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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 30
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*Rose’s point of view*

He kissed me!

My goodness…Kelly kissed me!
I couldn’t believe it!
It was just a simple dance and he kissed me..
I ran up the stairs to my room and shut the door close.
I fell on my bed and shut my eyes..
I don’t want to think about this…
It must have been a mistake..
I shook my head.
God I don’t want to think about it..
Just then, I heard a knock..
Its Kelly I know.
“Rose..” He called..
I don’t wanna ever answer him.
I gnored him.

“Rose.. can i come in?” He asked.
“Please don’t get in..I want sleep.” I said.
“Please.” He said.
I shook my head.. There’s no way i’ll let him in.
“No” I said.
But he’s so stubborn.
He opened the door and walked in.
I buried my face on the pillow.. I can’t look at him.

“Rose..Im.. im sorry.” He said..His voice calm and soft.
I shut my eyes tighter..
The kiss was so sudden.. so unexpected.
I never thought something like that was ever gonna happen between us.
Yes, he told me to stay in his house cos he’do miss me if i go..
But I never thought he could develop a feeling.. a feeling for me.
In just three days!

God! How do i even tell his feelings are true..
Maybe he just wanna sleep with me right?
No! Kelly can’t do this.. He cant!
Why the hell! did he just had to kiss me!
“Im sorry for doing that..” He said.
And why the hell did you come to apologise?
What do you want me to say?
…I want to ask him all this but i felt my lips lock together.

I can’t talk out but all I do is say them within.
“Goodnight.” He said.

I bit my lips and shut my eyes tighter.
I wonder how he feels..
To walk out without me forgiving him.
How sad he is..
I wanna call him and tell him I’ve forgiven him.. I wish i could but I couldn’t.
I heard the door shut.
He had left.

I opened my eyes and tears rolled put of them.
Why are my even crying?
Just cos I was kissed…
Or is it because he just walked out and wouldn’t sleep beside me tonight, like last night?
I can’t make out the reasons for this tears rolling out of my eyes.
..But..but I can’t lie to myself..

Kelly made my heartbeat raise when he kissed me.
I felt this feeling i’ve never felt before.
A new feeling i can’t even explain..
But hell! I can’t accept that feeling…
I can’t.
Kelly have a fiance and they are getting married soon.
I can’t dare to think i would have a place in his heart.

Its just too soon for that..
Just then I had a beep on my phone.
A text message came in.
I’ve left the phone on the bed and went out with Kelly.
I searched for the phone and saw it under a pillow.

I picked it out and flip through.
I scrolled to my message box, And I saw it’s Kelly’s text message.

I opened it before even thinking whether or not to do it.

It read, “IM SORRY. I Would Say This Over And Over Again If You Let Me. I Hope Before Morning Comes That You’ll Forgive The Crazy Kelly..”
I smiled..

I had the urge to text him back that I’ve forgiven him.

no! I shook my head.
I have my own pride to protect.
He can’t just kiss me and expect me to forgive him just like that.. this same night?

That wouldn’t work out.
I can office him tomorrow or next tomorrow but certainly not tonight..
..I waited anxiously for another text from him but when i didn’t see any of that..
I angrily dropped the phone and got out of the bed.
I walked into the bathroom to a shower..
..Taking my toothbrush and a paste to brush my teeth.

and looking into the mirror..
Thoughts of Jonny ran through my mind.
I can’t even believe that i’ve not thought about him for two days now..
I sighed.
He doesn’t deserve me anyway.
He messed up with my heart.
Took my love for him for granted..
So why the hell should i think about him?
Im trying to forget about him.
I waved my thoughts of him off as i proceeded to brush my teeth.
..When i was done with that.. I took off my clothes and turned the shower on.

The water is warm and I love it.
I soaped my body as thoughts of Kelly’s lips on mine ran through me.
God! I said I dont wanna think about this!
Why do it have to keep coming.
But i found myself more of it.
..When he turned me around and without letting me think of what he was about to do, he kissed me..
..The kiss was long and really sweet..
No! It wasn’t sweet! I must not think it was sweet.
It was bitter.
I must stick to the bitter.
Oh Rose! what are you even thinking..
Have you forgotten Kelly has a fiance?..
That was my mind speaking to me.
I frowned.

If he do..Then why did he f-----g kiss me? I asked my mind.. but the little voice couldn’t reply me.

*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*

I waited for her reply…I waited for her to say she have forgiven me..
To text me but I didn’t..
I hissed and turned on my bed.
Tried sleeping but I couldn’t,..All i could think about was Rose..

Kissing her had been the best moment of my life but It hurt to know she doesn’t understand the way I feel now..
I feel i’ve known her for so long.
I can’t lie that I feel that word Love, for Rose..
I can’t lie to myself..
I really want to see her..
To be with her..
I don’t understand myself..
I just don’t want her out of my sight.. I want her beside me each minute.
I won’t sleep without her lying by my side..
I know i would be freaking lonely tonight.
I just have to do this…
I’ll have to go to her room..
She can f-----g yell at me if she wants.. but i don’t f-----g care..

I can’t sleep here tonight…
I seriously can’t.
..So I stood up and walked out of my room…to the corridor and then to her door..
I wanted to knock but then I know she won’t let me in if I do.
So i opened the door and i walked in..
I didn’t see her but i heard the shower running..
She is in the bathroom.
I quietly closed back the door and walked to the bed.
I layed down and pulled the duvet up to my stomache.
Should I pretend like im sleeping?
No! I’ll just smile at her when she comes out and then tell her i can’t sleep alone in my room tonight.

Yeah.. that would be better..
I waited…

And in no time…..the door opened and….and…
My mouth dropped open.
I blinked my eyes..
She gasped as she saw me..
God! I don’t want to say this…But she jumped back into the bathroom..
She was naked..

Did I just see that?..Not actually her back…but!
Okay. I don’t know how im gonna do this. What to tell her!
How to say it!
How to apologise for coming in without letting her know!
How do i even apologise for seeing her unclad!
But how the hell do someone always have walk out of the bathroom naked!
..But Oh My God!! that was the nicest body i’ve ever seen…F--k!

Oh Kelly this isn’t what you should be thinking about now..

You just saw her naked and she saw you. So you should be thinking of what to say to her.. How to start it.
D--n!.. I shouldn’t have come in now.. I should have just stayed five minutes late or more!

Now, I would have to….
I don’t even know what to do!
And she’s still in the bathroom..

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