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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 26
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*Rose’s point of view*

I woke up the next morning to see Kelly’s arms wrapped around me..


I gently pulled his hands away and got out of the bed.

I thought we had a pillow demarcation last night?

Now i can’t even find the pillows.

I walked over to the side where he layed and there they are…On the floor.

I stood with utter astonishment. My hands akimbo.

I shook my head…

This guy is evil sha.

He must have thrown them when I slept off.

I wanted to pick them up and put them back on the bed but I decided to leave them there..
He’ll need to answer some questions.

I turned and walked to the window.

I drew the curtains and Im astonished to see that the sun is out and hot.

This can’t be.

I ran to Kelly and shook him.

“Kelly its morning. Ain’t you going to the office today?”
I said.

He blinked his eyes open..

Looked at me.

Then closed them back.

“F--k Office..”
He said and turned.

Im suprised.

“Why? What’s the matter?”
I asked him.

“Rose come back to bed. You need more sleep.” He said.

I gave him a scorning glare.

“What happened to the pillow demarcation huh?”
I asked.

He groaned like he don’t wanna answer the question.

I called.

“Rose.. I don’t know what happened to the pillows ok.”
He said.

“You should know.. cos those pillows are right here on the floor now. Then im wondering how they crossed your body and then got to the floor.”
I said.

I know he’s lying.

“Okay.. I did it myself. You fine now?”
He asked.

“ Im not.” I snapped.

He asked.

“Why did you do that?”
I asked.

“Rose..Im sorry ok. Can you just forget about it?”
He said.

“And then i saw your hands around me when I woke up. Will you tell me to forget about that one too?”
I said.

“Im begging you to.”
He said.


He said.

Im angry,

So i took the pillows and threw at him.
I threw the first one at him.

He turned and looked at me with a kinda suprised look, but then he smiled.
A smirk smile actually.

I frowned and threw him the second one.
He giggled, staring at me.
F--k you!

I got the last one and threw so hard on his face.

Good for you!

But he then grapped the pillow and bounced it straight on my face.

He laughed.

I picked the pillow, clenched my teeth and bounced it back at him.

Really hard this time.

He laughed and then the next thing i felt was his hand gripping mine and then throwing me onto his body.

I freezed…Scared and my heart beating so fast.

He wrapped his hand around me.

My eyes widened, “Kelly..What are you doing?”

“Please just stay that way for just ten minutes only.”
He said.


I stared at him. His eyes are closed. But his expression is unreadable.

He seem happy with a little smile on his lips but also he seem sad with the way he wrinkled his forehead.

He is really handsome..

I found myself admiring him.


*Kelly’s point of view*

I wrapped my hands around her and closed my eyes.

I love the feel of her on me.

Her head on my chest. I felt the softness of her hair on my chest. And I felt like unbanding it..I wanna do it,

Im gonna do it..

Just then, she raised her head up.

“Kelly what are you doing?”
She asked. I know she’s suprised but I can’t help myself.

I can’t control the tinglig feeling.

That feeling that made me pull her onto me.
I couldn’t control it.

““Please just stay that way for just ten minutes only.”
I said.

I wish she would stay that way forever.
Us alone In this room.

In this house.

But I know the b---h, the s--t is still somewhere in this house..

I wish she could just go away.

I wish i never met her and had anything to do with her.

I wish Rose had came on time..

I wish she had come few days before my mom met Sugar. Im sure mom wouldn’t have gone ahead to connect us together.

She would have loved Rose and would have loved us to get married..

For her to be my wife..

Oh f--k, Kelly…What the heck are you even thinking about? Rose would never want to marry you.

Why are my even thinking about marriage.
I hate that word so much now..

..Rose tried to get up but held her more tight and close.

I don’t wanna let her go..

I know its ten minutes already. but i don’t want her out of my hold.

“Kelly..Its more than ten minutes now and you know that.”
She said.

