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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 38
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*Rose’s point of view*

I woke up with a headache..

I pressed my hand on the side where it hurts.
And… a yawn followed.
I still felt sleepy….But why?
Then i recalled.
I spent half of my night in the toilet, purging!
Kelly, the chef did a great job by preparing the worst rice i’ve ever tried to taste.
I yawned again and stretched my body.
God! my head hurt!

I really need some drugs.. but i know there would be no drug in this house.

Then water.. Yeah, water could help lessen the pains.

I got my phone on the bedside table and tapped the screen.

The time was, 10:04am.

Kelly must have gone to work!

I jumped out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

Kelly’s food had been so horrible that I couldn’t eat it.

Though i did taste, but i ended up coughing dem out.. and then i had to spend half of my night in the toilet!

Goodness! Who cook such tasteless and watery rice, too salty and so so pepperish?
I wondered how many cubes of maggi and what spices he used on that food!

Where the hell did he even get such recipe?
I chuckled.

And seriously, why must it be rice?
He could have just toasted a bread, or…make an egg sauce with bread..
Or even a common tea.
Why did he had to go that far to prepare a jellof rice?
I laughed.
Seriously, What’s up with him and rice?!
Done freshening up, I walked out of my room to Kelly’s.
I need to know if he had left for work.

I opened his door to see Kelly still on the bed, sleeping.. and his sleeping position was really awkward and funny.
I shook my head and closed back the door.
My head hurt as I walked down the stairs to the kitchen to take a cold water and see what i can prepare for breakfast.
I walked to the kitchen….and guess what?
The whole counter was in a total mess.

Ouch.. my head hurts bad!
I pressed my hand on it.
Kelly didn’t bother to tidy some little things up.

Dirts littered every where.
I shook my head as i walk over to the fridge to get a water.
I grabbed a cold bottle of water, opened it and drank to my fill.
Then i walked to the counter.
I sighed.. Kelly is such a bad chef.
My have headache but I can’t leave this mess for him..
I’do wanted to take the plates to the kitchen after we were done eating..
okay him.. After he was done eating.
But.. he didn’t let me..
And i never came to the kitchen cos i lost appetite.
My head hurts, but i began cleaning up the mess.
Packed the dirts on the counter into the trashbin and I washed the dishes, the pot and utensils.

Then I wiped clean the counter with a soapy water and a small towel.
Then i went for a mop to wipe the floor.
The headache escalated after I was done.. But I was glad the kitchen is tidied up and clean now.
I walked to the breakfast table and sat down in one of the four chairs in the table.
The headache was increasing each passing minute and I didn’t know how to make it stop except taking a medicine.
I groaned in pain as i put my hands on te table and layed my head on them.
God I plead..Let this headache go this minute.
Then I heard Kelly walk in..
“Rose..” He called but I couldn’t look up.
That would send a sharper pain on my head and I didn’t want that.
“Rose..Wow.. this is great.. The kitchen is sparkling cleaned. You’re good at this.” He said.

I just stayed how i am..but then I put my hand on that spot where the pain is.
“Rose.. you don’t wanna look up.. Anything the matter?” He asked and started coming towards me..

“cephalalgia” I said.
“What’s that?” He asked.
I chuckled.

“Headache.” I answered.
“F--k! Let me take you to a hospital.” He said with concern visible in his voice.
I looked up at him.. I finally did.
Like seriously?

Because of an ordinary headache?
“It’s just a headache..Nothing serious.” I said.

“It’s a headache doesn’t mean it won’t be treated in a hospital.” He said.
“I’ll be fine.. Got any Aspirin around?” I asked.

“Umm I don’t.. But i can make a call to someone to get it for you.” He said.
I nodded.

“I’ll be back.”He said and rushed out.
The headache was getting worse.
“Oh!” I groaned in pain.

I can’t place a finger on what caused this headache!

Soon Kelly came back, his phone in his hand.
“He will soon be here okay.” He said.
I nodded.

He came to me
“Is it that hurting?” He asked.
“Yes.” I said.

