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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 40
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. *Mrs Roseline’s point of view* With so much happiness, I walked into Dr. Ann’s

It’s quite a large hospital..Beautiful and
I inhaled and walked to the hospital reception
counter. They sat two nurses in their white uniform.

“Please im here to see Doctor Ann.” I said.
The slim one looked up at me and then i saw her
gape with her hands on her mouth.
“Oh my God! It’s Mrs Roseline Ejifor.. Kelly’s
mom!” She said., hitting the other nurse beside her.
“Oh my God!” The other girl, dark
complexioned and plumpy said as she looked at
me with widened eyes. What’s wrong with this girls? “Ma.. Kelly is…is he here with you please?” The
slim girl asked me.
What rubbish?
“Yes ma.. we’ve been wanting to see him… I
mean I, personally.” The plumpy one said,
grinning. The slim one snapped an evil eye at her
colleague, “You personally? Just look at this

“Abeg just hold it there.. Before nko na you go
see am? With this your mosquito legs and big
eyes?” The plump one said back. “Fat cow!” The slim one taunted.
I gasped.

What sort of stupid nurses are these? “I say, im here to see Doctor Ann Kambiri!” I
shouted at them. They flinched. “Goodevening Ma… Please what can we do for
you?” A slim and pretty nurse in low cut asked
me as she walked in, to the counter.
I sighed.
“Im here to see Doctor Ann.” I said to her.
The other two looked away. “What’s your name Ma?” She asked.

