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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 49
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#Finale Episode
*Kelly’s point of view*

“Rose and Kelly, the vows you are about to take are to be made in the name of God, and I charge you both, as you will answer before God who is the Judge of all and who knows the secrets of our hearts; that if either of you knows a reason why you may not lawfully marry, may you declare it now.” Pastor Femi announced as he stood before us in his black suites and a big opened bible on his hand.
My heart skipped..
I turned to Rose standing beside me,
My bride.
Our eyes met and we smiled..
She look extremely beautiful..
In this gorgeous wedding gown.
I know she has no reason why we can’t get married…
I turned back to look at Pastor Femi.

After few minutes and he heard nothing from the both of us., he went o.
“Let the congregation stand please.” He said.
And i heard all stand up.. I can’t look back to see but im sure everyone is up now.
For me,..for my Rose.
My bride.
Pastor Femi turned to me.
“Kelly, of your own choice, will you take Rose to be your wife?” He asked me.
I looked at Rose,..her face is down.
She must be nervous and excited as i am too.
I turned back to Pastor Femi.
“I will.” I answered.
“Will you love her, comfort her, honour her, and protect her, in sickness and in health, in poverty and in prosperity and forsaking all other, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?”
“I will.” I answered.
He turned to Rose..and she looked up at him.

I smiled.
“Rose, of your own choice, will you take Kelly to be your husband?”
She glanced at me.. I knew she would.
I smiled at her..She smiled back.
“Yes i will” She answered.
“Will you love him, comfort him, honour and protect him, obey and serve him in sickness and in health, in poverty and in prosperity and forsaking all other, be faithful as long as you both shall live?”
“Yes i will.” she answered.
“I Kelly, takes you Rose to be my wife, to love and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, untill we are parted by death according to God’s holy law. This is my solemn vow.” I vowed as held Rose hand, facing each other..
“Bride, hold the bridegroom now and say your own solemn vow.” Pastor Femi said.
I released Rose hand and she in turn, held mine.. We stared at each other.. This day is the happiest day of my life.
“I Rose, take you Kelly to be my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death according to God’s holy law. This is my solemn vow.”
Then she released my hand..
And we smiled at each other.
I know she’s really happy.
Im just so lucky to have her.
“And what token do you share to represent your love and commitment to each other?” He asked.

Kel, my best man. If he isn’t, who would?
He got out the rings and handed to me..
And i handed it to pastor Femi.
He raised up the rings.
“The ring is a symbol of wholeness and perfection. It is made of God which is precious and durable metal. What better representation of your feelings for each other!”
Then he prayed.
“Heavenly Father, by your blessings, let this rings be to Rose and Kelly a symbol of unending love and faithfulness, to remind them of thr vow and convenant which they have made this day; through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.”
He then handed one ring to me.
“Now, the bride would stretch forth her finger and let the bridegroom place the ring on her fourth finger and the bride would do same.” He said.
Rose looked up at me and I did same…
I could feel her blush.. I smiled.
She stretched forth her hand…
I inhaled and gently i placed the ring on her fourth finger..
It fitted her finger so perfectly.
my feelings for her escalated more instantly..
She was now my bride..
My wife.. My all.
I stretched out my finger and Rose just like the way i did, gently placed the ring on my finger..
Our smile widened..
“Please kneel down.” He said to us.
We did.
“Eternal God…” He prayed.. “Creator and preserver of all mankind, giver of all spiritual grace and author of everlasting life, send your blessing upon Rose and Kelly whom we bless in your name, that living faithfully together, they may fulfill the vow and covenant they have made; of which the ring given and recieved is a token and pledge and may ever remain in perfect love and peace together and live according to your laws; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”
Amen! The congregation chorused.
“Now that Rose and Kelly have given their consent and made their vows to each other before God and this congregation with the joining of hands, and the giving and reciebing of ring in the name of God, I declare that they are husband and wife!” He announced.
Everyone clapped joyfully..
We looked at each other…. happy smile on our faces.
Rose had this glowing smile..
I am so lucky to have her..
I can’t believe she is now my wife…and im married.

Happily married today.. with someone i truely love and who in turn, truely loves me as well.
Pastor Femi joined our hands together as he said,
“Those whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder, Amen”
Then he released our hands..
“Kelly, you may now kiss your bride.” He announced.
That made my heart jump… with excitement.
I was going to kiss my bride.. my Rose.
The woman of my life.
The mother of my unborn kids.
I turned to her..She did same..
Such a beauty..
A queen…the queen of my heart.
I placed my hand on her chin, brought her face up to mine and then i placed my lips on hers and..kissed her.
Her lips soft and sweet.
Love…true love..
True love for was all i felt at that moment.. for her, for my Rose..
She kissed me back.. Letting the kiss send s£nsat!ons through me.

