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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 46
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*Rose’s point of view*
I was walking away…
The street was dark and lonely but i walked on..
Bare footed and with severe pains on my head and on my legs but i still walked on…
Far away from home…without an idea where exactly i was going nor where i was.
All i did was walk on…on and on..
I’ve walked for hours and i was wishing to get there..
I was getting tired already..
I just want to reach there.. and rest…
But where ar my going?
I can’t see anyone and its dark and scary..
Im scared now..
But i kept walking…
…Then i heard a voice..
Who’s voice?
I searched around, but i can’t see her.
“Rose..” That motherly voice called again.
I tried to speak but i couldn’t, i just stood to listen.
“Im sorry for abandoning you there in the hospital.” She said.. she was sniffling and it seem she was crying.
Which hospital?
“I.. i was worried that..that i won’t be able to take good care of you..I regret my action.. I regret ever leaving you.. I hope that you forgive me when you wake up..Im sorry Rose.. I can’t believe you are my daughter and..and i’ve been hating you all this while..Please wake up..Rose im begging you, open your eyes.”
Who’s she?
“Im your mother… your true mother Rose.. Please wake up so you can forgiclve me..”
My true mother?

I needed to know this woman who say im her daughter.. and she’s my true mother.
I don’t want to continue with this journey.
I needed to see her.

So I turned back..
I began walking back… just to see this woman..
I have no idea what she’s talking about.
*Mrs Roseline’s point of view*
I regret ever leaving her.
I regret ever leaving my daughter..
I can’t believe she’s been the girl with Kelly.
My daughter… I never noticed.
“Rose.. Im really sorry. Please forgive me…”
I reached for her arm with tears pouring down my eyes.
“You look really beautiful..Your hair, i really love them.” I said.
Then i felt her hand shake..
I looked at her, and her eyes are still closed.
“Rose..” I called.
Her hand shook again and then her eyes opened.
She looked at me with weary eyes
I smiled with those tears pouring down from my eyes.
“Rose.. thank you for waking up.. You won’t understand how happy i feel.” I said.
“ are mother?” She asked, staring at me.
“ your mother Rose.” I said.
She looked away,“My mother is dead. She..she died seven years ago.” She said.
I shut my eyes,
Her foster mom is dead?
“She’s dead?” I asked.
“Yes..and..and why are you here, crying? you hated me.” She said.
“Im here cos i want to beg you.. To forgive me.. Im your biological mother Rose.. I gave you the name Rose. Im sorry, that i abandoned you in a hospital when you were just eight months old.” I said.
“Why did you do that?” She asked.
“Because your father was very mean to us. He treated you badly and you fell sick. I had no money to pay the bill…So. i left you.”
“You left me?”
“It wasn’t intentional.. I felt i wouldn’t be able to take care of you. I felt you needed a better parents.” I said.
“Better parents?”
“Yes Rose… please you just have to forgive me.. Those people who brought you up were your foster parents.” I said.
*Back to Rose’s point of view*
I couldn’t believe it..
Kelly’s mom telling me she’s my biological mother.
Kelly came to my mind… Where is he?
Why isn’t he the one here rather than this woman?
“Where is Kelly?” I asked her.
“I.. i don’t know.” She said.
..Just then Kelly walked in.
“Rose..” He called
“Kelly” I said calmly. My head hurts..
He rushed to me.
“Rose.. you woke up..” He said with so much happiness.
I smiled.
“Thank you..” He said and turned to his mom.
“What are you doing here?” He asked.
“Go away from here mom. I don’t wanna see you here.” He said to her.
Why’s he talking to his mom that way?
“Kelly, Rose my daughter and i just want to stay here, with her.” She said.
“She’s not your daughter.” He said.
She’s still talking about me being her daughter.

How can that be?
Then i remembered her eyes.. those eyes, they had looked familiar to me..
God.. oh no! i don’t want to believe this..
I don’t want to believe she’s my mother.
I had a mother and she died seven years ago.. this isnt my mom.
“Kelly what’s happening?” I asked.
Rose please don’t listen to her. You just woke up from a deep sleep. Don’t let this woman’s words cause you more pains.” He said to me..
A woman in white suites walked in.
Must be the doctor.
“Wow..She’s awake. This is good news.” She said and walked up to me.
“Rose.. Im Doctor Ann..How do you feel?” She asked?
“I feel okay..” I said.
“Did you had dreams?” She asked
“Something more than a dream.” I said.
“I saw myself walking far away from home in a dark and lonely street.. i kept walking on till i heard her voice.. and the things she said made me turn back” I said.
“Oh my.. Thank goodness she did.. Maybe you never would have woken up yet.” She said.
“She said her daughter?” I asked.
I know its a joke but i just had to be sure it is..
“Rose.. she is right.. Please try to forgive her..”
I blinked my eyes as tears rolled out.
I looked at Kelly’s mom.
Those eyes… those eyes they alone confirmed that it is true..
Now i can recall these eyes.

