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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 37
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*Mrs Roseline’s point of view*


That was my daughter’s name… I gave her that name.

How could i have been so stupid to abandon her?

How could I have been?
..I sat at the edge of my bed with my chin on my palms as tears flowed out of my eyes..
I left them to flow..

I let them!

My daughter.. She was only eight months old.. and i left her in Ann’s hospital..

That was twenty five years ago.

But it wasn’t really my fault! It wasn’t.
Paul was beating me…He was starving me and my child.. his child!

I tried to bear it..but he’s maltreatment and bullying to me was getting worst each passing day.

He was the reason for my child’s illness..
He had come home drunk that day and requested for sex…

He looked so disgusting and smelled so bad and i couldn’t imagine him on top me with such smelly mouth and dirty clothes..

“Paul biko sie, not this night. please, Biko.” I had begged him as i held little Rose in my arms, rocking her to a sound sleep.

I was scared of my husband.. I was such an ant in his eyes that he could smash with just the the tip of his finger.

“Bia nwayi a..This woman, are you mad? Ara odi gi? Are you insane?” He roared as he staggered towards me.

I quickly jumped out of the bed with Rose still in my arms.

“Paul biko sie nu.. Please you will wake Rose up. Ututu k’anyi me we biko. Tomorrow we would do it. biko inugo?” I begged him,..

I already know what he can do.. But i just wanted to beg him to see if he would change his mind.

“I would beat you dead and alive this night Roseline if you don’t bring your stupid body to this bed now. You are daring me and you know what I can do?..O kwa ima ihe m nwere ike eme?” He asked and i nodded fearfully.

“Ngwa nu start coming.. start coming..”.He beaconed with his finger for me to come to the bed..

I stayed back, not moving an inch even though i was scared of him.

“Today’s kai kai was so sweet.. It was over sweet sef. Talk more of Mbe’s palm wine. Nmayi ngwo ya na’ato ka ihe nwayi m.. Its so sweet like my wife’s thing.. Chai.. Otoka ra ya biko.. Its even more sweeter than it. ”He ranted and laughed like a foolish man.
I watched him with tears alreading in my eyes.
Shedding tears had always been my companion..

He looked at me like why are my still standing there.

I looked away.

“Nwayi a echefugokwa onye mbu..She had forgotten who i am.. Do you want to cry? Roseline Ichoro ibe akwa?” He asked me, getting up.

I shook my head and walked backward.
I saw his eyes go read.

Those red eyes that only appear when ever he want to beat me.

I moved backwards more, frightened. but soon, i couldn’t anymore cos my back was soon on the wall.

He caught up with me and he grinned wickedly at me, filling my nostril instantly with those disgusting smells of alchol and kai kai from his mouth.

Then like a sharp spark from a fire, he thundered a slap to my face.

Stars flashed from my eyes.. and i almost lost balance as my hands shook and my legs felt weak instantly.

“Paul biko le..” but before i could finish my statement.. He thundered another harder slap to my face again and at the same cheek.
I yelled out as I held my baby tighter and shut my eyes as if that would lessen the burning pains on my cheek..

But then he gripped my neck and tried to strangle me.

I screamed and held really tight to my Rose..
She was awake now and was crying so hard.
I couldn’t cry.. Paul held tight on my throat but my tears were so much..

“You will die this night!” He said as he held meso tight on my neck.. my throat.
I couldn’t speak.. i couldn’t breathe..

Then when i felt like i was loosing it he left me and i slumped to the floor..

I tried to hold my baby closeer and tighter but she slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor.

Paul didn’t mind.. He didn’t care..

He left us and went to the bed and slept off..
That was how my baby fell sick.. I was happy she didn’t have injury… but she fell sick and i had no money on me to take her to a hospital.
I tried local herbs..whatever i can get to make her okay.

But instead her sickness got worse.
Then few days later, i was going to see a friend who told me about a herb we should try on her when i came across this hospital.
I had a beief thought to go in and let them treat my child.

I contemplated on this thought and then i decided to do it.

I needed my child to get well.. She was getting thinner and weaker each day.

…And that is how, The midwife, Who said she’s doctor Ann now, welcomed us and treated her immediately.

I stayed in the hospital till night hour cos i didn’t have the money for the bill..
She said the bill is five thousand and i had not even a kobo on me.

I was frightened, and so scared
So.. i ran away.. I abandoned Rose.. with the hope that a better person would take her and take care of her.