“Umm..Can w try something that would lessen the pain before he comes?” He asked.

“And what is that?” I asked.

“Wrap an ice block in a towel and place on the spot where it hurts.” He said.
“Seems like a nice idea.” I said.
He smiled.
“I think there’s an ice block in the freezer.” He said as he went for a ceramic plate.

He walked to the fridge and opened the freezer.

Took a small ice block and threw into the plate.
“Come.” He said to me.
I stood up and followed him.
“You’ll have to lay on a bed and I place it ok.” He said.
We walked upstairs.

He got to his room door and opened it.

Why must it be his room?
An evil thought came to my mind.
I shook it off and followed him in.
“You lay down in the pillow while i get a towel.” He said.

I looked at him in an awkward way..then I did what he said.

He rushed into the bathroom, then came out with a small white towel.

He sat on the bed, and gently, he wrapped the towel round the small ice block.

Then he turned to me.. and then he stared.
I wondered why he’s staring instead of placing the d--n thing on my head.
“Where does it hurt?” He asked.

“Here” I pointed at the left side of my head.
“Can you turn, so i can place it there? It’s gonna relieve the pain a bit.”
I turned.

But then he didn’t place it.
What’s keeping the d--n thing from being placed on my head?
but he cut in, “I’ll need to loosen the band on your hair. Your hair need to be loosened. It will help as well.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.

“Alright.” I said and went for the band, to get it out of my hair.. but he grapped my hand.
“ Don’t.” He said and brought down my hand.

“You don’t need to bother about that. I’ll do it.” He added.

*** ***
*Kelly’s point of view*

I’ve waited so long for this..

To see that band loosened and watch her hair fall to her shoulders.

And now, i was going to see that happen.
And im gonna be the one to loose it
I felt excited.

As i brought my fingers to the pink band on her hair, I felt tingles..
Those exciting feelings that you feel when you’re about to do that thing that you’ve craved for so long to do..
To see….To admire.
Gently, I loosened the band from her hair and….and…and I felt a s£nsat!on rush dow my spine as I watched her hair fall and spread out on the pillow she layed her head.
They are so long and so attractive.
So beautiful!

I swallowed hard and blinked my eyes.
The way the tip and the centre curled due to much folding, made me want to grab it.
To grab this thrilling hair that gives me tingles.
“Kelly you are not placing the towel on my head anymore?”

Her voice threw me back to my senses.
“Uh..I’m sorry.” I said and then gently I pushed back few strands of hair at the spot and placed the towel. I Made sure I bent my face so i could smell her hair.

It smelled so sweet and so tempting.

“This feels so cold but helpful.” She said.
“Yeah..” I mumbled. As i stared at her hair.
How few strands covered her neck, down to her shoulder and the rest fell straight on the pillow and spread around it.
She closed her eyes.

I glanced at her lips..Then back to her hair.
She opened her eyes.

“You’re staring at me.” She said.
I raised my eyebrow in pretence.
“Uh.. Am I?” I asked.
“I think.” She said.

I quickly took my eyes off her and looked away..

But then these irresisting feelings..

My stubborn eyes over clouded my senses..

I turned and her eyes are closed back again.
I looked down at her neck…And i felt my self wanting to push those strands of hair there away and then place my lips right there on her neck.

I wanted to do that so badly.
I craved to kiss her neck.
I craved to kiss her hair..

I shut my eyes as i tried to resist going for it..
but I couldn’t…I couldn’t!

So I bent and i slowly pushed the strands of hair on her neck back..and i saw her eyes flash open.

She tried to say something but i cut her short,
“Please just stay calm.. Just a kiss, I promise. I can’t help it.” I said and without waiting, I slid my left hand into her wavy i felt them tickle my skin..
I closed my eyes.

And then with the other hand resting on the bed.. I gently brought my lips to her neck and kissed it.

She shivered. I could swear that she did.
I felt goosebumps sproud out on my skin as that burning desire came into me instantly.
And i didn’t want to stop anymore.

I moved my lips to every side of her neck as i continued to give it kisses..
Soft kisses.

But then i felt my desire escalate..
And i want this..