“Mrs Roseline Ejifor.” I said.
She glanced at me for a while like a suprised
Then she nodded.
“Alright ma.. Let me inform her.” She said as she pressed few buttons on the Landline
telephone’s dial pad and placed the headset on
her ear.
“Doctor Ann, this is nurse Chioma. A woman in
the names of Mrs Roseline Ejifor is here to see
you.” She said to the reciever. And waited few seconds..
“Okay Doctor.” She said and dropped the
Then looked up at me.
“I’ll take you to her office now, Ma.” She said
to me. I smiled.
“Thank you dear..You are lovely.” I said to her
with smiles
She smiled back, “Thank you Ma.”
I saw her two colleague sneer at her. She got out from the counter and I followed her… We got to a door.
“Here, Ma.” She said.
“Alright.” I said….and she turned and left.
I knocked gently, before pushing the door open
and walked in.
There sat Doctor Ann, on her desk. She looked up at me and smiled.
She was on a white suite and trouser.
“Doctor Ann..” I called softly.
“Roseline welcome.” She said.
I ran to her and embraced her.
“Thank you so much for changing your mind and considering to help me.. You have such a
good heart.” I said with so much happiness.
“It’s okay dear.. Go and have a sit.” She said
to me.
I obeyed and went for a seat.
I sat down on one of the two visitor’s chairs. “How are you doing?” She asked me.
“This few days had been hell for me..” I said.
She smiled.
“I can see.. Your eyeslids are baggy and your
eyes are all red.” She said.
I nodded. “I couldn’t sleep.. All i would do is dream
about my daughter.. I couldn’t appetite..
I’ve only been in my room, crying.” I said.
She smiled.
“It’s okay Roseline. I can’t blame you for
what you did.. You must have been passing through lots of challanges in your marriage..
Come on for all i know, You ain’t the only
woman who had done it.. They are so many out
there who did the worst.. Some kill their child
after giving birth to them, Some dump them in a
trashbin or inside a ditch for flood to carry away, Some sell their child for money or even use them
for money rituals. You ain’t the only woman
who dropped her baby in a hospital.. I know if
things were okay for you and your husband, you
would never had abandoned your child.. Roseline
I understand.” She said so calmly, like she truely understood my predicament.
Her words brought tears out from my eyes.
“Wipe your tears okay.. Here, have this.” She
said as she stretched a tissue to me.
I took it.
“Wipe off those tears.” She said. I sniffled and nodded as i gently wiped them off.
“What would you like to drink?” She asked.
I shook my head.
“ fine.” I said.
I find it so hard to believe this woman could be
this good towards me, after the unspeakable thing i did.
“No.. no” She shook her head.
“I’ll get you something.” She said as she
reached for a small fridge beside her but a bit far
from where she sat.
“Just water.” I said. “That’s okay.” She smiled and got out a
bottle water and a glass cup..
She placed them on a tray and pushed it to me.
“Here.” She said.
“Water is good for a dejected heart.” She said.
That made me smile. I opened the bottle, poured some into the glass
I took a little of it..
It felt cold and good down my throat..
So I took more.
“Make sure you eat something once you get home okay?” She said.
I nodded.
“Now, i would go on to tell you about your child
who you left in my little hospital twenty five
years ago.” She said..
I nodded, “Thank you” “After you left your child that night.. I came to
say goodmorning to you and your child but then i
didn’t find you.. I only saw your baby, with her
eyes wide open, staring at me.. I searched for
you.. but you were nowhere to be found.. I then
knew you had abandoned you baby in my hospital.But then, i refused to let anyone know.. I
secretly took the baby to my house so see if you
would come back before dusk for your child… But
then an hours later, my friend.. She wasn’t very
close to me but we were good. She suddenly
came to my house from delta state, Asaba with her only child.. I wasn’t expecting her..and
unfortunately or would i say fortunately, she saw
your baby.. I wanted to lie to her that a woman
left the baby in my care and would be back by
dusk to take her, but then i decided to tell her the
truth, that i haven’t seen her mother.. She was filled with pity for your child and then
she was so angry at you..
She made so many bad comments at you which i
wouldn’t want to tell you.. Then we decided to
wait till dusk to see if you would come back for
your child but you didn’t. She had first wanted to leave to delta same day
but because of your child, she stayed back and
spent the night in my house with her three years
old baby boy….She stayed back the next few
days that we waited for you and you didn’t
show up.. So she begged me to let her have your child.. I declined with the hope that you would still
come back for your baby.. but then the next day,
when you didn’t show up. I accepted to hand
her your baby girl. Her husband wanted your
baby too.. The couple had looked for a child for
fourteen years before they were able to get their baby boy Lucky.. Lucky also was already fond of
Rose just those few days he and his mother spent
in my house and this made the couple want your
child so much.. So i gave her to them.. I didn’t
only give her to them because they needed it, but
because i knew they would care for her like their own…And they pleaded for me not to tell you
about the foster parents of your child if i ever
meet you.
again.. And i promised them i would never do
such.. but now i just broke that promise.” My tears had soaked the tissue already before
she was done. “They let your baby go on to bear the name you
gave to her.. but she became their child..” I burst out into a hush cry. “They live in Tamuno street in Asaba.. It’s
been twenty years now and i wonder if they still
live there.. Though they should because the
house they live in then, Was their own.. Her name
is Charity and her husband’s is Federick
Ono…” She said. I looked up at her..
“Please can i go to see my child?” I asked.
She smiled, “I knew you would ask that.. It’s
fine but you would need to promise me
something.” She said.
“What is it? I would do anything.” I said “Promise me, if we eventually see them, you
wouldn’t reveal yourself as the biological
mother of Rose.. And that if you see Rose., That
you wouldn’t cry or act in a funny way that
would show that you are hiding something.. Do
you promise?” She asked. I nodded.
“I just want to see my child and know how
grown she is now, then i leave. I promise.” I
I wish i wouldn’t break this promise i just made.
“Sunday would be okay for that.” She said. I nodded.
“I’ll make the flight bookings.” I said.
She smiled.
“Thank you so much Ann.. I appreciate your
kindness and forgiveness to me.. Im deeply
happy to hear about my child.Im indebted to you.” I said.
She smiled. **** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
#The_next_day #At_his_office The small round golden metal shone in my hand
where i held it.
A ring..
An engagement ring for Rose?
Can you believe that?
I i swing the swivel chair i sat left and right.
How can i be so fast on this?
What do i even know about proposing to a girl?
This must be craziness right?
But i can’t help not to do this this tonight.
I love Rose and i wanna be fast about making her my wife..
She thinks I don’t love her truely but i wanna
make her know that i truely love her.
I want to ask Rose to marry me.
I love Rose.. I swear it!
She’s just too cool, too lovely.. And so beautiful. She didn’t even let me have my way with her.
And i just love her so much for this..
I love everything about Rose..
Her smiles…Her laughs..
When she frowns..
I feel myself drowing in the deepest ocean of love.. for Rose..
My Rose.
I am going to propose to Rose..
To prove my true love for her.
To show her how much I truely and desperately
want her in my life.. Not just as a housemate but as my fiance..
I want to make her my wife.
I don’t f-----g care about the shortness of
meeting each other..
And living together..
Facing both good moments and bad moments. It was just some days ago… but if i don’t do
If i don’t propose to Rose tonight. Then im
absolutely gonna go crazy.
how do i do this? “Rose, please will you marry me?”
No no… i shook my head…
That’s kinda dull.. boring.
“Rose, im really inlove with you.. Please this
ring is meant for your finger. Will you marry
me?” No no! That’s too long and she might get bored.
“Rose please marry me, will you?”
Hmm bad too! Not romantic.
“Rose, you’ve got a deepest place in my
heart.. I loved you from the first time i met you.. Please say no to this.. I would go crazy if you.
Marry me please. Will you?”
Wow! sounds cool!
Romantic.. im gonna use this one.
I would take her to a place filled with candle
lights and red chandeliers.. And i would tell her this..
I picked up my phone and dialled her line.
She picked up on time.
“Hello Rose.” I spoke.. really excited to hear
her voice “Hi Kelly..You forgot something?” She asked.
Her voice give me tingles.
“No..i.. i wanna ask if we could go out tonight?”
I said.. praying hard for her not to decline.
“Um… Where?” She asked.
“Dinner.” I said. “Um.. Dinner?”
“Yes.” I said..
“Okay.. Nice.” She said.
“Thank you.” I said, excited but my heart beat
I wonder if i can do this. “Why saying thank you?” She asked.
“Cos im happy you accepted to go to a dinner..
With me.” I said.
She laughed, “What’s wrong with that? It’s
just a dinner. Right?”
“Yes, it’s just a dinner.” I said. It isn’t!
Im gonna propose to you.
To be my fiance.. To marry me. “Right now, im in the kitchen and im making a
kitchen timetable. I guess we need one.” She
I smiled.
She had a way of making good things.
“That’s really awesome Rose.. You are wonderful.” I said.
“Would you love to eat some some toasted
bread with egg?” She asked.
“Yummy!” I smiled.
“Not those your rice.” She smirked.
I frowned playfully. “Its better than nothing.” I said and we
laughed together.
“You should drop the call now and go back to
work.. See you tonight.” She said.
“I love you so much Rose.” I said.
I meant it. She stayed silent.
Then, “Take care.” She said and dropped the
She don’t believe i do.

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