They were my mother’s…

Kelly’s mom is my mother?
“I don’t understand why you had to leave your daughter in a hospital.” I said.
“She did so so you wouldn’t fall into danger. So you can be taken care of by better people.” Dr. Ann said.
I looked at Kelly,

His face was in a tight frown or maybe sad.
I can’t tell exactly.
“What about Kelly?” I asked…
“After i left you.. I met Kelly’s mom and became nanny to her kid, then few years later, she died and his dad married me.. Im so sorry Rose.. please forgive me.” She said.
Kelly is my brother?
I looked at Kelly and his eyes are shut..
He must be really sad.
I turned to Dr. Ann.
“Are you the doctor she left me in her hospital?” I asked.
“Yes Rose.. i am.” She said.
“I don’t believe you both.” I said.
“Rose.. this is true. It’s okay,Im gonna run a blood test on both of you..”
“Fine. cos i don’t believe this.. My parents are dead and she can’t just walk up to me now and tell me im her daughter. What about my dead mother?”
Dr. Ann, “Do you mean they are dead? Oh my God.”
“Yes.” I said.
“Im sorry Rose..” Dr. Ann said.
“I handed you to them when your biological mother didn’t come for you. They are your foster parents.. Can’t believe they are dead.” She said.
I blinked my eyes aas tears rolled out of my eyes.
“They ain’t my foster parents. I don’t want to believe that..” I said. with tears.
I don’t wanna believe that Kelly is my brother.
Kelly turned to me, “Rose.” He called.
He is so sad and worried and i can feel it.
“Let Dr. Ann run the test and we’ll know the next step to take ok.” He said.
“Im thirsty.” I said.
“Im sorry dear, you can’t take water till you are done taking the drip.. It’s just a little left.” She said.
I breathed.
“Please can i just stay alone with her?” Kelly asked the doctor.
“Of course..” She smiled.
“C’mon Roseline, lets give them some space to talk.” She said to Kelly’s mom..
She gave me few concerned gaze before slowly walking out with Dr. Ann following benind.

Once they were out of sight, Kelly looked at me and he smiled.
I love his smile..

“Rose..” He called softly.
“Kelly.” I called back.
“Thank you for waking up.. Thank you so much..” He said and took my hand in his palm.
“You mean the whole world to me.” He said.

A stinging s£nsat!on ran through me as he said that.
“You tried to leave me? You tried to go away?” He asked.
“No..Kelly.” I said.
“Then what happened? Why did you had to go out and got yourself in this s--t.. I almost went crazy.” He said.
I shut my eyes.
“Kelly, it all started yesterday, When i got curious to know the reason why you broke so many hearts. I walked into your room and searched if i could find anything.. either your diary or paper that you might have written about that…”
“You saw my diary?” He asked.
“Yes. I did and i read about your sister’s death and the promise you made to her that you never gonna celebrate your birthday without her.. Then i read about your revenge that you wrote on your eighteenth birthday.. To revenge on your sister’s death by having..having sex with them and dump them after.”
“Rose.. why did you do that.. why!” He asked.
I felt his anger though his voice was as calm as ever.
“Im sorry, i was really curious to know..” I said.
“Then you thought im a monster and you tried to leave?” He asked.
Oh God!
“No Kelly.. Please don’t say that.” I said.
He looked away.
“When i read about your birthday. I felt really sad and sorry.. I couldn’t believe you made such promise to your sister because you love her.. I felt so sad. And i wanted to end it.. I wanted to get you a birthday gift and wish you happy birthday.. I wanted to let you understand that birthdays are always meant to be celebrated no matter what. I couldn’t just stay and watch your birthday go.. So when you begged me to forgive you.. I had to make that deal. I needed the money to get a gift for you..”
He looked at me,
“You did?” He asked,
“Yes. i did.” I said with tears in my eyes.
He pulled his hair.
“You shouldn’t have!” He said.
“Kelly i needed to.. I needed to make you happy.. I needed to let you know that i care about your happiness..”
“You do?” He asked like he want to be sure.
“Yes i do!” I said.
*Kelly’s point of view*
She care about my happiness?
God! I couldn’t believe it.
Does this mean that she loves me?
“..I was on my way home with the your birthday cake when i got hit by that car.” She said.

