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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 33
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*

I watched my mom leave and shut the door..
I sighed and collapsed onto a couch..
How the hell do i do this?
Im sure my mom and Sugar are up to something and i better not let them get to it..
My mom!
What do i even say about her?
I don’t understand how she started loving money so much than my happiness.
She was such a good mother.
So caring and sweet.. but then my dad died and she changed.
She began being so covetous.
Money and wealth is all she think about now..
And this makes me remember things i never want to.
She makes me remember the past.
Those past I never want to remember..
But now they came flashing back to me.
I shut my eyes…
..Years ago, when my mom was still alive.. and i was still a kid with Kate my stepsister.
My biological mother… Mrs Marygold brought a woman home as our nanny who would be taking care of us.

She was Roseline and Roseline was realy good at her work…
She took very good care of my sister and I..and we loved her so much..
My mom was always busy.. working and making money all day and all night together with my dad.
Roseline stayed with us all day till my mom and dad are back and she also slept with us.
My mom said she hate our cries because she’s always typing on her computer each night.. or writting or checkng files.
So she gave Roseline orders to be sleeing with us in our own room.
We were four years then.
At that age.. I hated my mother.. I hated the way she always abandon us.

Kate at times goes to play with her but I never did.
And Kate would only get be yelled at or told to go and sleep or go to nanny becos she, our mom is busy right then.
I hated my mom.. And i’ll tell Roseline, our nanny then.

She would sing rythms to me and then tell me not to hate people no matter how bad they make you feel.

She adviced me not to hate my mom.. but as we grew up..And my mom went on with her attitude of not giving us attentions.
I hated her more.. So much and she didn’t care about that.. She only cared about money and new countries to go.

..This went on..And I was already calling my nanny mom, including Kate… but my mom didn’t care about that too.
She said, she accept as far as we don’t give her troubles.
My dad adviced her to but she waved it off by saying that is the nanny’s take care of us.
And Roseline did..
We loved her so much.. so much..
…But then something happened.. When I was seven years.. My sister was out with her friend in the gazebo.
While i was always in…with my nanny.
Then I don’t really understand what started the quarrel and my nanny and my mom where already quarreling with my mom screaming at her for sleeping with my dad.
My mom was so mad that she took out a knife and tried to stamb my nanny with it..but my nanny dodged and pushed my mom away but my mom slipped and hit her head on the floor..
My nanny tried to shook her back to life but my mom was dead.. with blood gushing out from her head.
I looked at my nanny with pains and yelled, “You killed my mom!”
She rushed to me and locked her palm on my lips.
“Kelly i beg of you.. Don’t tell anyone.. You know I truely love you..I promise to do whatever you ask of me.. Please save me. Save your nanny.” She begged me.
I could still remember how broken and confused i was.

I saw tears in her eyes and i tasted drops of mine on my lips.

My love for my nanny was more.. so muc more than i do for my mom..
I never loved my mom..
I thought about it and i found out that i was going to help my nanny.. She was the most special to me..

I hated my mom who doesn’t care about me..

Who doesn’t give a d--n about how i felt.
I was going to help my nanny and so i did.
“Please Kelly dear. I beg you. Don’t tell your dad, your sister or anyone that I pushed your mom. Please. ” she said, kneeling before me.

I shut my eyes.. as my young memory told me of what to request.
“I will keep this a secret.” I said..
She hugged me with tears and a hundred words of Thank you.
“But you got to promise to replace my mom by becoming my mom.” I said.
She cried and withrew from me.
“I assure you, your mom isn’t dead. She would wake up.” She said.
I nodded
“But do you promise to become my mom?” I asked.

“Okay.. yes yes. I..I promise.” She said and I ran up to my room..

My mom died…but nobody found out Roseline was the one who pushed her.
No body even found out the truthful cause of her death.
Roseline gave a lie of being in our room, and helping with our my assigments and then heard a loud scream and she rushed out to the sitting room only to see my mom on the floor, bleeding from the head..
I was questioned so many times and i said the same thing.

After so much investigations..The case was closed and my mom was buried.
..My dad got married to my nanny few months later.

And that is how she fulfilled her promise to become my mom..
Till now, no one knows about the cause of my mom’s death but just the two of us..
Roseline was the perfect mother.. She took care of us so much and made out time to look after us and she never bothered to bring in a househelp..

She still tried to be that nanny that she was all those times before my dad got married to her..

When Kate died,…She was so aggrieved and i know my mom wouldn’t have been that aggrieved if she was alive.
She tried so much with my dad to get the three friends of Kate who got her drunk and rapped.
But they got only just one of them..And she couldn’t say the others.

She later did but we couldn’t get them..
But then my dad died four years ago..and she changed.. she changed so much.
I sighed as I stood up and walked to my step mom’s picture..
I hate to call her my step mom..I’ve never did.
I touched a picture frame of hers as she stared at me with motherly smiles.
“I..i just wish you never changed.” I said…to the picture.
Then i saw my dad’s.. He was a handsome man. Tall and great..
Then i walked to the back of my television.
That was where i kept my favourite of Kate’s picture..
I didnt want to be seeing her pictures each day cos it would only make me sad and angered.

It always kept reminding me of her death.
I took it and smiled at her.. She was so young and beautiful..

Then i saw my mom’s picture…
I wondered why i still had her picture here..
She was the worst mom on earth..
Just then.. I saw something..
A black round object. with a small round glass at the front.
A camera?

For what?

Oh f--k! I remembered.
cctv camera.

How the full did i forget i had it fixed here just at the back of tv.. a little above the tv… Hidden but would capture just the best of the whole sitting room.

F--k! I remembered Sugar.

Yes! she was f-----g that guy right here in the sitting room.

It..It must have captured their sex scene..
I grabbed the camera.
D--n! I saw it..
I watched the d--n b---h with the s--t f-----g like mad dogs.


Sugar want a prove right?
Then she’s gonna get it..

My mom would have to see this… I don’t care.

She must f-----g know that i wasn’t lying about it.!

I felt so happy!

Then just immediately, i remembered Rose.
D--n! I had been so angry that i locked her up?

I rushed upstairs with the camera in my hand..
I got to the door and with the key inside the lock, i turned it open.

Then pushed the door..It opened but something held it from opening more.
I slide myself in and just as I got in, i saw Rose down on the floor, sleeping..just at the door..
She was still on the junk of a maid clothe my mom gave to her to wear..
I dropped the camera and i bent down and carried her.

She sighed in her sleep as i carried her and then i dropped her gently on my bed..
Got the scarf away from her head and covered her with the duvet.
She look so beautiful when she sleeps. with her lips apart a bit..
I love this girl.
I really do.

I brought down my face and I gave her a kiss right one on her lips.. Then on her nose.
I felt her sigh again.
I gave her the last kiss on her forehead and then i withdrew my face.
“I love you Rose.” I said..
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