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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 42
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. *Rose’s point of view continues* I’ve been here in my room, searching for the
most beautiful dress i can wear for the dinner..
I didn’t understand why i was doing this.
searching so many clothes like i was going to a
“It’s just a dinner girl!” I yelled at myself. But then i couldn’t still pick out a better dress.
I was back in my own dress and had carefully put
Kelly’s shirt back in his wardrobe.
I was happy i was able to wake up on time. But, i had a wild dream..
Where Kelly and I were in a field sorrounded by
white and red roses.
We were out on a picnic actually And we chatted
and held hands like lovers..,
Then soon he said he wanna sing a song for me.. I smiled and told him i can’t wait to listen to
Then he began my favourite song.
From This Moment..
And he sang it so good. I couldn’t believe it..
And he wasn’t even done singing it when i
hugged him and he kissed me..
Then i woke up. Funny dream!
I changed back into my dress and placed his shirt
back in his wardrobe.. then i walked to make
And as well make him the toasted bread and egg. But then over an two hours that i was done
preparing the meals, I’ve been in my room
changing clothes and throwing them over each
And now, I was searching and throwing clothes
on top another when i heard Kelly drive in.. I quickly picked up the whole clothes and pushed
them into the wardrobe and shut the door close!
I rushed to the bathroom to…to look at my face?

When did i start looking at my face before
meeting Kelly? “Why do my eyebrows look so bushy? it needs
carving.” I said..
I quickly brushed them into a better shape.
I heard the doorbell ring.
I brushed my front hairs back and frowned at a
little pimple i thought was coming to my face. Seriously, why do i care if my face look rough
I hissed and walked out, but not without turning
to take a quick look at my face.
I walked out of my room..
The doorbell rang again. Hell im coming nah.
I ran down the staircase, rushed to the door and
pulled it open.
“Welcome..” I said to him, smiling.
He smiled back..
He has such a cute smile.. and i felt my heart tickled by it.
Rose this is not funny.. Stop it! “Rose.. You were freaking bored without me
right?” He asked as he walked in.
“No.” I said.
“Okay” He said as he walked up the stairs
with his briefcase. I followed him.
He got to his room and walked in… I walked into
mine. What happened to his mood?
He was smiling back there at the door… but then
suddenly he decided to be silent?
But seriously,. there was nothing to talk about!
What did i expect him to say?
Im just getting worried over nothing! Rose you need to stop this! Just then i heard a knock.
“Come in.” I said.
The door opened and Kelly walked in, he was in
another tight polo shirt and a red trouser.
I swallowed as i saw his broad shoulders. His stouted muscles
He has a sexy body shape.
Did i just say that?
“Rose did you prepare something?” He asked.
Why’s he asking like he didn’t know about the
toasted bread and egg? “Yeah.” I said.
“Toasted bread and egg?” He asked.
“Yeah.” He said.
“Im sorry, i forget to let you know that i don’t
eat bread.” He said.
Seriously? He doesn’t like cornflakes, now bread too?
“Okay.. I’ll get you something else.” I said
and got up.
“No.. Remember i said we are going for a
dinner?” He said.
I thought he had forgotten about that. “Yes.” I said.
“Just get ready okay.” He said..
“Okay.” I said and sat back down.
“One more thing?” He asked.
“What’s that?” I asked, looking at him.
“Can you put on that red dress?” He asked. Red dress?
I remembered…It was the red dress he got for
me in Mrs Tonia’s boutique.
Wow! i never thought of it!
“Umm.. Okay.” I said..
I wish i could just hug him and kiss him for remembering that dress but there is no way that
woud happen.
“I’ll be waiting for you.” He said, turned and
slowly walked out.. I quickly got up and rushed and pulled the
wardrobe open.
Now where the hell is the dress?
I searched and luckily for me, without much
sweat, i found it,.
Wow! Beautiful dress..
I quickly rushed into the bathroom to take a
shower. I walked out of the bathroom wrapped in my
white towel.
I went for a pantie.. but then i decided to put on
the g-string.
picked a black one up and raised it.
Who on earth wear such tiny thing as this? But why do i wanna wear this tonight?
I don’t know but i found my legs passing
through and then i pulled it up to my a-s.
I giggled.
