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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 23
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*Kelly’s point of view*

I couldn’t fathom the so much happiness i was having right now..

The Joy that was right down there in my heart…

To know that Rose accepted to stay back.

To see her back here in my car.

That watch her look out through the window..
I knew she would come back to stay with me.
I knew she would.

And that is why i stayed back.
I stayed back because i won’t be able to bear it if she go.

My house would be so empty and dull without her in there.

I know i would be heartbroken and lonely without her.

Although i thought i wouldn’t when i turned and walked away, out of the Terminal,
but getting into my car, I had a rethink.
I stared at the seat she had always sat in the car, It’s empty and i knew that is how im gonna be without her in my house, Empty!
I recalled the short moments we heard together.

Back there in the Supermarket,
Here in my car when we sang songs together.
There in my kitchen, when she cried cos of Kate.

Those eyes of hers.
Her smiles.

The way she rolls her eyes.
The way her longlashes flick when she does.
I recall everything about her.

The way i hugged her back there in my room and how she begged me to release my arms.
I recall those moments and i found out i can’t bear to let her go.

I know she would come back.
She can’t go. She will come back to stay with me.

So i waited.

I waited for her call or anything.
And when i saw it. I was overwhelmed with so much joy.

She told me she don’t think she can continue with the journey.

Yes. Oh my God! I was right.
I was rught she would come back to stay.


I glanced at her and she was looking out the window as always.

I looked at ger hair.
I love her hair…dark and lovely.

I wanna touch it, loose the band and let it fall down to her shoulders.

I felt a tingle.

I looked down at her clothes.
She’ll need some new things.
I turned into another road,.
I’ll have to take her to a Clothe store.
“Kelly where are we going? Cos i can remember this isn’t the road to your house.” She said as she stared at the road through the Windscreen.

I smiled.

“You’re scared?”
I asked her.

“Im not. Why should I be?”
She said.

“Well. Im thinking that my new housemate would need some neq things.”
I said, smiling.

She smiled, “Oh..that’s right.” She said

I said.


“Im sorry that i had you waste your money at the airport.”
She said.

I chuckled.

“You don’t need to be. That’s just a little money. Im glad you stayed back.”
I said.
Why does she think i f-----g care about the money?

Such a little money.

When im so happy that she never left.

“The phone.”
She said and looked at me, as she got it out of her sweater pockets.

“Rose..don’t act like a kid.”
I said and stopped at a Clothe Store.

We got down and walked side by side into the Clothe Store.

Inside, There are two women listening to a plump lady talk to them.

I guess the plump lady is the owner of the boutique.

At a far end, there are two young girls, on a desk, going through books.

I guess they are her SalesClerk.

The plump lady saw us and walked over.

“Hello beautiful couple. You’re welcome to PERFECT LADY boutique. I am Mrs Tonia.”
She said, smiling.

“Thanks” I said.

She smiled at Rose and she smiled back.

“Mrs Tonia. I need you to get some nice clothes for my frie… My girlfriend.”
I said and glanced at Rose.

She seemed unconfortable with what i just said.

But i didn’t mean what i said anyway!

The lady smiled.

“Please have a seat Mr. While i take your girlfriend around.”
She said to me.
I nodded.

“Or do you mind if he come along?”
She turned to Rose.

Rose looked at me like she don’t know what to reply.

“I’ll stay back.”
I said.

“Alright. Come with me dear.” She said to Rose and they walked away, into a side of the boutique that i know not of.
I walked to a couch and sat dow.

I got out my phone and flip through, to get myself busy with it.


*Rose’s point of view*

She took me to a far side of the boutique. I can’t see Kelly.

“Im so sorry that i have to bring you this far.”
She said with pleading eyes.
She then got two single seats and positioned one to me.

“Please sit down.” She said.

I did and folded my arms.

She sat down also.

“I just wanna ask you something.”
She said.

“Go on.” I said

“Is that guy your fiance?”
She asked.

I was suprised by her question.
Anyway i answered her.

I said.

“Your boyfriend?”
She asked.

i answered.

Seriously? why’s she even asking me.

“Why are you asking me all this?”
I asked.

“Because I know him and I know his mom” She said.

