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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 35
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*
At Doc. Ann’s office.

“Hello, You’re Mr Kelly Ejifor right?” Dr. Ann asked me with smiles immediately i walked into her office.
“Yes Doctor.” I answered.
She stretched out her hand for a handshake and i took it.
We shook.

This woman is filled with much vigour..
She would certainly be on her late 50s but she is full of energy, even with the way she just shook my hand.
“Please sit down.” She said to me.
I sat on one of the two chairs in front of her which is reserved for guests or patients who comes to talk with her.

She sat on her swivel chair and adjusted her eyeglasses.

She is on a milk-coloured trouser and a milk-coloured suite.

There is a little of few grey hair at the left part of her front hair.

She is old but still appears vibrant.
“Mr Kelly, you came just right on time.. You must be a great business man who doesn’t joke with time.” She said, smiling.
I smiled back.

The way she speak seems she’ve lived in America or any country at such.
“So Mr Kelly..”
“Just call me Kelly..” I said to her.
She smiled, “Kelly you reached me on the phone and you said you need my help.. Can I know what they are?” She asked.

“I need a DNA test for…for a lady claiming to be pregnant for me..But she’s refusing to accept to go through a DNA test.. A friend told me about you and that’s why im here.” I told her.
She nodded.

“Good decision.. but wanna ask Kelly. did you had sex with her without protection?” She asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“Its possible she’s pregnant for you but a DNA test is a wise decision.” She said and I nodded.

“Can I know the relationship between the both of you?” She asked.
“Boring story.” I said.
“Go ahead and tell me.” She said.
“Her name is Sugar.. I met her and fell inlove with her.. we had sex on our first date, without a protection and then we went on having sex wthout it.. I loved her that was the reason..But then i caught her cheating on me. I despised her immediately..But then she came telling me, she’s pregnant with my child.. I told her we have to go for a DNA test to prove that im the father of the unborn baby but she refused.” I narated to her.

“Did she made out her reason or her reasons for not wanting to go for a DNA?” She asked me.

“She only said, she hate hospitals.” I said.
She nodded and smiled.

“Then did you thought of bringing a doctor to your house to run the test?” She asked.
“Yes.. but she didn’t accept that one too.” I said.
She smiled.

“Then she’s certainly hiding something.” She said calmly.
I nodded.

“I know the child isn’t mine doctor. That b---h is a s--t!” I yelled.
“Calm down Kelly..Don’t yell. You’re in a hospital. Just calm down” She said.
“Im sorry about that doctor.” I said.
She smiled and nodded.
“Doctor. I wanna force her to do the test.. Cos if she doesn’t.. She’ll keep pestering my life and my mom is so supporting her.. I need your help doctor.” I said.
“It’s okay.. I’ll see wh..”
She’s interrupted by the ringtone of my phone.

I got it out of my pockets, and saw its Sugar calling.

I looked up at the doctor, “She’s the one calling.” I said to her.
“Please pick it up.” She said.
And I did… and I waited for her to speak first.
Why the hell is Sugar calling me?
“Kelly, im at your house right now.” She said.
“You are what!?” I yelled.
Doc. Ann frowned at me.
“Im at your house now and please get back so we start going for the DNA.. im all ready now.” She said.
Rose! Who knows what Rose is facing right now.
That b---h could hurt her with her crazy words and i don’t want her.
And my mom?
“Is my mom there with you?” I asked her..and i prayed she wouldn’t.
“She is. And we are going to her own doctor. She says he’s the best.” Sugar said.
“But i have my own doctor!” I said.
“You’ll have to tell mom that, not me.” She said..
“We’re waiting..and good news baby.” She said, laughing.
“What?” I snapped
“Your housemaid is recieving some good lessons on how to be a good housemaid..” She said and gave out a wicked laugh.
I clenched my teeth, “If you dare tou…” but the call dropped.
What the hell are they doing to Rose right now..
God! i need to get back home.
“Kelly.. What’s the matter?” Doc. Ann asked.
“She just called to tell me she had accepted to go for a DNA and my mom is there with her.” I said.
“Seriously.” She said and smiled.
“And she said my mom wants her own doctor to run the test.” I said.
“Then there’s something fishy going on.” She said.
“I think so too.” I said and got up.
Im more worried about Rose than any other thing right now and i just want to leave.
“Doc. Ann. Thanks for your advice and time. Lemme go and do something about this.” I said.
“Great.. I’ll go with you.” She said.
“Really?” I asked, suprised.
“Yes.” She said and smiled.
“Lemme me get my equipments.” She said and moves over to a glass table. She opens a box like a briefcase ang gets them out..
She packs them into a blue bag that looks just like a square box.
“Let’s get going.” She said.
Out in the hospital hall, she goes to a nurse and i guess she is telling the nurse about her going out.

