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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 28
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*Sugar’s point of view continues*

..My phone rang.

I checked the caller and it’s my dad..
I ignored it…
Leave me alone!” I yelled at the phone.
But the call came again..
I hit my palm on the steering with so much anger boiling in me.
The cal came again.. I tap the screen.
“Hello sweetie.” My dad said in a soft tone.
“You don’t try to give me those names. You only get me more frustrated!” I yelled.
“What is it this time dear?” He asked in the same tone.

“Kelly wants a f-----g DNA test!” I cried.
“Oh my darling.. but you should know how to trick him and convince him not to do that my dear… Brainwash him with some lies mixed with sweet sweet words.” My dad said just in the same tone. That is the way he always talks, even if he’s boiling with rage, he’ll still speak in the same tone.
“I’ve done that daddy. I’ve tried all my tricks,.all the plays i know that could get him and make him drop the issue but he’s not giving in to any of my tricks.. He’s insisting for a DNA test, and you know the child is not his!” I cried.

“Sweetie, you got to try more harder.. You know what we need from this people.. They are only our means of survival. Try harder my dear.” He said.


“Dad i’ve tried. I have. But he…”
My dad cut in,
“That is because you let him see you with that boy..Again you let him see yoi with that fool! Alhaji.. You should have been more careful my dear.” He said.
“My goodness, daddy. Don’t f-----g blame me for all that! Don’t!” I screamed.

“Im not putting the blames on you my dear, Im only said that you should have been more careful. Im just hoping you convince him much quicker because we don’t have much time. Even though his mother is with us and has started making arrangements for your wedding with his son, but if the son doesn’t accept to marry you, then there’s no way the wedding would take place. You should do something dear.” He said.
“Im so frustrated. I don’t know how to do this! I don’t know what to do dad..I’ve tried with my body, my sweet words, everything I can. But he gets irritated instead.” I said.

“I have an idea honey..” That was my mom. Dad must have passed her the phone.
“Mom..” I cried.

“Darling. Im sorry you’re going through all this..” She said.
“Mom..” I cried.
“Im sorry honey, but we can’t quite now. Alhaji is still on your father’s neck and you know what that means.” She said.
I swallowed.
He had threatened to kill my dad and mu mom. That old fool!
“Mom what do I do? I’ve messed up the whole thing!” I said with anguish.
“You’ll have to go now to Kelly’s mom and open up to her. Tell her the truth about the pregnancy and convince her with lies. Don’t forget to shed tears and beg her to make Kelly drop the DNA test. Im sure when you do this, she will accept to do it.” My mom said.
I shook my head negatively.

“Mom how do you expect her to accept the pregnancy when it isn’t Kelly’s!?” I asked, not believing it.
“Just calm down honey…With all that your father and I have been brainwashing her with.. Im very sure she’ll have no choice than to accept. I know she loves money. Big money.” My mom said and i can hear her giggle.
“Mom are you sure she will?” I asked.
“Yes honey… Go ahead now.”
“Alright mom.” I said.
“Be careful dear.” She said.
“I will.” I said.
“I love you sweetie.” That was my dad.
“I love you guys.” I said and dropped the phone.


How do I do this?
This is f-----g embarrassing!
But i got no choice. I’ll f-----g do it.
I can’t loose Kelly
I can’t!

**** **
*Rose’s point of view*

I was sitting on the couch with Kelly.
I’ve just taken my bath and Im on a pink dress with slim sleeve, and a pinl flip-flop on my feet. And then i wanted to stay in my room but Kelly insistrd I come sit with him in the sitting room and watch some movie.
Fine! I accepted, but us so close to each other on this couch makes me feel so uncomfortable.
But Kelly doesn’t seem to mind.
His attention is right on the t.v.
This minute he is smiling and the next, he is laughing. His smiles are exotic and he’s laughs are rich.
His eyes narrows when he laughs and it makes him look more cute..More handsome.
He is just too cute.

“Why’re you staring at me that way?” He asked and I quickly turned away.
“No, don’t turn, you can go on and look at me..” He said with his eyes still on the television.

How did he know i was looking at him?
“I look cute right?” He asked, smiling with his eyes still on the tv.
I scoffed, “Not cute.” I said.
Just wanted to upset him a little.
He turned to me,
“Thats a f-----g lie.” He said.
I laughed and turned to the tv.
He frowned.

“Rose.” He called.
I smiled..My eyes never leaving the movie i was enjoying now.
“Fine!” He said seconds later and turned his face back to the tv.
I smiled and folded my arms.
We watched.
Interesting movie.. I don’t even know the name but anyway Sylvester stallion is among the actors and it’s just full of actions but really interesting.

Why are my suddenly enjoying the movie now?
I chuckled.
Then i saw him take the remote control and changed the NTA News!
What! Just when I was starting to enjoy the movie!?
I looked at him.. He had a smirk on his face.
“No.. don’t look at me. Look at the tv please.” He smirked.
I frowned.