This was the first time i was putting this little
thing on my waist. I took the dress and pulled it on.. it look so
beautiful on me and so tight but feels great…
But then i can’t zip it up,.. though i tried but i
could only get to centre.
And im sure my bra is showing at the back.
How do i do this now. I tried harder but i couldn’t move it upper
I hissed, frustrated as i left it to repack my hair.
Doing that reminded me of the way Kelly had
loved to see my hair fall.
I smiled and thought of letting it to fall on my shoulders but then i shook my head.
It almost caused something really horrible
yesterday and i wouldn’t wanna remember it.
I pulled my feet into a silver flat shoe and took
my phone, and i walked out.
Kelly would have to help out with the zip. I knocked at his door.
“Rose just come in.” He said.
I did.
He was standing in a red shirt and a black jean
He looked great but why would he wear red? He looked up at me and i saw his eyes go wide
and his jaw drop. *Kelly’s point of view* My jaw dropped as i looked up at her.
She was looking really beautiful and hot in that
This woman i wanna propose to..
“You look beautiful Rose” I said.
She smiled. “Thanks.. You don’t look bad yourself.” She
said.. but i noticed she kinda felt uncomforable.
“You look umcomfortable. You don’t like it?”
I asked.
“I need. You. To.. help me. Pull the zip up. Was
hard for me to.” She said. Pull the zip up?
Wow. i couldn’t wait
“Oh.. okay.” I said.
She walked to me and turned her back.
I swallowed.
Her black bra was in view and i just felt like unhooking it.
Her skin shone in my face and the curled hair on
her back, made me fee like kissing her skin.
“Kelly?” She called.
And i quickly zipped it up.
“Thanks.” She said. I nodded.
I could still remember the hairs on her back.. How
they curled.
She has such a sweet skin.. so enticing and
She stared at me. “Let’s go.” I said as i touched my pocket to
be sure i had the ring box in my pockets.
I just hope i do this..
I can’t believe im kinda scared but i hope i say
this out to her..
That i want her to marry me.. That i want her to be my fiance..
I love her.. I really do.
* I drove to a quiet and empty restuarant.. with just
an old couple having coffee.
It’s dark but each table had colourful candle
“Wow.. this place look cool.” She said.
“I know.” I said as my heart started to beat fast.
We walked pass the couple and they looked up
and smiled at us.
I smiled back.
They must be thinking we are lovers..
Maybe we are somehow and they’ll watch me propose to Rose.
That word, Propose made my heart beat loud.
I got to a table and pulled out a seat for Rose.
She smiles, “Thank you.” She said.
I smiled and sat down.
A waitress walked to us and gave both i and Rose a menu.
We flipped through it and i ordered just wine and
she ordered just icecream.
“Icecream?” I asked her
“Yeah. I’ve missed it.” She said with smiles. I shrugged.
“Fine icream and the wine.” I said to the
I stared at Rose and she seem relaxed and that
made me get more scared and my heart beat
louder. The waitress came and placed our order on the
And left.
I poured the wine into one of the two glass cups
on the tray and then poured some for Rose..
“I’do wanna see you drink that.” I said. “Im fine.” She said.
“Sure?” I asked.
“Yeah.” She took it and drank and then smiled.
I laughed.
“Why don’t you want to eat something?” I
asked. “Im fine Kelly. You’re the one who should eat
something.” She said.
I know! but im so anxious to say this to her.
I wonder if i can do this really… *
An hour later, and we were just still talking about
nothing important..
And i’ve still not propose to her.
Now, The old couple just stood up and left and i
haven’t proposed to Rose yet. But i said i wanted to do this..
But i now I feel scared to do it..
To propose to Sugar..
She was just sitting, staring at me. Kelly do this! My mind yelled at me… but im so scared.
I don’t understand why i am..
Maybe because its just a week that we met.
Maybe because i dont wanna break her heart
Maybe because i feel she wouldn’t accept and i’do be broken. I put my hand into my pockets to bring out the
ring and my hands felt shaky.
“Kelly you are sweating on your forehead.”
She said to me.
Uh.. “Really?”
“Yes.” She said.
“ fine..” I stammered.
She gave me a kinda suspicious look.
I can’t do this..