I moved my eyes all over the hospital and seriously, the hospital is really cool and big..
Doc. Ann walked back to me.
“Let’s go.” She said..

“You really got a nice hospital Doctor.” I said to her on our to my house.
“Thank you Kelly.. Actually I lived in United kingdom for over eighten years as a prominent doctor…but then i decided to come back to nigeria, to start up my hospital.. That was two years ago.” She said.
“Wow.. this is great.” I said.
We got to my house and I came down to open the gate.
I pulled it open, then got it…and drove in.
“Seems someone here doesn’t like gatekeepers.” She said, smiling.
“Somehow.” I said and got down to close back the gate.
When we got to my door.. I pressed the doorbell button.
Few seconds later, the door was opened….and by Sugar.
Why Sugar and not Rose?
“Hello baby” She said to me, then took her eyes all over Doc. Ann who did nothing but smile at her.

Sugar rolled her eyes.

“Why did you bring in a doctor, knowing fully well that mom has one we’re going for the test.” She asked with anger.
“Excuse us.” I said, ignoring her question.
She gave one last scornful glare at Doc. Ann before walking out of the way.
I walked in with Doc. Ann at my back.
I saw my mom sitting on the couch with her legs crossed as always..and her eyes are on her tablet.
But i didn’t see Rose.

Wanted to ask them, but decided against doing that.

They must have told her to go upstairs.
My mum raised her face and looked at me with rage and then at Doc. Ann
“Kelly Who is…” Then she left her mouth agape.. as she stared at Doc. Ann like she’s a ghost.

I looked at Doc. Ann and she too had the same expression on her face.
What’s happening here?
Why are the two women staring at themselves like morons?
“Ro..Roseline” Doc. Ann spoke first.. I could feel utter shock in the way she called my mom.

She knows my mom?
Well why not?
Everyone does… but the way she called seem like she is shocked.

Doc. Ann took off her glasses to stare at my mom well and i widened my eyes.
What’s wrong!

I looked at my mom. and my mom seem more shocked..staring at Ann with frozen cheeks.
I looked over at Sugar and she is just too confused as i am..

I decided to speak up…

To know what the hell is happening here.
“Mom.. like seriously what the hell is happening here?” I yelled.
“Good question!” Sugar said.
My mom looked at me while Doc. Ann brought face down.
“Please Kelly, Sugar.. please excuse us for a moment.” My mom said.
“Just tell me whats happening cos im not excusing you both without knowing why you two women where staring at each other like that?” I said.
“Kelly just go..go upstairs with Sugar please.” My mom said.
“Im not.” I stood and insisted.
“Kelly..” Doc. Ann called calmly.
I looked at her, as she looked at me too.
“Please just go upstairs with her. Your mom and I need to discuss something.” She said.
“You know my mom?” I asked her.
“Yes i do. We are just too shocked to see ourself. She was my old times friend.” She said.

“Fine.” I shrugged and after giving my mom few suspicious gaze, I turned and walked upstairs with Sugar following behind me..

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