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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 22
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*Kelly’s point of view continues*

“I don’t get you Kelly.”
She said
“Rose please understand me..”
I said.

“Understand you?”
She asked. Her tone is low.

“Yeah please.”
I said.

I don’t know how to express myself anymore.

“Kelly i don’t understand what you’re saying.”
She said.

I placed each of my hands gently on her shoulders, “Rose, i don’t want you to go anymore. I want you to stay here in this house.” I said calmly to her.

“You know that’s not possible Kelly.”
She said.

“It is. It is.. I can get you whatever you want. I just need you to stay.” I said.

“My work? My house?”
She asked.

“F--k the work.. I’ll get you a better work. You don’t have to worry about that..”

“Kelly this is crazy..I mean i can’t stay with you.. That’s kinda improper. Your mom won’t like to see me in your house. And you have a fiance. She’s probably gonna think otherwise if she gets to see me here. I wouldn’t wanna bring troubles.”
She said..

“No.. no Rose.. You don’t have to worry about them. I’ll take care of that. ”
I begged.

I have no idea what’s wrong with me..

But i know i really want her to stay.

“Kelly, im sorry i can’t.”
She said.

I begged.

“Im sorry i can’t.”
She said.

I called with so much sadness.

“Kelly please i can’t.”
She said and shifted away.

My blood rushed. I felt so hurt.

She refused to stay.

I felt so sad.

God! She’s so stubborn!

I walked to her and drew her into a tight hug.
She stayed still. Not moving.

I shut my eyes.“ I wish you could stay. I wish you can stay Rose. I’ll be so lonely in this house without you. I swear it.” I said with so much pain in my heart.

“I’ll miss you..” I said, “Im sorry about my hurtful words. If you stay, I promise never to say them to you.” I said with sincerity.

“Please just stay. Don’t go back i beg you. I’ll make it up to you. We can work together. I want you to teach me how to prepare meals.

How to pick things in the supermarket,
How to sing without my voice going cracky.
Rose,You didn’t even sing your favourite song to me.

Please stay and sing it for me.”
I pleaded.

“Kelly, please you’re holding me too tight.”
She said.


That is all she could say?

“Just say, you’re staying and i’ll let go of you.”
I said.

“Kelly please you have to stop this. It’s getting late. We should be at the airport by now.”
She said.

“Im not letting you go then!”
I said. holding her more tight.

“Ouch Kelly. You’re hurting me.” She said, trying to relese my arms.. But there are strongly wrapped around her.

“I can’t breathe.”
She said.

“Just tell me you’re staying and i’ll let go of you..please”
I insisted.

“God! Kelly im grateful you saved me, helped me. Took me to your house. Im so grateful but telling me to continue to stay is impossible. I can’t do that. I need to get back to.. to.. my grandmother.”
She said.

I raised eyebrows

“Your grand mother?”
I asked. She never told me she has a grandmother. She never even mentioned her family to me.

“Yes, please.”
She said.

“You never mentioned to me that you have a grandmother. You didn’t even tell me about your family.”
I said.

“That is because you never asked.”
She said.

“Yes.. That’s all i wanna ask now. So I want us to sit down and you tell me about you Rose.” I said.

“Kelly please lemme go. I can’t breathe.”
She said.

I said and withdrew my arms, annoyed and disappointment.

I’ll let her go.

She can f-----g go!!

She puffed for air.

“Get out of my room. ”
I said immediately with a mean tone.

She looked up at me with sad eyes.

I know my outburst is unexpected and hurtful her but she hurt me more by refusing to stay.

“Go away, I wanna change. Or you wanna stand there and keep staring?”
I asked, giving her a fierce glare.

She turned and walked out, closing the door behind.

D--n! I kicked the bed angrily.

F--k! my toes hurt.

I shouldn’t have f-----g save her in the start.
No i don’t know what’s f-----g wrong with me..

***** ***

Rose’s point of view*

The ride to the airport was dull and boring.
No one spoke to each other.

Kelly’s face focused on the steering while mine was turned to the window, staring at cars and people, Houses and shops. Everything my eyes catches.

My mind is blank. I don’t know what to think.
I don’t know what to remember.

I tried recalling my good moments with Kelly.
There in the supermarket.

In his car, when we were riding back home.

The songs that we sang together and the way he laughed at his own bad voice, and said mine’s beautiful.

