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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 43
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. *Kelly’s point of view* I opened my right eye..
I saw myself on my bed..
I quickly opened the left eye… and i couldn’t
understand what im doing on my bed when i
suppose to be sitting in the a restaurant opposite Rose and about to propose to her.
I should be proposing to Rose and not lying
stupidly here on this d--n bed!
I jumped out of the bed.. but i kinda felt weak in
the legs.
Seriously, what happened to me? I looked at myself.
Im still on the clothe i wore to the Dinner with
What happened?
Where’s Rose?
I shoved my hand into my pockets and got out the ring box.
What the f--k did i do?…. I didn’t propose to
I threw the box on the bed.. and rushed to the window and drew the curtain open..
The morning sunlight flashed on my face and i
closed my eyes..
I closed back the curtains and turned.
How the hell did this happen to me?
I didn’t propose to Rose… and then i had to wake up to find myself on my bed,.. in my room.
What really happened?
Then i remembered.
I have been anxious and afraid to propose to
Then.. then i thought taking an alcoholic drink can give me the boldness and courage to propose to
her.. but then as i drank on, i still felt afraid and
weak so i got annoyed with myself!
I got annoyed with my stupid self and all i could
do was to go on drinking till i felt tipsy.
But how the hell did i manage to drive down home and to my room?
D--n! i can’t remember
What about Rose?

Im sure she would be d--n annoyed with me
now.. I have to look for her and…ask her to forgive me..
I hope she does..
I hope she doesn’t yell or push me off..
I’do gone crazy already and watching her do
that to me would only kill my spirit and i’do die
in regret and loneliness. I love Rose…
I truely love her.. but i just found it so hard to
propose to her.
Im such an a-----e!
Im such an idiot..
I walked to the door and pulled it open.. Rose was walking past my door, probably
heading downstairs and once i opened my door,
she looked up at me,.. Our eyes met..
My heart skipped.
She looked away and countinued walking
towards the staircase.. “Rose..Im” I tried to speak but she cut me
“Don’t! try to ask me to forgive you cos i’m
not gonna do that.” She said and walked away.
I swallowed.. I got broken..
How could i have f----d up!… D--n!
I rushed downstairs to meet her.
I saw her walking into the kitchen and i followed
She walked to the counter without knowing I was
following her. I stood at the door.
“Rose..” I called.
She ignored me as she turned on the tap and
washed her hands on the sink.
“Rose please hear me out..”
She walked to the fridge and pulled the door open.
I walked in, “Im sorry about last night.” I said
“I don’t wanna hear about it.” She said as
she got out some eggs and closed the door back.
I shook my head, “Rose.. yeah i know it’s annoying but you just got to forgive me.” I said.
“Fine.. Tell me your reason for getting drunk
right in my front.” She asked at the counter as
she got out some carrots.
I breathed.
“Im sorry i can’t tell you the reason. What i need is just your forgiveness.” I said.
How can i tell her i was scared of proposing to
her and then i took alcoholic drink to get the
She turned to me, holding a knife.
** *Rose’s point of view* I turned to him.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes, please.” He said.
He wants me to forgive him huh?
Great. I got an idea!
“If you want me to forgive you, then it’s simple.” I said.
“Really?” He asked as he looked at me kinda
“Yes, Let’s make a deal.” I said.
He’s eyes went wide.. I grinned.
“Deal?” He asked, obviously suprised. “Yes a deal.. Or don’t you want me to forgive
you huh?” I asked.
“Of course. I want that. Tell me the deal.” He
I cleared my throat..
“I need just thirty thousand naira and you are forgiven.” I said.
He looked at me like are you serious?
“You wanna buy something?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“It’s a deal and you don’t ask me what i
wanna use the money for.” I said. “Okay fine, i’ll get the money for you. Just say
you’ve forgiven me.” He said.
“Go and get the money first.” I said.
He turned and walked out.
Im gonna get him something for his birthday with that money.
With thirty thousand naira i can cake a very swet
birthday cake.
Or what do i get Kelly for his birthday..
I thought for a little while.
It would have to be a cake.. A beautiful cake would do.
I smiled.
Kelly walked in few minutes later.
“Here it is.” He said and stretched out some
money to me.
I took it. I guess the money would be more than thirty
thousand naira.
“Thanks but umm..This looks more than thirty
thousand naira.” I said.