The congregation clapped and cheered..
But then, the kiss didn’t wanna end…I didn’t wanna end it..
D--n! this is a church Kelly
Grab a hold of yourself!
Then I released my lips from hers.. and the way she looked at me when i did, made me crave for more..
I know its gonna be tonight..

I feel nervous tho… Can’t believe i am.


#_At_the_reception party

*Rose’s point of view*
After Kelly and I had cut the cake, kissed again but more longer this time, and then we danced and i won anyway,.

I sat on down beside Kelly on the cream coloured Love seat to recieve gifts from both my family, loved ones, friends and well wishers.

Today had been my happiest day..

Kelly had made his vows and handed his whole heart to me..

Was i ever gonna break it?
Never! I know.
Im going to love him, and be faithful to him.
He was a changed guy now..
More sweeter and more caring..

The day i got out of the wheelchair and stepped that leg on the ground, I don’t know what happened to him.. He just went wild with excess happiness..

Kelly loves me so much, i know that..
Im happy that he choosed me.
I am lucky to have him..
To have Kelly
I looked at him, He is on his black suites and red tie.

He look just too handsome and soft..
He smiled at me as i did and he took my hand and sq££zed it lightly.
I did a soft laugh.

Kel is at his back as his bestman… While Sharon is at my back as my bridesmaid Thr bakeshop girl.

When i told her about my wedding and requested that she be my bridesmaid ……She was so happy and she accepted just immediately.

But the way the duo talk with each other just this few days that they met.
Kel and Sharon…

Im certainly sure something’s gonna come out of it.
I pray.

As people began to walk over to hand me their gift and wishes…
My mom came first..

She is beautifully dressed in blue lace and pink gele.

She walked over to us in her sweet broad smile.

And she placed her wrapped gift on my hands..
I smiled.
“You look so so gorgeous my dear.. Happy married life.” She said and gave me a hug..
“Thank you mom.” I smiled.
She turned to Kelly.
“Kelly dear..Happy married life.. Take care of my baby ok.” She said.
That made me smile alot.
“I will mom.” He said and smiled.
Then she hugged him as well.

Then there is Aunty Caro walking towards us, in her pink dress and creamie cap with creamie stiletto heels and a wrapped gift on her hands
My smile widened.
Aunty Caro..

She had changed ever since i travelled back to delta and told her about Kelly..
Yeah.. After my legs got healed and Kelly and mom began talking about our wedding…
I knew i needed to travel to delta to reconcile with my Aunty.. So i did. but not without telling Kelly about her..
He didn’t say much but apologised.
I travelled back to delta…and i told eveything to my Aunty, including my biological mom.
She was stunned and shocked at the whole news about my biological parents. but about Kelly she begged me instead and asked me to forgive her..
And i did.

She declared how happy she is for me.
Then she said Fake Love which is Jonny had led me to my True Love whom is Kelly..
She had hugged me and explained how she couldn’t wait for my wedding.

She apologised about the past and promised me that she would change for good.
I love her so much and i pray she finds a good man soon.

“My niece.. Just look at you.. wow.. everly so gorgeous.. Fine girl.” She said to me.
I smiled
“Have this.. Its for you. Happy married life dear niece” She said.
“Thank you Aunty. You are one in a million.” I said.
“I love you too much.” She said and then hugged me.

She turned to Kelly who smiled at her.
They did reconcile as well.
“Kelly, see let me just tell you, you don’t deserve her oo but you are lucky sha.” She said playfully and laughed.
We laughed too.
My funny Aunty.

“I know, thats why im so lucky i got her. im really lucky.” Kelly said, reaching for my hand again.

Aunty Caro laughed, “Take care of her for me ok. Happy married life.” She said.
I looked over and then there is my neighbour and his fat wife walking to us in their blue lace and her wife in pink gele and pink heels.

They came. I paid for their flight but they ended up coming by road… to keep the rest of the money.


They walked to us…to me.

“Chai… See Rosa as she come marry rich millionare.” Papa Efe said as he crossed his arms.

“You no suppose dey talk. Yeye man.. Na only to go other pipu wedding na wetin you sabi… Go do your own, you no fit.. Na to drink like Ode and put pikins na wetin you sabi. Ode!” His wife fired.

“You see.. you see why i say make you no follow me come here.. As you never go this kind big occasion since your mama born you,na so you go dey disgrace yourself anyhow now.” He said.

“You dey craze.. infact you done die. E ti ku pata pata.” His wife said back..
“My friend go and sit down.” Papa Efe waved her off.

This people and their quarrel.

I got embarrased and looked at Kelly..
He was looking at them, smiling. Probably enjoying the stupid couple.
“Abeg e don do.” I told them.
“Abi o.. Don’t mind him.” his wife said.
“Shut up my friend.. Bad luck like you.” He said to her.
“Eh! wetin you talk.. See this monkey.” The wife snapped.
“Cow!” He snapped back.
They began exchanging words again…
“Make una just go abeg..” I said.
“Na she cause am.” He said.
“E mi keh?” The wife sneered.
“Well jor, anyways Rosa..i wan tell you happy married life oo.. Just dey remember me sometimes you hear.” He said.
“Remember you for what?” I asked.
“Money things na. You na rich lady now na” He said.
I laughed.

