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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 48
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*Rose’s point of view*
“Where are we going?” I asked him as he wheeled me out of the room, down the hospital hall.
“Ain’t you bored of staying in there the whole day?” He asked.
I smiled.
“Kinda.” I said.
“So. We. Just. Go outside. Catch some fresh aura.. Im sick of the Antiseptic smells in here.. Makes me sick.” He said.
I smiled.
“Me too.” I admitted.
He wheeled me out of the hospital building..And we heade outside..
I inhaled..
He did too.
I love the way the sun shines… it was getting to dusk tho.
The sky tells by its colourful garment of reddish and orange.
I can feel the cool passing breeze blow through my hair..
Kelly was right behind me, his hands on the push handles.
“Can you feel the natural air outside now?” He asked.
“Yeah..” I said.
“I love it..” He said.
“I wanna show you a place a thought can never be in a hospital.” He said and turned left.
“Where?” I asked.
“You won’t believe if i tell you.. Just see it for yourself.” He said.
I shrugged.
As we move more further… just at the left side of the hospital, but far from it,
I saw a ground of smooth carpet grasses.. With different species of flowers, which grew large and thick around it in a semi circle curve..and a outdoor love seat at the centre.
Wow! It was beautiful… and looks just like a little Love Garden.
“I love the way the seat are attached to each other.” He said.
“I Iove the way the different flowers met and semi circled the seat.. It look just sp beautiful.” I said.

I’ve never seen something like this before..
Small but just too beautiful.
I turned back and the hospital building is kinda far now.
“Let’s see.” He said as he wheeled on and we got to the little love garden.
“Wow.. beautiful. Such a thing in a hospital premises. Thats weird.” I said.
“I think so too..” He said.. and he inhaled.
“..But there are times when two lovers in a hospital would want to be in a quiet place, without the cries of newborn babies disturbing them..or the antiseptic smell of the hospital to make them nausea..They might just wanna be alone. Just the both of them.. Tell each other they love themselves and cuddle without any interruption from the nurses…”
The way he talked made me think stupid..
Whether he is talking about us..
“So i think.. This little love garden was perfectly made for this reasons…even though its kinda hidden.” He said.
“I think so.” I said.
“And another reason.. which i’ve decided to let you know, Rose.. To let iy out because i can’t hold back the words, the feelings again..”
Feelings.. Words?
My stupid mind told me things instantly but i don’t want to believe them..
“I don’t get you Kelly.” I said..
Didn’t wanna turn to look at him..
But i had no idea why.
But then he didn’t answer.
So i did..

And…and..and.. i saw ten ladies in red dresses, they stood a bit far from us All smiling.

Each had a single word written in red, and on a white paper which hung at their chest.
I had no idea of what they are doing at our back.

“Kelly, who are they?” I asked him.
..Just then, Came the first lady’s voice.
“From this moment…….”
Oh my God!
My song.
Kelly just gave me a wink .. and turned the wheelchair so i was facing them.
“Life has begun….” The second lady sang.
Oh my Goodness!
“Kelly..” I called softly.
He didn’t answer.. He was at my back.. And i could still feel his hands on the push handles.
“From this momentt…….” The third lady came in.
Her voice was so angelic..
What’s happening..
“You are the one…..” came the fourth lady.
“Right beside you.., is where i belong…” Came the fifth person..
“From this…..moment….on….” Came the whole ten voices;
And i just stared, speechless..

They began walking gently nearer and and now i could read the words on their chest.
Oh my God..

I felt butterflies in my stomache.
This isn’t happening right?
“Kelly..” I called but i cant look at him.
“Rose..” He called back.. softly.
The song went on,
“I give my hand….to you….from my heart…
I can’t wait to live my life with you…I can’t wait to start…
You and I… will never…be….apart….
My dreams…..”
Wow. Oh my goodness.. i know im dreaming.
“Came true….
Of you…..”
They stopped.
I thought it was all.
“From this….moment…” It was Kelly’s voice
What? Oh my God! oh my!
I turned and looked at him.
He smiled at me..
“I have been blessed….
I live only….
For your happiness…”
He walked to me…to my front…and kneeled down.

My mouth dropped open..
I stared at him with wide eyes.
“And for your love….
I’d give my last breath…
From this moment on….”
“You’re the reason i believe in LOVE…..”
The ladies joined him..
It was too beautiful to be real..
So beautiful to be true…
“…And You’re the answer to my prayers from up above….
All we need…is just the two of us…”
He stared at me as he sang..
He sang like its a whisper… His voice soft…
It wasn’t that Kelly’s bad voice i knew..
This one was smooth and he sang so good but calmly.

Only the ladies voice sang loud.
So Angelic..
“My dreams….
Came true….
Of you…

From this moment…on….”
I felt hot tears roll off my eyes..
I heard noises..

I heard people say Wow! Oh my God!

