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My Revenge Mission - Season 1 - Episode 29
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Cont’d from last scene of last episode
Mrs Smith: *** shocked and alarmed***(stammering) Why do you want to go to my home town.
Richy: Mum I believe you hail from umuludu right cos if it is true there are some questions to be answered
Mrs Smith: ***more surprised*** Who told you that I am from Umuludu
Richy: Agent Sam your junior brother who came in search of you. Mum what are you not telling us that you wants us to get answers outside *** enters Sandra***
Sandra: Mum I also have a question for you who is Okpara and how are we related to Richard Monday
Mrs Smith: ***Crying** I guess it is time to tell you the truth. Umuludu is my hometown. A powerful tyrant raped me and impregnates me because I am the prince fiancée and wants to hurt the royal family. After I was raped I discovered I was pregnant so I ran away from home to start a new life and since my father is rich I was able to secure a house and a job here but during the time of my delivery a ran out of cash and couldn’t pay the hospital bill but the doctor in charge pitied me and couldn’t see a beautiful lady like suffer paid my bills called me to here my story, when I told her she pitied me more and since she had no child of her adopt me and my baby and fortune smiled on me again and after 6 month of living with them the doctor became pregnant making her love me more and her husband was a soldier . I named m baby Monday and since my dad’s name is Richard he become Richard Monday when he was ten years old the doctors husband saw that he love the force and took him away to train him as a soldier and was how I lost my cont with him because the man went to war is Chad and took him with him. And came back without him that was how I thought he is dead that was how his father powers manifest in him making him alive. Then I meet your father that was when I fell in love again and when I told him my story he accepted me and married me. After 10 years later he contest for election that was when Monday realized that I am his mother and sent people to kill me but your father was killed instead and that is how it all begins. You see my children I tried to forget everything but it seems that my past is hunting me making my two sons hunting each other.

Richard: Now we get it Mum and you don’t need to cry because there is a prophecy about what I am doing so I think it high time we went back to your village with Sam your brother, my team, and the agents so as to know how to defeat Okpara.

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