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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 29
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*Rose’s point of view continues*

“Can i see her picture?” He said, smiling.

“She must be really beautiful and funny just like you.” He said.

I became speechless, I don’t know what to say, neither did i know what to do.
“Ummm…” I scratched my head.
F--k! I brought my hand down.
“You don’t want me to see her pictures?” He asked.
“Ofcos..” I said.
I wonder how he’do feel to see her pictures.
To know its Caroline.. I could just pretend like I don’t know about them knowing each other right?
Cos I really feel he will be upset when he finds out I know about them knowing each other and I haven’t told him about.
He might even be more upset to know that I’ve known him even before he saved me.
I don’t want all this.. I don’t want him to go back to his annoying manners again..
I don’t want him to throw me his hurtful words again even though he had promised not to say them again.
I’ll show him the pictures but pretend like I know nothing that went on between them.
“But the phone’s in my room.” I said to him.

“Um..Okay then. You’ll show’em to me later.” He said.
Im sure he doesn’t want me to leave the sitting room.
“Can i get up now please?” I asked.
“No” He retorted.
“Please?” I begged.
“Remember what we agreed on. That you say im cute and I’ll let you go.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay fine! You’re cute.” I said.
I’ve heard enough.
“Say it again.” He said.

“What?” I shouted.
“Please.” He said.
This guy must be really crazy!
“Okay.. Kelly you’re cute. You. Are. Very. Cute.” I said staccato.
“I love the way you said it now..more than the first one.” He said.
“Let me go now.” I said.
“Not yet.” He said.
“What the hell!” I yelled, not believing it.
“Will you accept to go out with me tonight?” He asked.
“To where?” I snapped.
“Anywhere.” He asked.
“Okay fine!” I said.
“Thanks.” He said and then released his arm.
I jumped out of his laps and breathed hard.
I turned to him with a frowny face.
“Why ar..” I wanted to ask him why he’s such a crazy guy, but then he raised his eyebrows in such a funny way.. that I burst out laughing instead.

**** **
*Sugar’s point of view*

I got to Mrs Roseline’s home and horned at the gate.. soon the gate keeper pulled the gate open.

I drove in, then wind down the glass.
“Hey gatekeeper..” I called and he rushed to the window in his blue and white uniform.

“Good afternoon ma.” He said.

“Is mom in?” I asked.

“Yes ma.” He said, grinning.
I wind up the glass and drove to the open garage.

I turn off my car engine and got down..
With my heart beating fast, i climbed the few step and walked up to the door.

I inhaled and pressed the doorbell.

A minute, the door opened with a maid in a white scarf and a white apron standing by the door.

“Good afternoon ma.” she said and walked out for me to come in.
I ignored her greeting and walked in.
“Go tell mom that im around.” I said.
They know what to say already.
“Yes ma.” She said and ran upstairs.
I walked to a couch, sat down and crossed my legs.
Another maid came over in the same white scarf and white apron.
“Good afternoon ma’am. What should I offer you?” She asked.
They know I always request for a drink.
“Nothing. Thank you.” I said.
I know she’ll be suprised to hear that.
“Okay ma’am.” She said and walked away.
Then I saw Mrs Roseline walking down the stairs few minutes later and I undid my crossed legs.

I wouldn’t have done that if I was on a normal visit but I needed something and I’ll need to appear as sad and as uncomfortable as I can.
“Wow..Sugar.” She said as she stepped down from the staircase.
“Mom..” I said and faked a smile.. but the way she looked at me shows that she know that im sad and uncomfortable.
“Sugar..” She came over and sat beside me.
“How are you?” She asked.
“” I stammered. I wanna let her know that im not fine.. but she’ll have to find out herself.
“You ain’t fine?” She asked.
I nodded.
“Sugar darlng..What is the problem? Is it Kelly?”She asked.
I sniffled and a tear dropped from my eyes.
I just hope this work out..
“ are crying..” She said, bringing my face up.
“Mom..Im sorry.” I said and shut my eyes..
This is embarrasing.. God! How do I start.
“You are sorry…Why dear?” She asked.
I breathed hard.

God! If this didn’t work out.. Im so gonna strangle my mom alive!
“Sugar.. talk to me?” She said, with concerned eyes.

I brought my face down.

“Mom…Im sorry.” I said again and shut my eyes.

“Sugar.. im so worried. Please talk to me.” She said.
“The pregnancy..the baby isn’t Kelly’s.” I said and swallowed.
I don’t wanna see her expression, I shut my eyes so tight with tears pouring down now.
“Oh my world!” She said.
“Im so sorry mom..” I said and came down on my knees.
I’ve never done this.. I’ve never kneeled done for any body. But here i am on my knees just to get her to accept the baby as Kelly’s.
This is f-----g crazy.
She was silent… the silent was f-----g killing me.
“Mom.. please say something.. please forgive me..” I begged.
She stayed silent.
“Mom.. Kelly wants a DNA test and don’t want him to find out.. I truely love him..I don’t want to loose him..please help me.. Im begging you.” I cried.
She stayed silent.

F--k! Can’t she just f-----g talk?
My knees hurt!
“Mom..Please say something..please Im begging you..It wasn’t intentional. It was a mistake..I swear.” I begged.
“Who’s responsible?” She finally spoke!
I expected that question.. And i was prepared to lie..