Well who doesn’t.

Like he said, everyone knows him.

“And i also know his fiance. His mom talks about her alot.”
She said.

I nodded

I wonder where she’s heading to.

“His mom is making quick arrangements for his marriage to Sugar and i believe she wouldn’t want any girl close to her son.

My dear, i feel its too dangerous for you to be around him. ”
She said.

I shut my eyes and re-opened them to see her concerned face.

“Im just a friend to him.”
I said.

“That’s not bad at all. But you really need to be careful ok. Sugar’s dad is a very mean man.” She said.

“How come you know about this people.?”
I asked.

“Who doesn’t know about them in this lagos. Seems like you just came around.”

I said

“Its okay. Thanks for your advice ma.”

“Please be careful ok”
She said.

“I will. Thank you.”
I said.

She stood up. I did same.

“Now, back to business.”
She said and winked at me.

I laughed.

I like this woman already.

She got out a tight black gown and stretched to me.

“This would look d--n good on you.. Check it out.”
She said, smiling.

I took it.

I love the gown.

“I like this.”
I said.

“There are more.”
She said as she began getting out more.

They are all beautiful

“You can have all the clothes here. I know Kelly is capable of paying for them all. ”
She said.

I laughed.

I wanna take them all though,
they are so beauyiful but im scared Kelly’s gonna scream my head off if i do.

“You’re scared to take them all?”
She said when she saw me hanging some back.

“Somehow.” I said and she laughed.

“Oh girl.. seems like you don’t know who Kelly is really. His father’s company is the second best oil and gas company in this country. What about the hotels and suites all over the country. Don’t be scared.”
She said as she got out the clothes and gave them back to me.

“You’ll need some undies and nighties. Come with me.”
She said as she called on one of her SalesClerk to come over and carry the clothes along.

God! I already picked so much and she’s talking about undies and nighties.

Okay, i need them. But im scared Kelly’s gonna kill me.

We got to the part in the boutique where beautiful undergarments and nighties are displayed.

They are so beautiful.

“I’ll get you sweet ones that would fit perfectly on your a-s.”
She said.

I glanced at her SalesClerk, Prisca.

Why would she say a-s!

“Here.” He stretched a pink lingerie to me.

“No no.. i don’t wear that.”
I said immediately.

She smiled. Prisca smiled as well.

“Just buy it. You’ll need it some day.”
She said with smiles.

I nodded, “Okay.”

She threw it at Prisca and then she got more of it.

different colour and different styles,
but she added those types i wear too.

And then brassieres.

They all look beautiful and sweet.

Then she stretched another pa*tie to me.

“What about this?” She asked
I raised the pantie up to see.

A black g-string?

I laughed. “Its better I wear lingeries than wear this.” I said.

She laughed,“I know that. But its neccessary every lady have it. She would surely need it some day.” She said.

I shrugged. and gave it to Prisca.

She got out two more of it and gave to her.

She took out nice Nighties and pyjamas.

They all look perfect on me.

I was happy..


We walked out, to the payment desk and then i saw Kelly.

He was standing and staring at a red dress in his hand.

He saw us and looked up…

He raised the dress up for me to see.. Then he smiled at me,only me.

Wow…The dress look so beautiful.

Really beautiful than any of the dresses that i picked.

“You like it?”
He asked me.
I nodded, “I do”
I love this dress. Oh my God.

He walked over to the desk an dropped it on top the other clothes and Prisca and her friend began picking each out and making calculations.

“Oh my goodness! Just look at that dress. I should have shown it to you first! Thank goodness Kelly found it. He has such good eyes. This dress would fit perfectly on you dear.” Mrs Tonia said happily.

I saw Kelly raise eyebrows at her, “You know me?” He asked.

“Ofcos, who doesn’t.”
She replied with smiles.

Kelly turned to me, “Why didn’t you pick more?” He asked, refering to the clothes.
Wow.. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was going to yell at me, for picking such costly clothes.

I looked at Mrs Tonia and she’s like, what did i tell you?…

“Uhm.. This are enough.”
I said to him.

“Fifty-Two Thousand Naira Sir.”
Prisca said to him.


