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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 41
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*Rose’s point of view* I smiled as i dropped the call.

How on earth do I believe what he’s talking

For all i care, All men are just the same.
Kelly is no exceptional..
Kelly is a bad guy.. A player.

He had wanted to meet Aunty Caro..and then his
mom had said he messed so many girls up..
He told me he broke so many hearts!
And then he’s telling me he loves me?
So quick…. So soon? I laughed.
How does he really want me to believe him?
And just accept his love for me?
Seriously, all that was then, when i had believed
Jonny’s love for me..
When i foolishly offered myself to him, without thinking twice about it.
I can’t let another man play with my heart..
Not Kelly, not any other guy!
I like Kelly but i can’t try to love him..
I won’t accept his love for me either.
It’s just a week of us getting to meet each other…
Yes we had been staying in the same house and
had gotten to know each other pretty good..
But.. love can come that quick.
I don’t wanna believe his love true..
I have to keep ignoring that word he’do say, “I love you Rose.”
I scoffed.
That’s a word i’do never wanna believe from
a guy’s lip ever again.
Kelly is really so funny.
How can he love me? Im just wondering how he came up with the idea
of loving me after trying to have his way with me
just yesterday.
What’s he trying to do?
Make me believe his love and then let him have
sex with…. Oh! i don’t even wanna think about that.
That would be the last thing i would ever trying
doing. I was done with the Kitchen timetable, so i placed

