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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 32
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*Rose’s point of view continues*

I was so scared…

My heart beated so fast and I wished it wouldn’t be Kelly’s mom.
I deeply prayed.

But then the doorbell rang again…
I jumped and ran to my wardrobe and a grabbed a blue scarf.

Kelly said i should act just like a maid…And Sugar did tell me maids wear long gown with apronss and scarf..
There’s no apron.
I tied the head scarf and ran out of my room, through the corridors, down the stairs and to the door.
I did the sigh of the cross and with my heart beating loud and with shaking hands, i pulled the door open…
There she was.. Her left hand akimbo and the other one holding her shoulderbag.
I couldn’t look at her face..
I was scared as hell..
I prayed deeply for Kelly to get back now.
I wish he can just appear right now!
To save me…To save me again..
But this time.. from his mom!
“Goo..goodmorning” I stammered as i tried to bow my legs in greeting but my legs were shaky.
“Out of the way!” She snapped and i jumped out of the way, my head still down..
Her heels were all i could see as they walked in and then stopped.
“When did Kelly leave for work today?” she asked and my mouth dropped open.
How the hell did I know?
I woke up around 9am…
He sent me messages but i never bothered to check the time he sent them.
“Are you not the brat im talking to!?” She shouted.
I shivered.

My ears almost getting blocked.
“It…it was very early in the morning Ma.” I said.

“What time!?”
“8am..8am Ma. 8am.” I answered with quiver and shut my eyes.
Kelly please im begging you… Come back now! I need you.
“Where did he saw you at first before asking you to be his maid?” She asked.
Oh God! This is too much for me..
How do I answer this..
How do..
“Are you deaf?” She shouted.
“ Ma.” I answered just immediately.
“So speak!” She said.
“It…it was on…It”
God please help me. Kelly please come home.
“It was few days ago..I..was stranded..He helped me.. then I begged him to employ me as his maid and he did..That is it Ma.” I said.
Im not good at lying. I swear it!
Kelly you should get home now! or im runninng out of this house righ now.
“So why are you on this dress if you are the maid you claim to be? Look at the dress..So short and sleeveless.” She said.
“Im sorry Ma..” I said.
“Do you understand..that my son is getting married to his fiance soonest?” She asked.
I nodded..“”
She sat down.. and crossed her legs.
“So why did you put this?” She said, pointing at my dress.
I swallowed and shook my head, “Ma..I have no bad motive for wearing this..but I promise not to wear it again.” I said.
“Well. you won’t cos I got something here for you.” She said..
I never wanted to bring my face up to look at her but what she just said made me do it.
I looked at her
I saw her face..
Her face..

There was something about her face.. Something about her that i feel that I know.
It seem as if i’ve met her..
But i know there’s no way that could be possible…

Her eyes.. Her eyes.. they seem familiar to me..

But its been years ago.
People look like people right?
Yeah..But i can’t remember that person Kelly’s mom looks like..

I can’t at all.. but i feel i was close to her..
I feel, that person was someone special to me..years ago.
“Take this.” She threw a clothe with red and white stripes at me and i grabbed it.
She brought another white clothe and threw at me. I grabbed it.
A white Apron and a white scarf.

“From now on, this is what you wear in this house! Do you understand?” She said to me.
“Yes Ma” I nodded.

This gown was the longest gown i’ve ever seen.

Who on earth wears this thing.. with the sleeves so big.

I shut my eyes as i tried hard not to shed tears..

Not to regret ever accepting to come back to Kelly’s house..

“Now can you get out and go put them on!” She shouted to me.
I nodded and turned…
With dashed heart and finally a drop of tears from my eyes, I walked up the stairs.
“And make sure you are back here in the next minute!” She shouted.
I blinked my eyes as rolls after rolls of tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Ye..yes Ma..” I said and turned into the my room..

I walked in and i just sat heavily on the bed..
As I burst out into so much tears.
But why the tears?
Why are my crying?

I wanted this…didn’t i? I was scared that i had to say that im Kelly’s maid to his fiance.
What did i expect after saying that?
Some pettings from them?
Or nice words?

