting for
me to get ready.

” Maybe, I’m a little nervous. I feel like a kid
that just got out of home school,” I said as I
slipped on my shoes.

” Sure, that’s one way to think of it,” Jake
chuckled. ” By the time you get there you will
probably regain your memory. I’m sure of it”
” Lets hope so,” I said as I locked the door. I
gave a big yawn as we stared walking a few
steps away from my house.

” Tired much?” Jake chuckled.
” Just a little, I didn’t get much sleep lately.
Weird dreams keeping me up.” I sighed.
I tried visualizing the dream again. I was in a
dark circular room, and a boy was standing in
front of me. His face was blurry though no
matter how hard I tried focusing. I remember
hearing violin music that was soothing but it
felt lonely and scared. The boy would come up
to me and whisper something but no words
came out. Then as I would touch him I am
flashed into a garden. It was cold and wet. I
felt the need to look for something or
someone. But what?

” Oh dreaming about me perhaps?” Jake
teased interrupting my thoughts.

” You wish.” I smiled and flicked him on the
forehead and dashed forward.

At school my father had told the principal of
my two week absence and the situation and
they understood. My memories came back
more and more. There was only one thing that
bugged me. I felt like I was missing
something in my life… something in heart was
made me fidget as I tried to remember it. I
replayed the words my mom had said to me.
How I will remember everything in time. I
wanted this memory to come more faster but
the other me didn’t. I stood in front of the
doorway of my first class. Math.

The teacher inside the room called my name
and I entered the classroom. My stomach
rolled with all the eyes that were staring at me.
I introduced myself and tried finding an open
seat. There was one next to a window. A black
haired boy sat next to it and seemed to be

“Hi, I’m Kim” I said anxiously as I sat right
beside him. He turned his head towards me
and his face was pale.

” Um. You okay?” I asked waving my hand over
his face. He gulped and nodded his head. ”
Are you sure? You seem a bit… terrified or

” I—I’m Fine.” he said recovering from his
freaky trance. ” Nice to meet you,” He smiled
and turned his head to the window without
introducing himself.

I managed to look at glance at his face. It was
absolutely adorable. He looked like a cute
model that came out of a fashion magazine.
The thing that stood out the most to me was
his jade green eyes…

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