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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 39
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*Dr.Ann’s point of view*

“Please Ann,..

I Can’t Bear To Know That There Is someone Out There, Who Knows About My Daughter But Finds It So Hard To Tell Me About Her..
I Really Need You To Forgive Me Midwife…
Forgive Me And Tell Me About My Daughter..
She Was So Special To me…But I Abandoned Her…

It Wasn’t really My Fault…I Was Being Maltreated By My Husband..
He Didn’t Care About My Child..Our Child.
I Need You To Forgive Me Midwife..
Tell Me Who Took My Daughter..
Tell Me Where My Rose Is.. I Beg You.
I Won’t Find Rest If You Don’t Tell Me..
I Keep Thinking About The Past And I Wish I Could Turn Back The Hand Of The Clock..I Would Never Had Abandoned Her..
Please Help Me..
I Really Want To See My Daughter..
I Promise I Won’t Try To Cause Any Trouble To The Woman Who Took Her.
I Promise Not To Reveal Myself To Them As Rose Mother.

I Just Want To See Rose And Im Satisfied..
I Promise To Do Whatever It Takes To See Her..
And I Promise To Give You Whatever You Ask From Me..
This was the tenth time i went through this message.
I sighed.
How can i do this?
How can i break the promise i made to Charity?
How can i possibly tell Roseline about her child?
About the woman who took her child and I promised not to reveal that to anyone.
..I pondered.
But Roseline really regrets her action.
She was just being in a circumstance and a situation where she couldn’t think straight and then she took the wrong decision.

I felt for her.
She must have been through alot those times.
She must have been frustrated.
That she had to do it..
She said she wanted the best for her child..
She must have thought she wouldn’t be able to care enough for her..
She couldn’t believe in herself..
In what a woman can do..
She depended on people.. Did she?
Yes, She did that she depended on.someone else to take care of her child.
i sighed.

I can’t blame her.
Someone can be so badly frustrated that she do something against her wish.
She makes a decision she would ever leave to regret.

Roseline was afraid.. And now she regrets her unspeakable action twenty five years ago.
And now, she’s begging for me to open up a secret that i’ve sealed for twenty five years now.

How can i do this?
But my conscience… It makes me wanna help this woman..

To help her find her daughter.

To break this promise i made to Charity and tell Roseline about her child.

About the people who took her child..
I shut my eyes..

I’ll have to do this..

I want to help this woman..

I inhaled and dialled her line..

It rang and she picked up immediately.
“Dr Ann..” She spoke first. Her voice sounding gloomy..

She must have been crying.

I sighed.

God I can’t believe i wanna do this.
“Roseline.” I said.
“Yes Doctor.” She said and I heard her sniffle.
I sighed.
“I’ve decided to let you know details about your daughter.” I said and i shut my eyes tight as i fought hard not to regret what i just said.
“Oh my world! Thank you so much Ann. Im so grateful..Im deeply grateful for this.. I’ve not been myself for the past two days now.. Rose had been stucked right in my mind, in my head, deep down in my heart.. I really need to find my child. Im so happy you’ve accepted to tell me about my child. Thank you Ann.” She said.. I felt her sincerity.
She was being truthful.

Her saddness were visible in the manner she spoke.

“It’s okay.. No matter what you did.. You still deserve to know about your child.. You gave birth to her.. She’s always your child.” I said to her.

“Thank. You. So much.” She said.. I can feel she’s crying now.

“Can you come to my office right away?
I’ll send you the address of my hospital.” I said.

“I know the address already. I’ve been going through the internet, searching about you and your hodpital.. You are indeed a great doctor.. A good woman.” She said.
I smiled.

“Thank you.” I said.

“Thank you Ann, for having such a golden heart. God bless you.” She said.
I nodded.

“See you soon.” I said to her.
“I’m on my way.” She said.
I dropped the call.

I rested my head back on the chair, raised my head up and sighed.

“Im sorry Charity that i had to do this.” I said.