Ofcos nothing like such.
All i can get is, scolding and being thrown harsh words at..

Its fine! I would do this.. I can’t tell Kelly i wanna go back.. He’ll certainly not let me.
Now i’ll have to continue what i started.
..I wiped my tears and got up..

I flung the scarf on my head away with anger.
I unzipped my gown and it dropped off my body..

I got out and threw it just the same way i did to the scarf.

With my eyes shut, I pulled the long clothe on.
I wonder how i look on this..
I just felt like a little cat on a coat.
I tied the scarf over my head and pulled the apron on.

Now i can imagine I look just like a maid …Nigerian maid.

Wiping the last tears on my eyes, I walked out of my room and down the corridor.. but when i got just at the start of the staircase….the door flung open and Kelly walked in..
He looked angry and sad..
He looked at his mom who still sat down with crossed legs, then he looked up at my direction..and our eyes met.
I saw his eyes go up from my head,.down to my feet..
He must be disgusted by what i was wearing.
“Rose.. plase go back to your room and change those things.” He said to me..
I looked at his mom and she gave me a daring eyes..

“Kelly you dare not tell her to.” She said.
I just stood still right there, not knowing what to do.
“Mom..I’ve heard enough of you getting yourself into everything that have to do with me..” Kelly said to his mom.
“That is because i am your mom and I have the right to do that!” She shouted.
“You are but im old enough mom to choose who comes into my house..who stays and who leaves!” He said to her.
“And i am here, that is because you don’t know the right people to keep and the ones to throw out!” His mom yelled.
“I do mom..I do..and i’ve done that already..So please go back to your husband’s house and take care of all that he left in your care.” He said.
“You are one of them.. He left me in your care. He did!” She said.
“Mom.. I wouldn’t want this talk to please can you go now?.” He said.
I saw his face change from anger to so much sadness and pain.

“Im not leaving Kelly. I am your mother.”
“You ain’…” He left it there and turned to my direction..

I saw Kelly’s mom grow cold.
Kelly walked up to me and grabbed my wrist, and began pulling me along,
along the corridor and…then into his room..
He flung the door open and pulled me in.
His eyes are red and his lips are dry.
I can feel anger and sadness all wriiten on him.

“Stay here, While i get you another clothe.” He said, before walking out and shuting the door behind me..
I walked to the door and tried to pull it open.
But he actually locked it instead..
I was astonished.
Why would he do that?
I pulled on the doorknob harder but when it didn’t respond positively to me, i fell to the door with my back on the door.
With only one prayer in my mind..
“God.. Kelly musn’t hurt his mom.”
** **
*Kelly’s point of view*
I walked down the stairs and walked with rage to my mom’s front.
She looked at me with anger and discomfort as well.

“Get up and leave now mom.” I said.
“Kelly,..” She said and got up.
“Are you trying to bring back the past? Are you?” She asked,..standing right in my front.
I looked at her with scorn..
This woman is trying to push me..

“Don’t push me Mrs Roseline..Don’t even dare it!” I warned.

“Now.…you call me Mrs Roseline?” She said, letting out a mockery laugh
“You have never deserved to be called my mother. You were never my mother. Who knows if were are the one who kill…”

But she cut in.

“Don’t. You. Dare!” She said.
“You know what? get going..” I said.
She grabbed her bag.

“Fine Kelly… but know this..I am your mother and I say, its Sugar or nobody else..Get ready for your wedding..” She said and turned.
“I’ll never get married to that w---e.. I can swear it that that thing she claim is my baby is in no way mine. and i stand to that.” I said.
“What makes you think such?” She asked.
“Let her hear the word DNA and she’s all shivering.. If she refuse to go to a DNA test with me before this week ends..Then it will be overly over between me and Sugar..It will be over for good!” I said.

“Very well then.. We can start going now.. If you want.” She said.
I smiled.
“You guys can’t fool me ok.. I personally would take Sugar to a hospital or a bring a doctor here to run the test.” I said.
She turned to look at me..
“Fine!” She said, then turned and left.
What do you guys think about Kelly and Mrs Roseline’s past?
Any guess?

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