Then in the kitchen when i.. i.. had to cry after he told me about his sister, thereby making me remember my own family.

Then, he left but came back to help me out. He was nice all through those times.

We really came along,
Then only for him to tell me not to go… To stay in his house.


I can’t. I just can’t do It.

Okay, I do want to. Yes, i can’t lie to myself. I want to continue to stay in his house.

I can’t even tell the reason why i want to. But i know i want to stay.

But Im scared…Im scared of his his family, his mom, his fiance.

I wouldn’t want to get arrested or even get killed.

I believe rich people can go any limit just to achieve what they want.

Im scared she’s gonna think im Kelly’s girlfriend.

Yes. i just think so.

I remember how mad she had been yesterday when she thought she saw someone in his house.

I don’t wanna be a big trouble between him and he’s mom.

I really have to go on with no!

Kelly could get mad at me whichever way he want, but i can’t accept his request.

I can’t.

He turned into the airport.. And drove to the parking lot.

We got down, and I followed him.

We walked into the terminal and up to a ticketing counter. A check-in staff, A slim fair lady attended to us.

We passed on the required details. luckily, i got a ticket for a Plane taking off in the next hour.

I have no luggage on me.

We walked to other areas in the Terminal and i completed my flight procedures.

“I’ll be on my way now..”
He said after we were done.

I nodded, “Thank you.” I said.

“Have this.”
He said, stretching a smartphone to me.

“Would help you when you get into trouble.” He said.

I smiled and took it.

“Thank you..”
I said to him.

I tapped the screen and there is an MTN network showing on a side of the screen.

He added sim too.

I looked up at him,
“Thank you” I said.

He stayed silent.

“Kelly, can i have your number please?”
I asked calmly.

But he turned and walked away.


I walked to the lounge, and found a sit..

Im sad cos Kelly couldn’t give me this contact.

He’s really upset that i refused to stay.

And that hurts me so much..

Im never gonna speak to him again.

Im never gonna see him again.

Thinking about all this hurts and i just feel like cursing myself for refusing to stay.

I know im gonna miss him. Im gonna miss Kelly Ejifor.

God, i can’t believe it had to be him.

I don’t even think of Jonny again.

He’s such a b-----d.

But Kelly is someone i think of right now.

I think of the short moment we had together.

He was so nice and funny.

I still remember the scent of his cologne.

Those time he hugged me right there in the kitchen, while the sink tap was running and then an hour ago, in his room.

Those moments.. those moments wanna make me cry for not staying back.

He begged me, he poured out his feelings to me. Told me that’s gonna be bored without me around.

Told me that he’s gonna miss me.. And i declined his request.

I know he’s broken right now.. He just want us to be friends and i turned him down.

I felt tears gather in my eyes and don’t even have a hankerchief on me.

I tried hard holding them back but then it dropped.

God! memories of Kelly just got tears out of my eyes..

I quickly got my face down and wiped them off with my thumb.

Can I bear to leave him..

To go, after he pleaded to me and even swore not to say hurtful things to me..

Oh no.. oh no!

I need to go back to Kelly, or i might go crazy thinking about him.. about how broken he is now. About how lonely he feels..

But how do i find him..


I scrolled through the phone. To see if i can find any means to get to him.

Oh my God! I found his number on the contact
He stored it. He stored it with ‘Kelly.

I quickly dialed the line, and it rang.

He picked up too soon.

I cried and jumped up from the sit.

I know People are staring at me now. But i don’t care.

He called with a low tone. He’s voice sound gloomy.

“Kelly, please come back to the Airport. I don’t think i can continue with this journey.”
I said, with tears.

“Im here in the parking lot. I didn’t leave. I knew you would call. I knew you wouldn’t go… ”
He said.

“Oh my God! seriously Kelly!”
I yelled
and ran out of the Terminal.

I halted and searched for his car.

Then I saw him standing beside his car with his hands in his trouser pockets.

I called with so much happiness.

And walked with so much eargerness to him and stopped right at his front.
He smiled.

I smiled too.

“So are you gonna stay?”
He asked.

“Yeah. I wanna be your house mate.”
I said, smiling.

He smiled that broad smile that comes right from the bottom of one’s heart.

“Come here.”
He said as he got out his hands from his pockets and spread them wide, smiling.

My smile widened as I fell into his arms and we hugged.

Wow… Really romantic..
…..Where’s my own Kelly?
I wanna be your house mate ooh.


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