I gasped. And looked at Kelly.

“Okay.. I don’t have the cash here but can i write you a check.?”
He asked her.

“I have no problem with that.”
She said with smiles.

He got out his checkbook and Prisca offered him a pen.

He wrote…he wrote.. i tried to peep what he wrote and im awed to see he wrote ‘Sixty Thousand Naira Only’

Wow.. Kelly isn’t so mean like i thought.
“Here” He gave it to her. She took it, and looked at it.
“Woah! Thanks Mr Kelly. I appreciate.” She said, elated.

“Thank you.”
She repeated.

Prisca got the clothes into two cute bags and stretched them to me.

I took them.. But then Kelly took one bag from my hand.

I smiled… This isn’t the Kelly i know.

We turned to leave but she called back
“Please wait a second.” She said and rushed in to a side of the boutique. Then she came back with a necklace. Golden and shiny.

“Here. Its a gift from me.”
She said and stretched it to me.

Wow.. I took it.

“It look so beautiful..Thank you so much Ma”
I said.

She smiled widely at me.

The necklace has FOREVER beautufully carved on it.

I looked up at Kelly and he’s face doesn’t appear good.

He seem annoyed and irritated.

“Thank you so much Mrs Tonia. I appreciate.”
I said.

“You are welcome dear.”

Kelly started to leave. I followed.

“Bye Mrs Tonia.”
I said.

“Bye Miss…”

I said.

“Bye Miss Rose and you too Mr Kelly.” She said.

“Hoping to see you guys again soon.” She added.


We walked out of the Clothes Store and into the car,dropping the bags at the back seat.
And he drove off.

“Thanks for the clothes.”
I said to him.
He said nothing.

“Are you upset or something?” I asked minuted later.

He said nothing..

I called.

Still he was silent.

I really hope it isn’t the expensiveness of the clothes that’s getting him upset.

Ofcos not! it can’t be. He added eight thousand to the money. That can’t be the reason for his behaviour now.

Then its nothing else than the necklace.

“Is it the necklace?”
I asked.

He didn’t say anything.

“Say something please.”
I begged.

“Okay yes! Did she f-----g think i can’t afford a f-----g d--n necklace?”
He yelled and i was astonished by his sudden outburst.

I said with so much sadness in my voice.

He threw his palm on his forehead and pushed his front hair back like he’s frustrated..

He then brought the hand back down on the steering.

“Im sorry”
He said it like a whisper.
I turned away and stared out through the window.

“I said im sorry” He said again.

“It’s fine.”
I said.


*Kelly’s point of view*

We got to the gate and she stepped down to open the gate.

She did and i drove in..

She signaled me to go ahead,.she would walk.
I shrugged and did.

She closed back the gate and walked towards.
I opened the car and brought out the bags but she took them from me..

“I’ll hold them.”
She said.

I shrugged and gave them to her.

Just then the door opened and the b---h stepped out.

Sugar stood at the door.

How the f--k did she gt the key to my door?!

“Hello sweetie. I’ve missed you so much.”
She said
and slowly, like the s--t she is, she walked up to me and tried to hug me.

“Don’t you f-----g touch me or you’ll be dead this minute.” I warned.

She paused like she’s astonished, then she smiled.

“Come on baby don’t be so rude to me.”
She said, touching my chest..

“How the f--k did you get the key to that door?”
I asked..

“Oh baby, you don’t ask such a question to the mother of your unborn child. Ofcos i have the right to have the keys to every door in your house. You know that right? don’t you?”
She said, caressing my chest and bitting her lower lip.

“Come on give me a kiss, i’ve missed those taseful lips of yours on mine baby.” She said, getting her lips to mine but i pushed her away.

“Don’t dare me Sugar.”
I said.

I saw Rose go cold.. Her face down all the while.

Sugar’s eyes went black with rage. She walked to Rose.

“And who the hell are you?”
She asked, as her eyes went all over Rose and then down at the bags in her hands.

Rose didn’t raise her head.

“You don’t f-----g ask…”
but i was stopped by Rose words.

“Im im…hi..his new housemaid.” Rose said.

And my jaw dropped.

I couldn’t believe what she just said.

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