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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 31
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*

I don’t know what to do..

I don’t know how to apologise…
How to start…
I don’t even know what say…
So I just got this idea…
To sleep off..
Or to pretend that im sleeping..
Yeah… That is the only thing i can do.
about this.
So I turned and cloaed my eyes…
Even though I ain’t feeling sleepy…I just have to do it..

I closed my eyes like was sleeping.. That is the only way I can settle this issue with her this night..We then could settle the rest tomorrow.
But d--n! I would say this again…
That was the nicest body i’ve seen..
Seriously, This girl’s d--n beautiful.
Im crazy about her and she’s just making me go more crazy..

I shut my eyes and pulled a pillow over my head..
I just pray she doesn’t sleep in the bathroom.
After what seemed like forever….I heard the bathroom door crack open.
I shut my eyes tighter and pretended like im already fast asleep.
Then when it seemed like i felt her weight on the bed..
I opened my left eye…
She’s sitting down with her back on me..
so i opened both eyes..
She’s on the same blue flare gown that stopped just before her kneesshe wore to the Cinema with me.. She must have came out then to pull on her nightwear.
I watched her.
She just kept sitting down..and i felt like letting her know im awake.

Then apologise to her in anyway i can.
Any how i could.

But I know I can’t..
It seemed the hardest thing to do and I just layed there, still and staring at her.

Then suddenly she turned to look at me and luckily i was fast enough to shut my eyes..
Thank goodness!

How would i have explain all this to her.
I don’t kow I would have started.
..Then I felt her lay down..

I want to open my eyes.. but im scared she might be facing me..

But im sure there’s no way she would..
She can’t look at me cos she’s shy right?
Yeah.. That’s right.

I opened my left eye first.. and she’s facing the other side.. her back on me.
Im relieved..So relieved.
I really pray before morning comes, She would have forgotten about everything..about all that happened this night.

*** **
*Rose’s point of view*

I couldn’t believe all that had happened just this night..

First, Kelly kissed me and then he..he saw me naked..

God! how foolish i have been not to have taken my nightie along.

What was I even thinking?

That he wasn’t going to come to my room?
Oh God!

This is too much for me..

But how the hell did he walk in without even letting me know he’s in?
Maybe his intention was to see me unclad?
Thats the worst thought ever!
He got to be kidding me!

God! I really can’t believe Kelly did see me naked..

I can’t bear to think of that.. To know that it happened just an hour ago.

How do I face him tomorrow… and he’s still here on this bed..Sleeping!
He doesn’t even want to go out.
What sort of a crazy guy is this?
Why must he sleep here tonight?
Because he want something from you..! That little voice said to me.

What? I asked within.
Your body. It said.
I shut my eyes.. I know that isn’t true.. I know.

I grapped the duvet, but then Kelly has it over his body..
I sighed and closed my eyes to sleep..
I just hope that before morning comes, that i’ll forget about all this..
I woke up the next morning, and I saw the duvet perfectly covering my body..
Kelly had done it.
I turned and Kelly is no more on bed..
I tried to listen if i could hear a noise from the bathroom but i heard nothing..
He had left just before I could wake up.
I yawned, sat up and stretched myself.. I still felt sleepy cos I slept quite late, thinking about all that had happened last night..
I feel so embarrased to see him.
Im so glad he already left before i woke up.
I searched for my phone…And grapped it on the bedside table.
I tapped the screen and there’s a text message.
I scrolled to my message inbox.. and Kelly’s message appeared.
I read it, “I Had To Leave To Work Early…Didn’t Wanna Wake You Up.. I’ll Be Back Before Evening Time.. Take Care Of Tourself..”
I smiled.

Why are my smiling??
I scrolled and there’s a second text message from him.
I opened it and I read, “Im So Sorry About Last Night.”
I shut my eyes..
He is sorry.. He is.
It must have been a mistake..
I dropped the phone and walked to the bathroom to freshen up..
Getting into the bathroom, Thoughts of what happened last night came rushing in…and I swore never to come out of the bathroom naked again…
I’ve really forgotten I was in someone’s house and not in my house.. in my room where i can walk around naked..
How the hell did I forgot to take my nightie with me last night?

Okay, but i never thought he was gonna come in..

And he.. he didn’t even let me know he was in.
Whatever! I just have to let this go.. Right?
I just have to…Thinking about it over and over again won’t stop the fact that he saw me walk out of the bathroom.
I turned on the tap and splashed water on my face.
Then.. I saw my hair..
It seem as if it was touched by a hand or something…It look loosed and few locked hair sprout out.
I remembered i bundled them tight last night in the bathroom..
And…Im not a sleepyhead.. must be Kelly.. He had touched them.. Was he sleeping and then.touching my hair?
Ofcos not! that’s impossible.
He must have done that when woke up..Whwn he pulled the duvet over me.
I laughed.. Kelly is always being crazy..
I recalled the night he asked if i wasn’t going to comb my hair and repack them.
What’s so special about my hair anyway?
I laughed as i took my toothbrush..


I got out of the bathroom and walked out of my room..
Im thinking of cleaning up the house..
Take my bath…
Eat,..then sleep off in the evening when im sure Kelly would be heading back home..
I wouldn’t want to face him when he comes home..So i’ll just sleep off till the next morning when he’do have gone to work..
That is the what im gonna do!
Stupid right?
But i got no other choice..
Im gonna feel freaking embarrased to look at him..
I can’t do that.
I walked into the kitchen and went for the fridge..Opened it and i don’t even know what to prepare..

Cornflakes would do for just me this morning, then i can prepare… maybe spaghetti for Kelly.
Does he like that anyway?
I don’t think. Okay i don’t know.. but i’do need to text him what he’do like to eat when he gets back.
I don’t want him getting back to see his worst food and then waking me up to tell me and i’ll eventually see his face.
I don’t wanna imagine looking at him..looking at those eyes that saw me naked…
I took out the cornflakes pack, a tin milk, a bottle water and then i went for a ceramic plate and a spoon.
I walked to the breakfast bar and sat down. Dropping them on the table.
..I poured some cornflakes into the plate and then i poured the tin milk into the cornflakes.
Wow..I love this..

I grapped the spoon and proceeded to eat..
I love cornflakes..
But Kelly says he doesn’t.
Well, like they say..Another man’s food is another man’s poison..


I dropped the plate and spoon into the sink after I was done eating..
I’ll wash them after im done asking Kelly what he’do want to eat when he gets back.
I walked out of the kitchen and down to my room..
I opened the door and went for my phone.
..Grabbed it and I saw ten missed calls from Kelly!
What the heck!

Then there’s a messages from him..
I quickly opened the first one, “Rose My Mom Is Coming Down To My House..She Just Found Out About You.. Sugar Told Her.”
I gasped as my heart skipped with fright.
I opened the second,“Im Coming Home Now.. Just Pretend That You’re My Maid To Her.”
I opened the last one, “Rose Please Be Careful..”

My jaw dropped..

How do I do this?
God! I gasped.

Just then i heard the doorbell rang..
She’s the one…

How do I do this…

The Doorbell rang again.
I Smell Trouble..
Do you?

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