I can’t propose to a girl. To someone i love!
This is craziness! How the hell do i fix myself!
I can’t even remember the words i was going
to say.
I felt so angry, so sad,
broken! I called the waitress..
She came over.
Rose looked at me like what do you want to
request for again?
But i didn’t care…
She won’t understand how hard it is for me, That i feel that I can’t propose to her..
And that hurts!
It hurts bad!
“Get me an alcholic drink.” I said to the
Rose looked at me like she can’t believe what i just said.
The waitress nodded and walked away.
I expected Rose to say something but she
She just looked down..
I need to drink something alcoholic.. That might take this f-----g fear and anxiety away
from me and i’ll propose to her.
The waitress came over and dropped a bottle and
a glass cup on the table.
I poured a good amount into the cup and drank.
Rose watched me.. I poured more and gulped down..
Soon, i had emptied the first bottle.
“Kelly..” Rose called gently.
“Yes dear..” I said.
“Can we go?” She asked.
I shook my head. I ordered for another drink.. It came and i gulped
it all down..
Why can’t i propose to Rose!
Why are my f-----g scared of it!
I want to prove my love for her..
But i can’t f-----g prove it! I ordered for another two more..
“Kelly.. I don’t like this..” She said, but i was
already done with the first one.. and on the
second one.
I felt tipsy..
“Rose I love you like craaaazy” I said to her. I was getting drunk..
But i still drank more.
I’do drink thousand bottles if it would give me
the boldness to propose to Rose..
But still then, i couldn’t! *Rose’s point of view* I watched with shock as Kelly drank himself to
Right in my front?
I thought he said he loved me and then he had to
do this? He ordered another bottle.
The waitress came over and i yelled at her.
“Take that back!” I said to her.
She nodded and walked away with it.
Kelly head was now on the table..
“Kelly..” I called but he didn’t answer. “I shook him but he didn’t get up.”
I sighed.
What’s wrong!
How do i get him out of here!
I shouldn’t have let him drink at first but i
thought he only wanted to take just one. I can’t drive him home!
I can’t drive.
Who can i call now!
Oh Kelvin..
I reached for Kelly’s pockets and my hand touched a small box…
I ignored it and got out his phone.
I scrolled through his contact for Kelvin’s
number and i found it.. Kel.
I quickly dialed it and it rang..
Kel picked up immediately. “Hello buddy.” He spoke first.
“Hi.. its R.. Its Mary.. Please can you come over
to MAYLOVE GARDEN . Kelly is drunk and he’s
not getting up. I can’t drive.” I said.
“Seriously.. Hold on girl.. im on my way, with a
friend too here to drive his car back. We will soon be around.” He said.
“Thank you.” I said and dropped the call Soon, Kelvin and another guy who must be the
friend of his walked in.
“Why’s he drunk?” Kel asked.
“I have no idea.” I said.
“Hey man,” Kel shook Kelly but Kelly didn’t
move. “He must have drank a lot and he has low
drinking brain capacity. He always have a reason
for drinking alcohols. He doesn’t just drink it.”
He said.
I felt worried.
What must have made Kelly drink. What reason.
He always have reasons for doing things!
Kel and his friend helped Kelly to his car, which i
stayed at the back seat with Kelly to make sure
he’s fine.
Kel’s friend drove Kel’s car. *
“Thanks Kel for coming to help out. Im
grateful.” I said after Kelly was dropped on his
I will deal with him tomorrow!
“It’s fine.. just don’t be upset with him okay.. All you do is try to know tge reason why he had
to drink himself to stupor.” He said.
“Thank you.” I said.
“And thanks too…” I turned to his friend.
“Tunde.” His friend said.
“Oh Tunde.. Thank you too” I said. “It’s nothing. Kelly is our buddy so if we
don’t come around who will?” He said.
“No one.” Kel answered and i smiled. “Alright Mary. Goodnight girl. Take care of Kelly
and like i said, do not try to make trouble with
him when he wakes up okay.” Kel said.
“I won’t. Trust me.” I said.
Hell! im so gonna deal with him! They left.. and i walked into his room, stared at
him for awhile,…
Then I walked into my room to just sleep this
horrible night off!
. .
Dinner gone bad!
Proposal failed.

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