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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 25
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*

“I wanna go take a shower.”
She said to me and got up from the bed.

“You need my help?” I asked playfully.

She ignored me and walked to the wardrobe.
She pull the doors open, to reveal sets of clothes arranged so neatly in hangers. Colourful and beautiful.

“You’re good at that.”
I said, smiling.

“Good at what this time?”
She asked without turning.

She grabbed a pyjama and then i think i saw its a white pa*ntie, but i don’t wanna ask.

Why would I ask such a stupid question.

She closed back the doors and turned.


She had hide the pa*tie in the pyjama, then folded the pyjama so the pa*ntie doesn’t fall out.

“Wow.. that pink pyjama look cute. Can i see?” I asked with a hidden motive. To see the pa*tie.

“You gonna see it when i wear it.”
She said and hurried into the bathroom, and shutting the door.
I giggled.

Minutes later, i heard the shower running.

And then, my stupid sinful memory recalled me of earlier today, when i saw her a-s…

F--k.. that a-s was really good.
And f-----g good to grab hold of…

‘Oh d--n you Kelly, this aint all you should be thinking of!’ My mind yelled at me..

So what should i think of then?

Is it the slutty Sugar in my room, and lying on my bed.

Or my stupidness.

My stupidness of having unprotected sex with the same s--t?

Or my money-hunger mom that wanna force the same b---h on me to get married to.

We are wealthy.. so wealthy but she’s f-----g wants me to get married to that b---h for wealth!

They all f-----g disgusts me and that is why i wanna think of Rose.. of only her.

She’s the only good person I know right now.. All the rest f-----g disgusts me..

I heard give a sharp scream.

I turned my eyes quickly to the bathroom door.

“Rose are you okay in there?”
I asked.
She was silent for some seconds..

“Yeah.. Im fine.. soap got into my eyes.” She said.

“Should I come get them out?”
I asked and giggled.

“You’re crazy Kelly.” She said.


Rose came out few minutes later putting on the pink Pyjama.

I love it..And i can see those n-----s again.
They are so tempting but I refuse to be tempted.

“Hope you can see the pyjama now?”
She asked.

I swallowed hard and nodded.

My eyes are fixed there on her n-----s poking through the fabric.

F--k the pyjama.

She walked to the left space of the bed where she had got up from, and she sat, and got her legs on the bed.

I looked at her hair.

“Ain’t you gonna comb and re-pack it this night?”
I asked. I really need to see her hair unbanded.

I wanna see them fall over her shoulders.

F--k! Thinking about it makes me feel so much tingle.

“I don’t need to do that.”
She said and layed her head on a pillow.

“I thought you do.”
I said.

“Ain’t you taking a shower?”
She asked me.

“Yeah.. I got no pyjamas. I’ll have to wear this back. Don’t wanna go to that room tonight.” I said.

“You don’t have to worry, lemme get you one of the pyjama you gave me to me.” She said and got up.

“Oh.. that’s right.”
I said, and smiled.
She got out the pyjama and stretched it to me.
I took it.. and stood up
“Wanna join?”
I smirked.

She smiled, then layed back down on the bed.
I walked into the bathroom, and im sure the first thing I looked for was her pa*ntie.

And I saw it, Pink. I
Im crazy
Anyway, I looked at myself in the mirror.
I look handsome, quite handsome.. but i’ll need to shave this bears. That would be in the morning..

I took off my clothes and turned on the shower..

The water is cold and i love it.


I came out from the bathroom in the pyjama, fresh and cool.

Rose is staring at the ceiling with her head resting on her palms.

I walked and layed beside her, copying the same position and stared at the ceiling too.

“Can I know what happened to your sister?”
She asked few minutes later.

“She died.”
I said, trying to prolong the question.

I don’t know if she deserves to know what happened to Kate.

Yeah she do.. she do.

She cried when i told her about Kate.

“You’ve told me that. I mean what caused her to.”
She said.

I stayed silent.

I don’t know how to tell her, she was ganged up and rapped.

“I loved Kate so much..”
I started with that.

Then i was silent.

Remembering about Kate,

Talking about Kate is gonna make me cry and i don’t wanna cry in her presence.

She called.

I answered.

“You don’t wanna talk about it?”
She asked.

No.. of cos i want to..

I don’t really know how to tell her.

How to start.

“Why not.”
I said.

“Kate was the best friend i had, we were so close and she was so funny. Such a great company, beautiful and sweet. I protected her like she’s my life. Then three days to our thirteenth birthday. We heard news that she’s in the hospital. I was in class then. Didn’t know my sister sneaked out with her friends to a party. And then her f-----g friends ganged up few guys and they raped her..They raped Kate to coma..She was just too small then for that…she died three days later. The same day we were supposed to celebrate our thirteenth birthday.”
I narrated to her with tears visible in my eyes.

I heard her sniffle.

I turned to see her in tears again.

“Its so saddening that bad things always have to happen to good people. People that we cherish so deeply. And then just like a strong passing wind on a stormy day, it takes them away from us in just a blink of the eyes.”
She cried.

I shut my eyes.

I find it so hard to believe that she was crying.
Crying again for Kate.

“Im so sorry about that.. Your sister, she must have been really beautiful and tender. If only she knew what they were planning for her. She could have run to you…to protect her.”
She said with so much sadness and the way she did made me want to burst out into tears but i held myself.

“If wishes were mountains.. I would have climbed to the tallest mountain and bring my family back with me.”
She said and i gasped..

Her family?

“Your family?”
I asked.

“Yeah.. My mom,my dad, my brother. They all died. Six years ago.”
She said and my jaw dropped.

“Everyone of them died?” I asked.
She nodded.

“Goodness. What happened?” I asked, staring at her.

She sniffled.

“My dad and my brother, were coming back from a trip and they had an accident.. My dad died right there but my brother breathed like he was going to make it, he was taken to the hospital but he died the next day,”
She said and paused.. trying to catch some air. She was so much in tears now and i had no idea what to do.

How to console her.

“And… and then my mom couldn’t bear it, she cried so much, she starved all day and then she fell sick. She died in the hospital.”
She said and then burst into a cry.

I felt so broken and sad that I don’t know when I wrapped my hands around her neck.

“Rose…please stop the cry..”
I said, wiping her tears off with my thumb.

I don’t wanna think about Kate’s death anymore

All I wanna do right now is clean Rose tears off and make her happy.

Make her smile.

“Don’t cry ok..Im here for you.”
I said.

She looked up at me like she can’t believe what i just said or maybe to know if i meant it.

“Rose I realy mean it what i say.”
I said, looking into her eyes and I felt so pained to see her tears.

“Thank you.”
She said.. I watched her lips.

They are wet with her tears and I felt like putting my lips on them.

Get yourself Kelly! This isn’t what you should be thinking now.

But anyway, i held her close to me and she stayed still.

I savoured the moment.

Just then, We heard Sugar’s voice.. And Rose jumped out of my hold immediately, Frightened.

Sugar yelled, but she’s not at the door.

Seems she’s searching for me and she don’t know yet that im here.

“Kelly…you are in this house, I know. You come out right here now.!”
She kept yelling.

Then we heard her loud bang on the door.

Rose jumped out of the bed instantly,
I want to grab her hand but she’s alreading running into the bathroom.

“Kelly.. Are you here? Open this f-----g door.”
She yelled.

“And where is the maid anyway, Where the f--k is she?”
She [email protected] on the door.

This girl’s crazy sha.

I gnored her.

“Kelly.. I know you are here.”

I ignored.

“Im calling mom right now!” She said.

I ignored her.

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