I have no idea the whereabout of this family who took Roseline’s daughter.
I wonder if they still live in Tamuno Street in Asaba.

I have no idea if they still do.
It’s been twenty years now.

But I could still take Roseline to their house.

They probably should still be there.

It’s their house.

**** **

*Rose’s point of view*

Eleven hours of not speaking to Kelly..

Of not opening my door..

Of not daring to look at his face..

His eyes..

I stayed in my room…and locked myself up.
He came more than a million times and pleaded for me to open the door..

For me to forgive him..

But I ignored him..

I ignored.

I Feel hungry but i don’t wanna go out of my room..

I don’t wanna see Kelly.

I don’t want to look at his face

I couldn’t believe i gave in to his touches.
I was and…he wanted to have me..

My body.

How could I have been so stupid not to know his intention.

How could i have tried to trust Kelly..

To trust that he wouldn’t try to do such thing to me..

Not after I told him about Jonny!

Not after Jonny slept with me and played me.
But…How could I have tried to let another man try to have his way..

I let Kelly kiss me like that!
What did I expect..

You let him kiss you like that because you wanted it..

The small voice in my mind said to me.

Lie! That’s a big lie.. I never wanted those kisses..

But.. why didn’t I say no when he told me it would be only a kiss?

Why didn’t i shook him off?

But instead i let him go on to kiss me.
I gave in to his touch.

I even m0aned!

F--k you Rose! You’re such an idiot!
I feel so used already.

I shouldn’t have let him kiss me..
To kiss me on my neck…

On my lips..

On my….

“Hell!” I yelled.
How could i have!

He must be thinking am a cheap a-----e now!
D--n! How can i look at him now?

This is so gonna be hard for me.

I sighed.

My stomache grumbled loudly…and i felt so thirsty too.

I tried to endure.

It was night already and in the morning, Kelly would have gone to work and i can go out of the room.

But soon,.I couldn’t bear the hunger..
I felt like i was dying..

I struggled out of the bed…and slowly I unlocked the door and peeped out.
I have to make sure Kelly is nowhere in sight.
He wasn’t.

So I slowly closed the door and quietly but swiftly walked out of the corridor, down the stairs..

I was glad he isn’t in the sitting-room.
I did relief breathe and walked into the kitchen.

I walked to the counter…and lo and behold,
A white nylon bodly written, MR BIGGS stood at the counter.


Did kelly leave this house today?
But i didn’t hear the sound of his car.
I shrugged..

As I looked in and a white covered plate was in..

I took it out and opened it and….

Wow.. the smell was tantalizing
.. A fried rice and a mouthwatering chicken lap.

I swallowed in some saliva.

Did Kelly really went to get this for me?

Im not going to eat this..

I covered it back and placed it back into the nylon.

I turned to get my cornflakes in the fridge but i guess i the inhaled the smell of the rice.. and i turned back..and took the plate.

I dropped it and went for a bottle water in the fridge.

Soon I was consuming the food and the chicken like a hungry lion.

I just hope Kelly doesn’t walk in.
This meal is just too delicious…
“Rose..” I heard him call..
I flinched.. D--n!

Uh! I looked up at him, He was at the door, in a tight polo shirt and a black trouser.
He looked handsome.

I brought my face back at the food.
“I thought you have the strength to starve.” He said as he walked forward and sat on the sit opposite mine.

I kept my eyes at the food.

“Tell me, Rose.. I thought you gonna starve till the next day.. I thought you gonna go on to lock yourself up.. Why are you sitting here, eating? You are f-----g tired of locking yourself up right? You are huh?! Answer me!” He yelled

I couldn’t believe this guy yelling at meright now is the same guy who came uncountable times knocking on my door and begging me to forgive him.

“What’s so special about kissing you?” He asked.

And I dropped the spoon..and stood up.
He stood up too.

“Where are you going?” He stood at my front.

“I want to go back to my room.” I said, without looking up at him.

I just want to get out of his presence.
“Really?” He asked.