“My Ex.. Before we met mom..and you introduced me to Kelly..I had a boyfriend.. and we had sex.. but then I met Kelly and..and I fell inlove with him..I broke up with Charles, but without knowing im already pregnant for him.. Now I can’t find Charles anymore and im devastated and I don’t know how to make Kelly understand me.. I really need your help mom…Im begging you to forgive me and accept the child..Please mom.” I begged, with tears.
“But.. but Kelly saw you cheating on him in his house remember?” She said.
I shut my eyes and bit my lips.
“Mom.. that.. that is not true mom..I swear..Kelly was only trying to push me away with that accusation.. Because…because he had met some girl else he calls his maid! Mom I saw her in his house! He was protecting and siding her all through..” I cried..
She stayed silent for a while.. I brought up my face to see her reaction and she look shocked to hear that.
She looks angry.

“Really..That must be the person with the shadow i saw up his stairs.” She said.
“Yes..yes.. mom.. she is.. Mom please help me.. I don’t want to loose Kelly.. I truely Love him and i wanna be his wife.”
I cried and begged.
She stayed silent for what seemed like eternity.
Then, “Its okay dear. Come here” She said and spread her arms.
God! it worked!

I jumped up and on to her body..
“Thank you mom.. Thank you so much.” I said, crying more harder now.
I’ll have to be sure would help me.
“Shh.. Don’t cry. I want you for my son.. I truely do and nothing would stop that ok. We’ll settle the DNA test issue and he’ll be yours.” She said and smiled.
Wow! Oh my goodness!
This is amazing!
“Thank you mom.. Im really glad i got your support. Im so happy you accepted the baby..” I said.
“Its risky. but we will do it.” She said.
I hugged her tight..“I know. Im so grateful.” I said and smiled a satisfied smile.

*** **
*Kelly’s point of view*

Night came…and I was taking her to shop?
No..a cinema..

“We’re going to see a movie.” I said.
“Thought you were never gonna say where you are taking me to.” She said.
I smiled.
“I know you were anxious to i need to calm you down.” I said.
She laughed..“Who’s anxious to know?”
“You.” I said and turned into the Cinema centre.
“Cinemas ain’t so lively on monday nights but the movie can be a little interesting tho.” I said and she smiled at me.
I smiled back.
I stopped the car at the parking lot and we got down.
“Why are we here?” She asked, looking around.
“So you can catch the atmosphere around here. Staying indoors all day could be little boring, you know.” I said with smiles.
“Not really true.” She said.
“But a little truth is in.” I said.
“In what?” She asked.
“In what I just said.” I said and grapped her hand.

“Ouch.” She said.
I dragged her to the box office to get our ticket.

“Can you stop dragging me?” She said.
“Im not. Just holding your wrist.” I said and smirked.

We got to the box office and I paid for a movie, titled.. “THE PACIFIER.”
“You think this movie would be interesting?” I asked her.

“I think.” She said nonchanlantly.
I grapped two poporn packs and stretched one to her.
“Have this..” I said.

She took it and smiled and we walked up into the auditorium…


“How was the movie?” I asked as we got into the car and drove out of the cinema.
The movie was over and was quite interesting
“Interesting..You did a good pick.” She said.
“Im good at that.” I said, smiling.
“You’re good at that.” She said and smiled back.

Getting back to the house, Rose got down as usual to open the gate.
She did and i drove in.

She closed it back and got into the car as i drove into the garage.
We got down and walked into the house and i went for a couch in the sitting room.
“I’ll be going upstairs.” She said.
“No.” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
I wanted her to sit with me again.
“Umm..Let’s sit here a little while.” I said.
She gave me a fierce gaze before walking over and sat on the same couch but stayed a bit far from me.

It doesn’t matter.

I switched on the LG to play some music.
“Do you like any other songs apart from Shania twain’s?” I asked her.
Blues can be so boring sometimes.
“Rihanna’s” She said.
“What if I play you mine?” I asked.
“Cool” She said.

So I played the song,
..Only One For Me by Banky W.
“Wow..I love this song.” She said.
“Can I have this dance?” I asked and stood up

“Ofcos not. I can’t dance.” She said.
“You told me you love to. C’mon and try with me.” I said, and dragged her up.
She seem shy.

I turn her around so her back is on me..Then stretch her hands and i locked my fingers with her fingers, so our palms are switched together, then we took the first step, left, then right, left and right… just the way the beating of the music played.

Soon she was laughing, relaxed and added more steps.
She can actually dance good.
I laughed too, happy as those feelings of passions washed through me..

and when i couldn’t help it….I turned her over and…and without minding what that would make her feel.

If she wants it or not…

I brought my lips to hers and I kissed her.
My heart flushed and then I don’t wanna let go,..

She shaked with astonishment and tried to pull away but i grapped her waist tight and then she became still, and she let me go on to kiss her.

And I heart beating fast.
I love the way her lips taste.
I want this moment to last forever.
Those tingling feelings came flowing through my skin.

Those s£nsat!ons that don’t make you feel lust over someone but deep true love.
Those feelings that tells you that you are inlove again.

And..and i wanted this moment to last forever,..

but I withrew my lips minutes later…and she turned and ran…she ran up the stairs without looking back.


I pulled my front hair back and fell on the couch..
“Im sorry..” I mumbled.
. speechless..
Just listening to that music right now and im wishing im just Rose?��

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