I want her.

I shoved my head more into her hair and turned the soft kisses into lustful kisses.

“Kelly..” She called, but i can swear it was a m0an.

She m0aned my name..

I paused and looked up at her..

Her eyes were wide opened and her lips agape..Obviosly in shock.

I took the towel out and turned her over to face me..

Then stared at me.

I stared at her… I was burning with desire for her.. For her body..

My eyes dropped to her lips.

They were dry and i felt a s£nsat!on to wet them.

“Rose..” I groaned..And i went for her lips..
She stayed still….Letting me kiss her.

I got into the bed with my lips still on hers and I crossed my legs over her..

She was inbtween my kneeled legs now as I kissed her more..

She didn’t struggle,
she didn’t try to pusg me away…
She just let me go on to kiss her..
I moved my kisses down to her chin,
Then down to her neck.. then i moved to her ear..
“please just stay this way.” I whispered to her and then i gave her earlobe a light bite, and a few lick..
She stayed still just the way i want.
I strolled my kiss down to her shoulders…Then to her pyjama covered boobs..
I kissed them through her Pyjama .. and she lightly m0aned.
She did.
I felt my desire for her body raise..
I couldn’t hold back any longer.
So i moved my hand down to her Pyjama to pull the top up.
But i felt her soft hand grap mine.
I looked up at her.
Her eyes are closed.
“Kelly. Don’t.” She said.
F--k! How can i f-----g stop!
“Rose.. Please i ca…” I was cut short by the doorbell.
What the f--k!
Who’s the b---h!
Rose opened her eyes instantly.
She stared at me…I stared at her.
The doorbell came again.
I got off Rose and with so much anger boiling in me, I walked out.
Im so gonna deal with who ever that is!
I walked down stairs and to the door.
Opened it and there stood Dr. Williams and his wife.
“What a suprise to see you both in my house.. This is the first time.” I said and gave them a mockery smile.
“Yes Kelly..”Dr. Williams said.
His wife smiled.
“So why are you here?” I asked.
I have no time for their nuisance visit.
“Really? Kelly, Let us in first. We deserve some respect.” Williams said.
I scoffed.

Who cares about respect.
“Yes, Kelly. Let us in so we can discuss the reasons why we are here.” His wife said.
“You can say whatever you wanna say right here.” I said.

They looked at theirselves.. then turned to me.
“We can discuss that here. Please let us in.” His wife said.
“Well I know why you are here. , Because the DNA result is out and it confirmed im not responsible for Sugar’s pregnancy and you wanna come threaten me?” I said and chuckled.

“No. Not at all Kelly. We are here to plead for you to forgive our daughter. It was a mistake.. and we can fix it.” Dr. Williams said.
“Please.” His wife said.

“She was a greater mistake… And right now, I just did the greatest mistake by opening this door. Go fix yourselves. I don’t ever wanna see you both in my house again!” I said and slammed the door right in their face!
Godforsaken people!


I know would be mad at me now..

I rushed upstairs to my room but she wasn’t there any more.

I sighed.

I knew.

I shouldn’t have gone to check who the f--k was on the door!


I rushed to her room door and tried to open the door but it’s locked.

“Rose..”I called and turned the doorknob more harder but it wasn’t opening.
“Just go away.. I want to be alone.” I heard her say.

I shut my eyes.
“Rose.. im sorry.” I said.
“Don’t tell me you’re sorry!” She yelled.
“Im sorry. I mean it. Please open the door.”
I pleaded..

“Im not gonna do that.” She said.

“Rose..” I called.

She became silent.
“Please..” I begged.
She was silent.

“Rose please open the d--n door!”
No answer.
“Rose..You’re not saying anything.”

“Im sorry Rose I was… just being carried away..I hardly control myself when I…I..”
“Don’t tell me about it!” She yelled.
“Im sorry.” I said with so much regret.
“Just go away for now. I’ll be fine.” She said.
I should have controlled myself..
My burning desire.

I walked back into my room and fell onto my bed.

To think…

To think of how i can make Rose forgive me..

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