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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 27
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*

I saw her body shake..
Shake with fright.
I know she’s been lying to me about the pregnancy.
I can’t be the father nah.
She’s a s--t, a b---h! and not just one guy is a father to a s--t’s child.
And I wanna tell it to her face. She disgusts me like f--k!
“You really think you can fool me huh? Answer me Sugar. You know what? You are a cheap s--t and not just one man is a father to a cheap s--t’s child!” I said, giving her a mocking stare.
She breathed hard.. clenching her fist together.
She stared at me with those stupid black angry eyes of hers.
“D--n you Kelly!” She said before pushing me out of the way, into the bathroom.
I laughed.
Im so excited because I know the chid isn’t mine now.
Im so sure it’s not.
I jumped on the centre of my bed and went for my laptop.
I need to work on some files since Im not going to the office today.

I don’t wanna go to work today.. So I’ll just work on some files this morning and…and then spend the rest of the day in this house and with Rose..
Yeah Rose…Who else?
I wondered what she’s preparing for breakfast now.
I can’t guess right but I just can’t wait to eat her meals again
I smiled.
I know Sugar can’t cook and yuck! that’s the worst thing ever.
..Sugar came out of the bathroom and guess what?
She’s stake naked!
but had a white towel wrapped around her head.
She took her bath in my bathroom. Fine! I accept.. but coming out stake naked..How dare she?

She walked over to the bedside table and slowly, she placed her righ leg on top it..She wasn’t looking at me or did she even glanced but she had intentions..
She took her body lotion which stood on the drawer and began applying just too gently and slowly on her legs up to her a-s.. She made sure she took so much time rubbing and gently bitting it so i can hear the pam! sound that it makes..and then she will move her hands up to her b**bs and rub them, sq££ze them gently and then pinch her n-----s and m0an as she does arouse me.
I chuckled..I should have been tho, but Im suprised at myself that im not..but instead her play irritates me.
It disgustes me.
I rolled my eyes.

Closed my laptop and got out of the bed..
She watched me as I got my feet into my flip-flops, carried my laptop and walked out of the room.

She could have the room all to her self!
I got downstairs to the sitting-room and went for a couch.
I sat down and opened my laptop back to continue with my work.. but then i can smell some fries in the air..
That aroma most be coming right from my kitchen.
I smiled.
My stomache grumbled instantly.
I really wanna go to the kitchen to check what Rose is preparing..
It should be fried plantain.. and I really wanna go taste..
And.. I so much want to see her too.
To see Rose.
This housemaid pretence is freaking horrible.. I know she wouldn’t want me in the kitchen. She would be scared.
I shrugged and waved it off.. I’ll stay here…
But then, fifteen minutes later, I know I.couldn’t bear not to go to that kitchen..
So I took my laptop, stood up from the couch and headed for the kitchen.
This girl’s really driving me insane.
I can’t believe im feeling this way again.
I know this is love that im feeling again but I don’t wanna tell myself that.
Not after Sugar broke my heart.
I walked into the kitchen and saw her at the counter, holding a slotted spoon and staring at the frying pan on the cooker.
I smiled.
She haven’t seen me yet.
“Hey.” I called and she instantly jumped with fright.

Im thankful that her hand didn’t hit the hot pan.
“Kelly.. you scared me..” She whispered.
“Why’re you whispering?” I asked with a frown.
“Plesse im begging you..just go out of here. Have you forgotten what im pretending t be here?” She asked.
I gnored her and walked to the breakfast bar and sat down, and put the laptop on the table.
“Kelly.. did you hear me?” She asked as she began to pick out the fried plantains into a glass bowl.
I rolled my eyes, “C’mon, You are sounding as if we gonna do something crazy here.” I said and she paused.
I don’t know why.
Then she continued with picking out the plantains.
After she was done, she took the bowl cover.
I watched her cover the bowl..then she started dropping another sets of unfried plantains into the pan.
I opened my laptop and proceeded with what I was working on.
But then..I couldn’t get my eyes off that bowl.

I want to have a taste…So i walked over.
She saw me and got scared and quickly glanced at the door and then back at me.
“Why’re you acting like I wanna kiss you? I just want a slice of the fried plantain.” I said and opened the cover. I picked up a plantain and threw into my mouth..then closed the bowl back.
It’s really tasteful.
“This was Kate’s favourite.” I said and she dropped the spoon and her face fell immediately.
I understood.
“Oh no Rose. Im sorry, I only wanted to let you know.I don’t mean to get you sad ok.” I said softly to her.
“Im fine.” She said.
I smiled.