I looked and i couldn’t believe how fast the crowd had gathered…

Phones, tablets and cameras up, recording videos and taking pictures..
My cheek went pink.

But then…it burned when i saw the ring in the small box.

I gasped…, my hands on my mouth.
It shone and glittered at me..
I can feel Kelly’s nervousness and i can feel my astonishment…
Oh no!

I blinked i shut my eyes as so much tears poured down..
How can this be true?
How can?

This is too beautiful to be true…
I felt my feet go wobble on the wheelchair footrest.

I felt my body quiver.
“Rose..” He called softly to me..

I opened my eyes and stared at him..
He looked down like he’s thinking of how to begin..
Then he raised his head back and we stared at each other..
Noise died down..
“Rose I…I know know this is sudden and seriously unexpected.. But.. I found out that i really love you so deeply.. so much that i cant hold back any longer.
I need you in my life..
I want us to be together..
Just you and me forever..
Without you, this world’s gonna be a lonely world for me..

Im gonna feel imcomplete without you..
I want to continue this word called Love with you.

I want you to be the mother of my kids..
Those kids that would love to know about their dad’s birthday.. and celebrate his birthday each year.

I want you to be my wife Rose…
I want you to be my all..
The air that i breathe..

The songs that i sing.

I want you to be my personal taste..
I just want you alone.. Just you from this day onwards..

Please i beg you Rose, don’t say No to this..
Don’t make me go crazy..
I beg you..” He said all this in a whisper..
And it was just too romantic and i couldn’t believe it.

I couldn’t..
I was in so much tears…
Wh am i crying ?

Kelly is proposing to me in such a beautiful and romantic way and im crying?

I should be happy…I love him too, don’t i?
I do..

But the tears were much…and i couldn’t hold them back..

“Rose please stop the tears.” He said.
I closed my eyes.
“Tell me you love me Rose… Tell me that you gonna marry me, Tell me to put this ring in your finger..Please.” He said.
I opened my eyes..
I want to..
I really want to say yes.
I love Kelly, I want to be his wife..
But my legs.
I looked down at them.
“Rose please don’t look at them.. That would never stop my love for you.. Beside Dr. Ann said its just for awhile and you’ll be back on your feet again.” Kelly said.
I sighed..

I looked at his eyes. They begged me to say yes,
The crowd begged me to say yes. I saw her among the crowd.
She had a happy face and a broad smile..
Our eyes met and she brought out her hands and put them together, in a pleading sign that i should say yes.

They all gave me the reason to say yes.
And i did.
I did.

“I love you Kelly and I want to be your wife. Please put this f-----g ring on my finger before it disappears..” I said and gave out a wide happy smile as i stretched out my finger for him.

“Oh my! Thank you Rose.” He said happily and quickly slid the ring into my third finger.
The crowd bursted into a loud cheer.
I felt on top of the world.
I felt happy…

I felt i’ve been blessed..

Kelly got up and he cupped my cheek in his hands ang gently, he placed his lips on mine and….we kissed.

It was a kiss of newly realised love.
It was gentle and soft but it was perfect.
The crowd clapped and cheered.
*Kelly’s point of view*
“Thank you Rose..” I said to her after we withdrew the kiss..and we drew into a warm hug.

I thought she was never gonna accept.
But she did.
She love me….I was happy..
I felt complete…

My world is she…Everything that i have.
Kel had helped me on this..

He made up such an awesome plan..
And..and i had to take raw egg mixed with milk so i could sing smootly for three days without my voice breaking.
Kel said it helps..
and suprisingly it did.

I searched for him among the crowd that gathered and i saw him.
Fat a-s!

I smiled at him..and he smiled back.. In his usual funny way.
He held his camera… Im sure he recorded from the beginning..
I’do feel shy to watch the video.
But im sure he’s gonna force me too.
Crazy guy!
I love him.
He’s the best buddy anyone would wish to have. mom..
I saw her..

She had a broad smile on his face.
Our eyes met and her smile widened.
She look beautiful.
I love her so much.
I will always do.

I gently withdrew our hug…
She looked at me. She had that ever so georgous smile on her beautiful face.
I smiled..

Her smile could be so warming..
“I love you so much.” I said so tenderly to her.

“I love you so much too.” She said.
And..and i just had to kiss her again.
And i did…

I felt the crowd go crazy.
I felt on top of the world..

Happy..and Inlove.
My Rose.
Wow! wow! wow! This is just too romantic!
God! i really wish my own Kelly’s gonna propose to me just this way..
The proposing was jxt super romantic or wasn’t it?
Well guys, the story is almost completed..We got just the final episode whic is 49 and then conclusion of the story.
Anyway, lemme give u guys a hint of what’s coming on episode 49…
So guys, biko put on your best clothes and your dancing shoes..
I know some are gonna come just ro eat rice and drink wine…Well im the wedding planner, so i know how to do this!

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