“Yeah I know..Just rest your head on…on my chest for another five minutes and i’ll let you go please.”
I said..with my eyes still close.

“You’re crazy Kelly.” She said.

“I know. Just do it please.”
I begged.

“Fine..just five minutes!”
She said and layed her head on my chest.

I smiled as i felt that lingering feeling run down my spine and i wrapped my arms around her again.

I can feel her breath on my chest.

I opened my eyes and our eyes met.

She is facing me. Staring at me.

It seems as if she’s been staring at me for long.

She diverted her eyes immediately..but I turned her face back.

She stared at me with wide eyes and lips apart.

I felt her heart beat faster but i know mine was beating more faster and louder.

I stared at her lips. They look dry and agape.

That tingling feeling washed over me and I want to kiss them..

To kiss those lips.

I felt myself burn with desire. Desire for her. Her lips..

No..not just her lips…..Her body too.

And I can’t control myself.

I swallowed hard as i stared at her.

She look confused now.

Staring at me like what’s wrong with this guy!

I feel scared to bring my lips to kiss her.

Im suddenly feeling scared to kiss someone.

“Rose…can I..can..can I..”
I was stammering. I don’t know how to ask her if i can kiss her.

“Kelly its up fifteen minutes now..” She said ignoring my stammer.

I blinked my eyes.

“Oh Yeah..Yeahh”
I said and released my hands and she stood up and without looking up at me, she walked into the bathroom, shutting the door.

I hit my fist on the bed.. D--n!
Why the hell is wrong with me?
What the f--k im I doing?

I still got Sugar’s case to deal with and Im here trying to kiss another lady.. Craving for sex again..


But..I really wanted to have this kiss.
To kiss Rose, but i was scared as hell.
Im scared she would get so angry and leave.
I don’t want her to. I don’t want to miss her.

I understand she was so scared last night when Sugar came to the door, screaming and yelling.

She is scared of people that could hurt..
She is scared of being hurt..
I thought of the b---h, Sugar.

After i kept ignoring her. She left to where ever I don’t care.

I have no idea If she’s still in this house but i feel she is.

Im seriously going to the hospital with her for a DNA test.

If it turns out to be my child.. I would accept.. but that would never make me marry Sugar.
I’ll take the child.

but if the child isn’t mine, then i’ll be so happy.

She will be out of my life for good!
*The bathroom door opened and Rose came out.

“I’ll be heading to the kitchen now to prepare breakfast.”
she said to me just immediately she came out.

She and headed to the door.

I called.
She turned.

“Lemme leave first.”
I said. I wouldn’t want the b---h to see her and then try to hurt her.

She nodded.

I stood up, and walked to the door, unlocked it, Opened it.

I poked my head out at the corridor to check.
Sugar could be lingering around just to see the room im gonna come out from.

I saw no sign of her, so I walked out, closing the door back.

I walked into my room to see her on the bed, sleeping.

I left her and walked into the bathroom.
When I came out, she was awake.

“Kelly..” She said, getting up.

“We’re going to the hospital today, for a DNA test. you get that?”
I said.

She folded her arms, “Im going nowhere with you.” She said.


“Yes. Kelly this is your child..and we don’t need to go for a test to prove it..”
She said

“Its just a test to confirm whether im the father or not.”
I said.

“I don’t f-----g care! Im not going to a hospital with you.”
She said.

“You must!”
I said, vexed up.

“Kelly..and i said I won’t”

“Then i believe isn’t my child.”
I said.

“Its your baby Kelly!”
She screamed.

“Shut the f--k up..If it’s my baby, Then why’re you scared to go for a DNA huh?”
I asked.

“That’s because I hate hospitals! I hate to go there.”
She said.

I asked.

I know she’s lying.

She said.

“That’s a f-----g lie!” I screamed.

“Im not lying about it..”
She said.

“Then i’ll bring a doctor down here to run the test, If you hate to go to a hospital.” I said and I saw her body shake..

Shake with fright.


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