Then i placed my palm on her chin and brought her face up.
She stared at me with sad eyes.
“If you are fine. Then smile please.” I said.
.. I guess that seem funny to her and she laughed.
“Oh stop Kelly..” She brought down my hand, smiling.
“Can I pick one more?” I asked and winked at her.
“Sure.” She said and smiled.
I did.
“Really tasteful.” I said throwing it into my mouth.
I wiped my hand with a discloth and walked back to my laptop.
..Just then Sugar walked in.
“Babyy..Im going now. I’ll miss youu.” She said and walked over to give me a kiss i looked away.
Rose focus was on the breakfast she was preparing.
I know she wouldn’t dare to turn.
Sugar gave me a fierce look.
Then Rose made a move and Sugar smiled, pretending like’s happy as she runned her fingers from my chest down to my navel through my shirt.
Why’s she pretending around Rose?
“I love you baby.” She said and signaled me to say back…but I chuckled instead.
This girl’s crazy..
She gave me a scornful glare and then turned…I thought she was gonna go out but then she turned and walked gigantly and slowly to Rose with her heels hitting loudly on the tiles.
“Hello housemaid..” She said to Rose, smiling.
I stared at her with disgust!
“What are you preparing this morning for my fiance?” She asked.

She then slowly slide a finger through the cover handle and opened the bowl like it disgusts her.
“Um..Fried plantain.” She said and smiled, then covered it back, just the same way she had opened it.
“Good of you housemaid..” She said taking her eyes all over Rose.
Rose face was still down.
“..but a housemaid shouldn’t be on a pyjama.. You should rather be on a long gown and you know, those aprons over your neck..And what..? you’re not even covering your hair..You want your dirty hair getting into the food that you gonna serve my fiance?..This is too bad housemaid!” She said, staring at Rose like she just got out of a pit.
I wondered if Rose is in tears now.
“Next time. Make sure that your hair is covered and I dont wanna see you on a pyjama in this house. You are just a common maid. Do i make myself clear? ”
Rose didn’t answer.
I know she’s in tears now.
“Do I make myself clear!?” She screamed this time.
Rose was about to answer when i cut in.
“What the hell Is wrong with you!” I yelled.
“Baby…” She turned to me, “Im only trying to teach her how to be a good housemaid.” She said.
I scoffed.

“She don’t f-----g need that. So could you just get yourself out of here?” I yelled.
“Really?” She turned to Rose…with anger written all over her.

*Rose’s point of view*

She looked at me and I saw her eyes go black with anger.
My heart skipped with so much fright.
“Be ready to leave this house. I can’t bear to see you here. You disgusts me!” She said and stormed out… but not without giving Kelly brief angry glare.
Kelly walked to me immediately, “Im sorry about all she said.” He said to me.
I sniffled.“ It’s okay. I’m fine.” I said.. Even though im not.
“Thank you.” He said.
I smiled.. Kelly was changing and I love that..
He cleared his throat,
“So can I get my food now?”
“Not yet Sir. but it’ll soon be served to your table sir!” I said loudly that I wish Sugar would hear and I bowed down to Kelly in a playful way.
He laughed, gripping my wrist..
I poked the spoon to his face and he ran away to the breakfast table.
“Thank you Sir!” I said and smiled at him.
He smiled back.

*Sugar’s point of view*

I walked out of the kitchen, frustrated and with so much anger..
How dare Kelly! How dare he talk to me such way in front of the a-----e!
Fine! I’ll surely get back to them.. to her!
I walked out of his goddamn house and into my car.
I drove off to the gate..
Now i have to open the goddamn gate too.. I hit my fist on the steering.
I angrily stepped down and walked to the gate..
I pulled the gate open, almost sweating.
Everything irritates me.
I walked back to my car and drove off, leaving the gate open.
I don’t give a f--k how it closes back
..Kelly don’t wanna accept the goddamn pregancy!
Why would he wanna take me to a hospital.
F--k.. I’ve been so so stupid to bring Charles to his house.

I should have f-----g know he would come back.. And Kelly saw everything..
How the f--k did i get pregnant for the goddamn b-----d! Charles!
I thought he loved me but just when I told him Im pregnant. He ran away.
It’s all my parents fault. My dad!
My dad borrowed five hundred million naira from that old fool Kelly saw me with in the restaurant for a business..

Now, the business didn’t f-----g work and the old fool want me in exchange for the money..
My dad don’t want that. My mom too.. So they had to connect me to Kelly’s mom..
So we could get the money from them.. through me.

But I’ve f----d up. First I let Kelly see me with that b-----d, f-----g in his house.
Now the next day, that night, Alhaji, the old fool asked me to come over and give him sex.
I was okay with that..
That was what i’ve been doing for the old fool so he could spare my parents life!
But then Kelly saw us. He saw him kiss him.. Alhaji had to tell me to kiss him and i had no choice!
Im devastated..

Im pregnant for charles..

Kelly hates me already and is f-----g insisting we go to a hospital.
Alhaji still haven’t gotten his money back.
Im so frustrated!

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