it on the wall.
“Great.” I said.
Today’s friday and Tea or coffee and bread for
I walked to the fridge to grap them.. Friday! Just this time last friday, i was on my way to
Lagos, to see Jonny.
I sighed.
I wondered.
What would I have done if Kelly didn’t drive by.
If he hadn’t saved me… I would have been raped by those two bitches!
And then i’do been stranded on the streets..
Would i have gone back to Jonny or what would i
have done?
Seriously, Kelly had been a Godsent to me.
He was my saviour.. He’s bad…He’s a player but he has a kind
He broke girls heart but he got his heart broken
too by Sugar.
He loved her and she broke his heart. I placed the Bread and the Tea on the breakfast
and i went to boil some water. But Kelly told me, there was a reason he broke so
many girls heart.
I could remember.
I asked him why but he told me that I don’t
need to know about it.
What could that be? Why would someone mess people’s heart up
cos of a reason.
What reason could that be actually?
..I tried thinking…but i couldn’t think about a
good one.. a good reason why Kelly broke girls
heart. I sighed..
Suddenly i wish i could know this reason..
Suddenly i wanted to know this reason. I placed the kettle of water on the cooker. But how do i find the reason.. without Kelly being
the one to tell me..
And.. i can’t ask him why cos Im sure he’s
never gonna tell me. He says he loves you, use that to get him. That silly voice inside of me said to me.
“No” I shook my head.
I can’t use that to get him..
That might sound funny and awkward. I turned off the cooker and poured the hot water
into a ceramic cup and took it to the breakfast
Added the milo and the milk powder inside and
stired them together with a spoon.
Then I sat down to eat. *
Getting done with my breakfast and still curious
to know about Kelly’s reason for breaking so
many hearts,..
I got an idea.
To search his room.. Maybe i could find something relating to that.
Maybe a diary..
Okay, guys don’t usually keep diaries..
especially Kelly type,..
But who knows!
Kelly might have a diary which he writes down his daily experience and his spoken and
unspoken feelings.
It sounds awkward for me to search Kelly’s
room but im just so curious to know about Kelly.
There are still things i do not know about him.
I just have to do this.. It would just be a quick search. I quickly washed the tea cup, dried it with the
dishcloth and placed it back on the shelf.. Then i walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs
and… to his room.
I opened the door..
It isn’t locked… I slowly walked in.. I searched with my eyes… and if there was any
other place someone should keep book or papers
in his room, then it should be on the beside table.
I walked over and searched on the top but i found
nothing like that.. The table top is empty with just a bedside lamp standing on it.
I bent and pulled the first drawer, but its locked.
I pulled the second one, it opened with lots of
arranged papers inside.
I gently took them out one after the other as i searchef for a diary or any piece of writting.
But i found nothing as such.
Just business documents and empty written
I hissed and put them neatly back into the drawer and pushed it back..
I reached for the last drawer.
I just hope i find something apart from business in
this one.
I pulled it open.
But then there were just like the second drawer. Files and documents.
Does it mean Kelly don’t have any other papers
and books here apart from business documents?
Don’t he read books?
Or write anything… anything at all!
I sighed and pushe back the drawer… Stood up with my hands akimbo.
I need to find something…
I walked to his wardrobe and pulled it open.
There are so many clothes in there and they
smell so good.
I pushed them apart to search but i found nothing.
I pushed another set apart but i can’t find
I sighed and was about to close it back, when i
felt a noise like something fall just fell down.
What’s could that be? I pushed the clothes at the side where the noise
came from apart and there i saw a small red
cover book., lying on the wardrobe floor.. And it
seem old but fairly used.
I picked it up and nothing was written on the
cover.. This must be a diary..
I thought.
I closed back the wardrobe and rushed to the bed
with the book.
I sat down and opened it.. and the first few pages
were empty.. But then i saw some writting.
Written fifteen years ago.
25th September, 2001…
Wow! So long! I read, “Kate died today.. It was suppose to be
our birthday.. But she left me, left mom, left dad
and went to a place i know she would never
return again..
I love you so much Kate..and i wish you would
come back. I hate myself for not being able to protect you
enough.. Please forgive me.
But i promise you that i’ll never ever celebrate
my birthday without you.. I will see my birthday
as a normal day and nothing would ever make
me remember i have a birthday to celebrate.. I swear to you Kate.
I’ll only do that if you come back..” God! I couldn’t believe it.. Kelly made such
promise to her sister to never celebrate his
birthday without her. To never ever think of a
birthday celebration wthout his sister being alive
God, he must have so much loved Kate. I felt a tear drop from my eyes..
This is so touching for me.
This makes me remember my family, my dad, my
mom and Lucky.
Death took them away just in a blink of an eye.
Kelly lost just his sister,.. and he made such a promise to her..
What if he lost more.. He would have probably
killed himself.
Just like i wanted to… but that b---h came in!
Jonny stepped in and held me from doing so.
I thought he cared for me.. I thought he loved me… but he used my emotions to get me and
then he used me and played with my heart! Kelly had the bad side of him.. but still, there is
this good side of him that not everyone is aware
I guess his mother doesn’t know either.
The way he feels for people he loves.
The way he cares for them.. and make promises that would be quite hard to keep..
Kelly must really have some feellings even if he
had been a player or he probably is..
And this reason why he messed them up?
I flipped to the other page. “25th September 2006..
Dear Diary,..
Today i’m eighteen and i’ve decided to start
my avenge on my sister’s death.. by breaking
girls heart.. Have sex with all of them that i get
and dump their a-s immediately. I know they will cry, and get hurt just like my
sister cried when she was being raped..
Im starting right from this day.
I’ll do anything for you Kate.. I still love you..” What! I couldn’t believe what i just read.
Why on earth would he avenge on his sister’s
death by doing such things!
So this is the reason!
“Oh my God! I can’t believe this!” I said with
shock. “Kelly not this way.”
You couldn’t have done it this way.. But then something hit me!
25th September?
Today is 23rd September…
Next tomorrow is his birthday…and he hadn’t
mentioned it.
This is so right.. I can’t believe someone wouldn’t mention his
birthday forever.. But how can i just overlook this?
And let his birthday pass just like that.. I needed
to let him know that it wasn’t his fault that his
sister had to die.
Promising a dead person things wouldn’t make
any difference that they are already dead and buried.
I felt like doing something for him…
Showing him that birthday celebration are one of
the happiest days in someone’s life.
A day you thank your creator for giving you life
and praying to him to give you more. It isn’t a day to regret no matter what had
Cos there’s always a reason why we were
created and had birthdays to celebrate.
I would get Kelly something for his birthday..
something that could make him understand that no matter the bad moments we’ve had.. That
there are reasons why we should still celebrate.
Maybe that would change his mind..
But what do i get him on his birthdat?
its just after tomorrow and i really need to be fast
about getting him something.. I got no money on me..
How do i do this?
Ask Kelly for money?… but how do i ask him for
that without letting him know what i need the
money for?
Cos i know he would ask him what i need it for. I wouldn’t want to tell him im getting him a gift
for his birthday..
I wonder how he’do feel to hear that.. I would
make it a suprise to him..
I have to think of a lie.
I really have to do this for him. I felt for Kelly..
I couldn’t believe Kelly could make such
decisions because of his love for someone.. For
his sister. If only he’s telling the truth about loving me..
He had loved Sugar too.. but she cheated on him.
He’s broken but he still choose to say he loves
Maybe he do.. maybe he really do love me.
Maybe he just need someone to mend his broken heart.
But im broken too..Jonny messed up my life.
But Kelly..
He saved me..
I turned many pages of the diary to read more,
but there were empty.. But at last, I found another writting.
It was just yesterday he wrote it.
I read it.
“Dear Diary,
It’s been such a long while not writting to you..
Im sorry.. I’ve fallen inlove with someone.. Its too sudden
but it’s really true and its driving me insane..
But she doesn’t believe I love her as well. She
doesn’t and that hurts me so much…”
It stopped there.
Who is he talking about? You of course. The small voice said to me.
I closed my eyes… Kelly truely loves me,
too sudden but really true.. I closed back the diary.. got up and walked to the
wardrobe with the small book.
I pulled the wardrobe open and… and.. i don’t
even know the cloth that the book fell from..
I just dropped it inside the pocket of jean pullover
at the spot where the diary fell.. I inhaled the scents of his clothe and shirts.
They smell so good that i just wish i could go in
and sleep in there.
But then my stupid mind told me to put one of his
Seriously? His shirts look really cute and there’s one im
sighting right now..
I got it out.. It’s white, long sleeved and had
WILD LOVE written boldly in black at the front.
It look just like a girl’s shirt.. and seem like
he’do never worn it before. I pulled it out of the hanger and got my own dress
off my body.
I wonder what i was doing… but i found myself
doing it.
I pulled the shirt over my body and it look so
good on me.. I walked to his dressing mirror and admired how great it look on me.
I smiled.
Kelly has good things.. really good things.
I smiled and walked to his bed and layed down..
The bed felt so good and soft..
Why are my smiling? And why are my even on his bed?
This must be craziness, but i layed back still..Not
wanting to get up.
I could sleep on this bed a little before Kelly gets
For all i know, he’s coming back by evening and i’do be awake before then.
And for the dinner?
Uh.. i don’t really know what to put on.. but
i’do wish to find something really beautiful to
wear this time.
Seriously I have no idea why… but i guess i just feel like appearing more beautiful.
Yeah.. That’s it.
I closed my eyes…

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