“Yes!” I said and tried to walk out on him but he gripped my arm and pulled me back.
I’ve heard enough.

I faced him.. My eyes on him.
“Why don’t you just f-----g leave me alone!!” I screamed.
I saw his shoulder drop..
He stared into my eyes like he was seeing something..
I tried to pull off my arm but he held it tight.
As he narrowed his eyes and stared more at mine.
Why’s he staring at me like this?
“Please don’t.” He said.. He’s voice soft and calm.
I flared up, “You f-----g want me to forgive you and you are harsh?” I yelled.
He shook his head.. His eyes still on me.
“I’m Im not..Rose..” I saw him swallow like he’s struggling to say out something..
I kept my eyes at his, as he kept his narrowed eyes at mine as well.
“Rose..I..I.. I Love you.” He said.
My jaw dropped.
What did he just say?
“I Love you Rose..I can’t help it.” He said.
F--k love!
I hate that word!
I flapped my arm away from his hold…and tried to leave again but then he gripped me again and this time he pulled me to a tight hug.
“Rose im sorry. please Im sorry.. I love you so much.. I swear..” He said.
I was speechless.
“Say something.. Say you’ve forgiven me.”
“You saying you love me just because you need my forgiveness?” I asked.
“Oh no no.. Not at all Rose. I love you.. I truely mean what i say.. I can’t help it when you are around me. I found out the day you wanted to leave.” He said.
I inhaled.

I couldn’t breathe.
He was hugging me too tight.
“Fine. I forgive you.” I said so he could let me go!

“Thank you so much Rose. I love you.” He said.

“Can i go now?” I asked.
I wasn’t interested in the love s--t he was talking about.
“No.. please.” He said.
“The food?” He said.
“Im not hungry, besides i’ve ate quite a big size before you came.” I said.
He pulled me to a sit..and he sat beside me.
“Let’s just stay here.” He said
“Why?” I asked.
“Cos i want you to sing that song for me.” He said, smiling.
“Which song?” I asked.
I laughed.
“From this moment.” He said.
I can’t believe i was laughing again… right here with Kelly..

We had just reconciled and back to our house mate stuff.

“by Shania Twain” He said.. and i laughed more.
“I can’t sing!” I said.
“Just sing it.. please im pleading..” He said.. with pleading eyes and put his hands together to plead more.

“You gonna laugh at my voice.” I said.
Kelly is unpredictable.

He placed his hands on his chest, “Cross my heart, I won’t.” He said.
I stared at him.

“Im serious I won’t.” He said.
“Fine. I will” I said.
“Yes!” He said, excited.
I chuckled.

I turned, I don’t wanna be looking at him while i sing.
“Why can’t you look at me whioe you sing it?” I asked.

“I don’t like doing that.” I said.
“Fine.. I accept.” He said.
I cleared my throat,
“From this moment….” I began and closed my eyes.
*Kelly’s point of view*
“Life had begun….
From this moment….
You are the one….”
She sang on as I stared at her lips..

The way they moved..

Her voice was beautiful.. beautiful just like her..

I felt my heart melt by her voice..

The lyrics of this song came flowing right down into me..

She sang it like its meant for me..
I wish they are meant for me..
“I give my hand to you from my heart..
I can’t wait to live my life with you…
I can’t wait to start….”

She has the most angelic voice i’ve ever heard.

Tiny and can melt a stony heart.
“You and I would never be apart….
My dreams……….

Came through…..

Of you….”
Goosebumps washed over my skin.
Feelings ran down my spine.
Her voice..

The lyrics…
“Rose… you got the most angelic voice i’ve ever heard..” I said just after she was done singing.

She turned to me…and smiled.
“Thank you.” She said and smiled so sweetly.
I smiled back as her smile tickled my heart.
From what you read, do you think Kelly’s love for Rose is true or he just said it so Rose could forgive him?
….Wow.. Dr. Ann wanna tell Roseline about her daughter.. What do you have to say about that too?

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