“Just go ahead and say that you’ve forgiven
me.” He said, ignoring what i just said. I shrugged. “You are forgiven.” I said and
He smiled.
“But you got to thank your buddy, Kelvin for
helping out.” I said.
“He did?”He asked. “With another friend of yours, Tunde.” I said.
“But why did you got drunk Kelly?” I asked. I
needed to know the reason why he did. Kel had
told me there is always a reason why Kelly drink,
that he doesn’t just order alcohollic drinks.
And i needed to know the reason Kelly took me out to a dinner and then got himself drunk.
“Please Rose don’t ask the reason, i beg
you.” He said.
I shrugged.
“Fine then. But im never going out with you
again.” I said. He turned and walked out.. I looked at the bundle of money on my hand.
I just hope he doesn’t think otherwise..
It seems someone awkward to use his money to
buy him a birthday gift but i got no money on me
and i just gotta do this.
I counted the money and its fifty thousand.. Huh?
I didn’t ask for extra..
Thirty thousand naira would be enough for a
beautiful birthday cake.
I sighed.
As i dropped it on the breakfast table and went on to conrinue with the carrots i was cutting.. Kelly walked in sooner and said he is going to
meet his buddy, Kel.
I turned to look at him.
“Ain’t you gonna wait for breakfast?” I
“Im fine.” He said and turned to walk away but then he turned back.
“I hope you don’t wanna go back to delta with
that money?” He asked.
I coughed.
Why would i just do that without letting him
know. “Please i don’t you want to do that.. Don’t
leave me please.” He said.
I couldn’t say anything.. I just stood tranfixed as
i watch him finally walk away.
Why would he think i would do that?
God! i can’t wait for him to find out why i asked him for this money. *Kelly’s point of view* As i drove out of the house..
All i could think about was the reason why Rose
wanted the money and all i could guess was she
wanna go back with the money..
But i couldn’t believe that Rose would do that.
She can’t leave me.. She can’t go away. I drove to Kel’s gate and just like the other time,
his gatekeeper came out and as he recognised
my car, he ran back in and pulled the gate open.
I drove in.
“’Okay, welcome oh.” He said to me.
I waved at him. I pulled my car to a stop and got down.
I walked to Kel’s door and pressed the doorbell
He opened the door minutes later.
“Hey man!” He said as usual.
“Kel..” I called. He looked up at me.. “Man! your face no bright
oh.. Come in.” He said.
I walked in and fell on a couch.
“Man! what’s happeninng? What would you
take?” He asked.
I shook my head. “Nothing.” I said. He shrugged and sat down
“Last night mess up is enough for me man.” I
He laughed.
“Its a normal stuff man. You drink just a bottle
and you are intoxicated. He said. “I got a reason Kel. I don’t just get drunk. You
know that.” I said.
“So what’s the reason man?” He asked.
“Rose..” I said..
“Who’s Rose?” He asked and i remembered
that wasn’t the name i gave him there in the supermarket.. I told him Mary.
“Kel.. It’s a long story.. You gonna get bored
listening to it.” I said.
“Hell mahn! i love stories. Im a photographer
and i love stories.. Come on start it.” He said as he relaxed himself on a sofa.
I got to tell him..
“Rose is the real name of the girl you saw with
me at the supermarket.” I said.
“Seriously that’s not a bad thing mehn.. People
answer Rose and Mary.. Rosemary.” He said and laughed.
Kel is always the funny guy.
“Kel, she’s Rose.. Just didn’t know her name
then so i had to say to tell you that..”
“Wow.. you didn’t know her name.
Interesting. Ride on buddy.” He said. “I met her just a week ago, the same day i
caught the b---h, Sugar cheating on me. I went out
to cool my head off but getting back i met Rose in
the dark street of bariga about to be raped by
some bad guys….”
I went on and narrated everything that had happened between I and Rose,.till this time.
How i saved her.. Brought her down to my house.
And i refused to let her go back.. we insisted to
go but then couldn’t leave again.
And how im inlove with her now.. then i wanna
propose to her last night and i couldn’t. I was freaking scared and anxious.. then i had to drink
to get the boldness but i ended up getting drunk.
Then i asked her to forgive me this morning and
she asked me for money to be able to forgive me.
But right now, i feel she wanna leave with the
money. “Woah! Man. That sounds bad but interesting
story!” He said.