I know the reason for this act…Cos I don’t wanna say he’s cute.
“Im not looking at you!” I said.
“You were then.” He said.
ew! Crazy guy!
“Could you please change this channel?” I said.
“Great. Just say that im cute and it will be done.” He said.
“Really?” I laughed.
“Yap. Go on please.” He said.
I ignored.

“You ain’t saying it?” He asked.
“Nop.” I said.
“Fine then.. We watch this then.” He said and held the remote more tighter.
I gave the remote that kind of glare as if i could magically get it out of his hand.
It was’t working..Magics don’t just happen.
I sighed and went back to the tv.. to watch news!
Kelly had a smirk smile on his lips all this while and he seemed to be enjoying the news so well.

I hate this.. I hate news!
So i stood up to leave to my room but he gripped my arm.
I turned to face him.
He look sad now.. like he don’t want me to leave..

No more smirk smile on his lips anymore.
“Can’t you just say that im cute. It’s just a so simple to say.” He said sofly.
“I wanna go and take a nap.” I said.
“It’s not yet time for taking naps..You just don’t want to say im cute..Why?” He asked.
I ignore his question and tried to pull my arm but he pulled me and I landed on his laps.
“Kelly!” I screamed and tried to get up.. but he quickly crossed his left arm over, pinning me just there, on his laps.
“Kelly, I swear im gonna kill you if i get up from here. Let me go this minute!” I yelled.
“Im sorry I can’t.” He said.
“What?” I yelled.

“Sincd you can’t say that Im cute then this is your punishment.” He said.
“Kelly you’re crazy.. Let. Me. Go!” I said, hitting his arm hard.
“Too late. We watch the movie together, like this.” He said as he changed the channel back to the movie.
“I don’t want to watch the movie!” I said.
“Then sleep on me..” He said.
“I’ll bite you oh.” I warned, going for his arm already.
“Bite it and i’ll kiss your neck.” He said.
And I paused.

What he said and the way he said it sent a s£nsat!on through me.
A feeling i’ve never felt before.
“Good girl.. This is how you should stay to avoid being kissedon the neck by me.” he said and laughed.
I sighed and tried to pull off his arm again..
“Huh? you wanna try me?” He said. I can feel his breathe on my neck already.
I love the way that makes me feel.. but no! I can’t let him do that.
“No. Don’t!” I said.

“Then relax on me.” He said, and withdrew his head.

I inhaled and turned my eyes to the tv.
I’ll manage.. I’ll just manage.
We watched the movie in silence… Ignoring the loud beating of our heart and the tingling feelings that lingered.

“Where do you wish to work?” He asked me after the silence seemed like forever.
“Anywhere you can fix me into.” I said
“That’s not an answer.” He said.
I laughed.. “Kelly, you know where you can fix me..” I said.
“Seriously?” He said.
“Yeah. I was working in a buscuit company.” I said and closed my eyes. I just hope he doesn’t laugh at me.
“Thatsounds like a cheap pay.” He said.
“How much?” He asked.
“Does it matter?” I said.
“I’ll get you a job in my dad’s company.. Woulf you like to work with me?” He asked.
“Alright.” I said.
“Do you want anything else?” He asked.
I gasped.. Thid is an opportunity, I could beg him to give back Lady B’s money.
He could help. He just asked me if I want anything else.
“I want something.” I said.
“What’s that?” He said.
“I..I borrowed some money, few months ago and gave to my…my…boyfriend to travel down to lagos for a business he said would yield so much budiness..He needed the money so badly so I borrowed three hundred thousand from a lady. but then Jonny wasn’t able to make the money and the lady had been threatening me.. So i paid fifty thousand out of the money..” I explained.
“Who’s Jonny?” He asked.
“My boyfriend.” I said.
“Okay go on.”
“Then my Aunty helped me with another fifty thousand.. The amount left to pay her now is two hundred thousand naira. I don’t have the money. That was one of the reason i came down to see my boyfriend..and i met..”
He cut me short, “It’s okay..I’ll settle that..” He said. and I was awed.
“Kelly thank you so much. I appreciate.” I said with happiness.
“Wait, Did you say you have an Aunty?” He asked like he just remembered.
I gasped.
How the hell do i tell him its Aunty Caro?
How do i tell him my Aunty is the Caroline he was talking shits with and invited to his house but it didn’t work out cos whatever reason i don’t know.
“Rose..?” He said, looking at me.
“Yes..yes., She’s my mom’s step sister.”
“She must be missing you now.” He said.
“It’s fine. I’ve sent her some messages on whatsapp.” I said.
Then I regretted saying that cos he immediately asked me,
“Can i see her picture?” He said, smiling.
“She must be really beautiful and funny just like you.” He said.

I became speechless, I don’t know what to say, neither did i know what to do.

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