…Then i met Marygold and she brought me to lagos as her nanny.

Then things twisted and she died, and Ben, her husband got married to me.
I remembered my child.. I did but then i always weep whenever i do and so i tried very much to forget her and…and i did.. but now this midwife suddenly had appeared to remind me of Rose.. and she had refused to tell me anything about my child..
She refused to let me know what happened to my child.

I shut my eyes as tears flowed freely..
Just then, i knock came at the door.. Then it open and a maid walked in.
“Your food is served on the dinning ma.” She said with her head down.
“Im not eating to night.”I said.
She bowed, turned and left.
How can i eat?

A call came into my phone.. I wanted to ignore it but then i checked the caller..
Dr. Williams?
They should all let me be!
They should!
Im not in the mood to talking and explanations.. I just want to be alone and think.
But the call came again..again…and again,
So i picked it..and switched it to loudspeaker.
“Roseline.. What have your son done? What gave him the impetus to force a test on my daughter? and..and you just sat down and watched without doing anything!” Dr. Williams fired.

But their problem isn’t what i want to listen to now..

I had my past to think about.. and not any DNA test that was done.
“Roseline, you are keeping quiet?” He said.
“There’s nothing i could have done.. Kelly insisted.. Sugar would have to accept it that way. Im sorry.” I said.
I couldn’t believe that i was saying this.
Sugar suddenly doesn’t matter to me anymore.
I shook my head sadly..
Roseline this can’t be happening.
“Have you forgotten our deal? the agreements?” He asked.
I shut my eyes.
“I don’t think i want to talk much now Dr Williams.. Be patient till tomorrow please.” I said and dropped the call.
Then I fell on the bed and began crying.

*** **

*Sugar’s point of view*

“Dad what’s she saying!?” I yelled at him as i grabbed the phone from him.
“She had dropped the call.” He said.
“What? She did? What did she f-----g say?” I asked, with so much anger.. my hand shook as i held the phone.
“She’s didn’t say anything good to hear.” He said.
I hissed.
“She must be joking!” I said and with shaking hands, i dialed her number.
It rang but she didn’t pick up.
Oh no! this can’t be happening right?
Kelly’s mom who is our only hope and supporter had just refused to pick her call.
God! no this can’t be.
This can’t happen to me… no! no!
I called her line again.
It rang.
but, she didn’t pick up.
I grabbed my hair and pulled them..
This is too much for me to bear.
Im going crazy.
Im frustrated..
I can’t believe this!
I fell on the couch as i began weeping.
“This can’t be happening!” I said.
“Honey please calm down.” My mom said.
“How do I f-----g calm down.. When Kelly’s mon isn’t picking up the d--n call!” I yelled.
Kelly had sent me my sex scene with charles in his house.

I had no idea he had a cctv camera in his house.

He also had sent me the DNA test result..
My parents had saw all this…and.. they do nothing but stay speechless..
I am going really crazy ..
Im running mad.

I scratched my head as i wept so hard.
“So Kelly had finally won!” My mom said.
“And…and im going to that b---h! That Alhaji. I don’t want to! Do something dad.” I said with pains.

“Dear.. We can’t do anything.. If we loose Roseline’s support then you just have to go to alhaji or then you watch him kill me, and your mom.” My Dad said.

I shook my head.. Oh no.. oh no! no no no no!.
That would never happen.

I picked the phone and with my hands shaking, i dialed Kelly’s mom line..
But then it was switched off.

“Oh God! oh God! I can’t believe this.. I can’t believe she had switched off her phone.. Mom, dad.” I said as i looked up at them.

They look so sad.

“We are sorry dear.” My dad said.
“F--k! f--k!” I yelled as i threw the phone at them, the remote, the pillows, the flower vase.
“Sugar stop.” My mom said and came to me, gripping me into a hug.

“Leave me alone mom..Let me go!” I said as i forced myself out of her hug.
“You better let me be!” I yelled and ram upstairs.

“Sugar please we are sorry.” My mom said. but i ran, ignoring her.
“Sugar..” My dad called but i ran out of their sight into my room and locked myself up.
I’do just stay here and die..

That is what im gonna do!

They came knocking and begging me to open the door but i yelled at them to leave me alone!

To let me be!!

They caused all this for me!

They used me!

I don’t wanna ever see them again!
OMG! Sugar is so frustrated that she had to lock herself in her room?
And what do you have to say about mrs Roseline’s POV?

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