I was the cause of this! i caused this for her.
My birthday always brought pains!
It had always do… now Rose got hit by a car cos of my birthday!
I stared at her… i felt broken.
“Rose.. im sorry…,I caused this for you. My birthday always cause crazy bad things. You shouldn’t have bothered about my birthday.. It’s always like a normal day for me.. I’ve lived like that for years now.. So you should have just ignored it. It’s a promise i made to Kate..And im never gonna break it.” I said.
“No..Kelly, you can’t continue this way. You can’t keep doing this forever. You are gonna get married and have kids that would love to celebrate your birthday. They would love to wish you happy birthday or won’t they?…”
I sighed.
She’s right.
“If you don’t let them celebrate your birthday, they are gonna be broken..They might not want to celebrate theirs. Will you ignore them when they ask you about your birthday? Would you?” She asked.
I can feel worry and sadness in her voice.
“Rose..Im sorry.” I said
“Think about it Kelly.. You can’t go on with this.. Tomorrow is your birthday and you just overlook it?”
“Rose..please stop.” I begged.
I felt really horrible.
“Your mom, she said im her daughter.. Do you wanna believe that?” She asked.
“I don’t want to.” I said.
“I heard her voice in my dreams.. I was walking far away from home… to a far distance that i don’t know, then i heard her begging me to forgive her.. to wake up. She said she’s my mother. I was curious and i wanted to know who she is and then i turned back.. Woke up and saw its your mother.” She said.

She was walking far away from home?
What does that mean?
“I think i was dying.. They say when someone is in a deep sleep and is walking fa away from home to a lonely and strange place, that it might mean death.” She said.
I gasped.
“Rose.. if you had left me.. I would have killed myself.. Cos i can’t live without you…My life would be imcomplete without you.” I said..
What if mom never came to beg her.
God! she would have died.
“Im glad your mom came and called me back.. I’ll never want to leave you Kelly.” She said.
“Thank you Rose..” I said.
My mom had helped in getting Rose back.
Mom had done this…
I felt like hugging my mom.. I wonder where she is..
“I have a confession to make.” She said.
“Yes. That day you saw me with your mom’s picture, I was looking at her eyes.. Those eyes reminded me of some who i didn’t know. They seem to be years ago and i couldn’t recall the person but i was shocked to see that your mom’s eyes are just like that person’s.”
“Maybe your mom?” I asked.
“Yes. Just this alone makes me wanna believe that i’ve met your mom years ago and that she is my mother.” S&e said.
“How do you feel to know this?” I asked.
“I don’t know.. I don’t know..But i guess if they test turns out to be positive then i’ll forgive her and i’ll be happy to know that i still got one family who is alive.” She said.
“You will forgive her?” I asked. I couldn’t believe she would just do that.
“Yes” She said.
“Do you really got such a forgiven heart?” I asked.
“Forgiveness lives in every person’s heart.. What you just have to do is say it out and you’ll understand that forgiveness is divine.” She said.
“Now you talk like my pastor.” I chuckled.
“You go to church?” She asked.
“Been a while i did.. but i promise to never miss again if you get up from this bed before its sunday” I said..
She smiled.

“I hope you gonna forgive your mom too?” She asked.
I gave out a playful frown.
“If you do.” I said.
“So we are gonna be siblings?” She asked and her face went pale.
I brought my face close to hers.
“Never.. We are gonna be lovers.” I said.
“Lovers?” She asked, staring at me.
“Yes.” I smiled.
“If your mom turns out to be my mom?” She asked.
“Yes.. We ain’t blood related.. There’s no form of blood connection between us.” I said.
“Okay.” She said.
“I love you so much Rose.” I said.
It took her just a minute to decide.
“I love you Kelly.” She said.
I smiled.
She loves me…

This was the words i’ve been dying to hear from her.

Now she just let them out..
I felt so complete with her…

My life was gonna be so better with Rose.
I looked down at her lips.
I want to kiss them.
“Can i kiss you?” I asked..

I was going to do that anyway, whether she accepts or not.
She closed her eyes for a moment,..
then she opened it back..and smiled.
“Yeah” She said.

I smiled and i got my lips on her’s and kissed her…

And this time around, she kissed back..
I just wish this moment would last for ever.
I just wish this feeling would burn on..
But then she gave a painful m0an.
I released my lips.
“My head hurts.” She said.
“Im sorry.. Should i call the doctor?” I asked.

“No.. just stay here with me..” She said.
I smiled.

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