I nodded, “Really bad!”
“Im sure doesn’t wanna leave with the
money.” He said.
“Sure?” I asked. “I guess.” He said.
“And about the proposal.. There is always a
second chance.. We’ll plan out something
better. Something more romantic that would
make her accept in a flash.. Trust me man.” He
said. I smiled.
“Thank goodness the proposal didn’t work out
man!.. Im sure she wouldn’t have accepted…
Those kinda girls love romantic things and bold
guys… Like you plan a romantic proposal, like in a
way she never expects. You sing her favourite song before you propose to her., Speak some
romantic quotes before opening the ring box. You
don’t just ask her Will you marry me? She will
certainly not accept.. I’ll plan out something
better guy..Trust me.” He said as i watched him
in awe. “What’s keeping you man, No girlfriend, or
fiance.” I said.
He laughed.
“Still searching.. Will you let me have Rose
then?” He smirked.
“Don’t even go there!” I snapped. We laughed. ****
*Rose’s point of view* I pulled on a blue jean trouser and a white top.
slide my feet into my sandals..
Repacked my hair and threw the money into a
black purse as i left to buy the cake..
I walked down the stairs and out of the house,
locking the outside door.. I walked to the gate and walked out through the
I had to be fast about getting this cake before
Kelly gets back.
I walked out of the estate gate and into the
street. I was heading to any bakeshop i could see.
I walked on but i didn’t see any one that near,
so i countinued to walk on.
Soon, i found one..
I breathed a sign of relieve as i crossed the road
and walked into the shop. “Good afternoon Aunty.” A girl in a red t-shirt
said to me.
I smiled.
“Goodafternoon. I need a really nice and
beautiful but in all sweet birthday cake.” I said.
“Alright ma. Birthday cakes are made in types and who you want to make the cake for.. I would
like to know who you want this cake for..”
“Your mom, your dad, your sister or your
brother, your best friend, your boyfriend your
fiance, your husband or your kids or yourself?” She said as she smiled at me.
I breathed.. What do i say,
“My best friend.” I said.
“A male or a female?”
“A male.”
“Come with me then..I’ll show you some really beautiful biryhday cakes you can give to
your male best friend.” She said.
I followed her.
We searched through the glasses and my eyes
got a really nice one.. Had creams and chocolate
in lines around it.. Priced twenty five thousand naira.
“I like this one.” I said.
“Yeah, it look beautiful.” She said and got it
“Can you do something for me?” I asked.
“What is it?” She asked with smiles. “Write his name on it?” I said.
“Of course.. Yeah.” She smiled. She did.
It was beautiful,
“Happy birthday Kelly.” She wrote it in tiny
chocolate lines.
It look beautiful.
“Thank you.” I said to her. “Thank you too.” She said.
“Can i know your name?” I asked her as i paid
for the cake.. but gave her extra
“Sharon.” She said.
As she stretched the cake in a cute pink nylon
now. “Thanks Aunty.” She said.
“Bye.” I said. As i walked out of the shop, i was really excited..
I couldn’t wait for tomorrow..
I was anxious to do this..
I’do wake up very early and walk to Kelly’s
room with this cute cake in my hands, and i’do
sing happy birthday to him. I know he’do be suprise.
Who knows, he might yell at me and throw the
cake away.
But i don’t care..
Wishing him a birthday was all i looked forward
to. I’do be the first to wake him up tomorrow…
He’do be stunned.
He’do be so suprised as how i got to know
about his birth date.
I couldn’t wait to see his reaction and
expression. Hahaha…
According to the date on his diary, he should be
twenty nine years tomorrow.
I smiled.
Seriously, can i say i love this guy?
Can i say that i feel something for Kelly. I shrugged.
I was crossing the road, as Kelly’s birthday
filled my thought and the way i suddenly feel for
I didn’t see the car speeding towards.
Maybe i did but it was too late.. I’do try to run fast away from it but it got me
before i could even think of doing that..
My heart skipped.
I let out a scream as i felt its speed hit me..
A scratch..
Sharp hit of pains on my legs.. And i slumped down to the ground, hitting my
legs hard on the hard concrete.
Then i got lost into a dark and strange world.
. . Oops Rose had just been hit by a car..
This is saddening
Whats gonna happen to her..?

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