“We no get gift to give you eh. just manage the wishing you hear?” He said.
“Okay. Thank you.” I said and they turned and left.
“Your neighbours are really funny.” Kelly said to me.
I shook my head.
“Like seriously.” I smiled.
There came Lady B, walking towards us….
The action lady.. The trouble maker..
When i paid her, i paid with more interest.
I added more money.
She couldn’t believe it.. But she still took all of them.

Thought she was threatening me back then, but then after i told her i was getting married soon..

She just hugged me..
She was so happy.. I was astonished..And she promised not to miss it for anything.
“Rose Rose.. You look hot!” She said.
I laughed.
“Hot! when im suffed into this big gown?” I said.
She smiled
“Oya take.. Happy married life dearie.” She said.
I nodded.
“Thanks Lady B.” I said.
Lots of people, hundreds of them came to hand me their gift and their wishes for me.
Including my Landlord..

And… oh, Mrs Tonia..
Look at her as she walked up to me.
Can i even remember where i kept that necklace she gifted to me..
“Mrs Tonia.” I said with smiles immediately she got to me.
“Rose.. Im so happy for you.. You are amazing, really.” She said with smiles.
I smiled back.
“Thank you.” I said.
“I wish you a beautiful happy married life.. I pray that your marriage grow in true love, unity, perfection and peace.. I wish you guys cute and brilliant kids.” She said.
“Thanks Mrs Tonia.” I said, smiling.
“Its for you dear.” She said and handed a wrapped small box to me.
“Thank you Mrs Tonia.” I said with smiles.
She turned to Kelly.
“Kelly, lucky guy.. I wish you happy married life.” She said to him.
“Thanks alot.” He replied.



*Kelly’s point of view*

“Rose…thank you for not letting me down.. Thanks for becoming my wife today.. I promise to love you forever and never make you cry ok.. I love you so much.” I said as i held her. Just the both of us.
I kinda felt nervous but why?

We were alone, in our beautiful room.
She smiled, her face down.

“I love you so much Rose… and i’ve waited for this day and for this momemt. I can’t wait to…to make love to you, my bride.”
She closed her eyes and then smiled.
“Are you nervous?” I asked.
She nodded.
“Me too. Kinda”I said and laughed.
Why am i nervous?
Kelly the bad guy is seriously nervous to take a move..

“We’re flying to Paris next tomorrow for our honey moon.. I wanna spend so much time alone in a new place, another country with you my beautiful wife.” I said as i caressed her cheek and went to unband the white hairband on her hair.
She didn’t fix anything on her hair.

It was really suprising…Every girl make sure their hair is beautifully weaved for their wedding…but Rose choosed to leave hers.

We were still on our wedding wears…but i’do have pulled off the suite and heard just the trouser and white longsleeved on.
“Why didn’t you weave your hair?” I asked her.

She smiled
“Cos you love my hair and i wanted you to feel them tonight.” She said.

Wow.. goosebumps washed over my skin immediately.

strong s£nsat!ons ran down my spine.
“F--k Rose… do you have an idea of what you said, what it just did to me?” I said.
“Im sor” she was about to say something but i shut her up with my lips.
The burning s£nsat!on ignited..

She kissed me back..

I pulled the hairband off and pushed my fingers into her hair…
She want to talk..say something…
I don’t want this moment to stop..
I’ve craved much long to do make love to Rose…
now i can, I can’t quit.. i cant stop.
“What’s it baby?.” I asked.
This was the first time i ever called her that.
“Don’t you think i…i mean should shower before we..we g..”
“Shhh” I said, my finger on her lips..
Now that i have the boldness to do this..
I wouldn’t wanna miss it for any s--t!
“Please don’t stop me… Please okay. It’s our night..It should be a memorable night for us.. Just relax and lets have fun as newly wedded couple,” I said tenderly to her.

She smiled and i felt her relax.
“Wow.. yeah. Just like that baby.” I said and then i pushed my lips on hers again but this time it was so passionate and flaming..
Our tongues danced and i could taste her saliva..
It tasted really sweet.
I reached for her zipper..
I remembered how cute and smooth her back is..with those curled hairs..
Oh lord!

I pulled her zipper down and she reached for my own shirt buttons…


I know tonight’s gonna be fun filled and amazingly sweet.
Oya ohhh…

This is the final episode ohhh..
Remains the EPILOGUE coming soon..

Lets discuss… how was this STORY?
My personal taste?

And hope the final episode ended well?

The End

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i really enjoy this story, i dont want this story to end anymore love is really a good thing
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