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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 21
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*Rose’s point of view*

When we got back to the house.
Kelly said it’s eleven
“I’m really hungry now.” He said.

“Me too.”
I said.

Although we grabbed a pizza on our way back.

I don’t know how, but we’ve really gotten to be talking to each other so freely now. And that started right in the Super Market.

And Kelly haven’t been that mean with his words all through the ride home.

We got down from the car and he went behind to open the car boot.

I followed.

He opened the car boot and took out two shopping bags.

He stretched them to me.

I frowned and took it.

“Hey, don’t make a frowny face. You should have known better when you were throwing every item you grab into the basket.”
He said.

He then took out a carton of juice.

“Why don’t you give me that to carry, while you carry the bags.”
I asked.

“No way.”
He said.

He closed back the boot and we walked into the house and to the kitchen.

He dropped the carton of juice on the counter counter and went for a bottle of water in the fridge.

He got one.

“I’ll go upstairs to change.”
I said.

He said.

I walk up the stairs into my room, and changed into a pyjama, the first pyjama he gave me the first night.

I washed it.

I walk down the stairs back into the kitchen.

He was on the breakfast bar now, going thtough his phone.

I miss mine.

I took out the food items in the bags and proceeded to put them in their right places.

I took the carton of juice as the last item and got them into the fridge.

“Throw me one.”
He said.

I did. He grabbed it.

I took out a glass cup and pretended like want to throw it too and he laughed.

“I’ll get it.”
He said.

I asked.

“You wanna bet?”
He asked.

“With what?”
I asked.

“That if i grab it, you.. you’ll clean up the sitting-room before going.”
He said.

“No. I’m not betting.”
I said.

I walked to the table and dropped the cup.

I said and walked to the empty carton to grab it and trash it.

“You act like my sister.” He said.
Kelly have a sister?

“She was always afraid to bet with me cos she looses.” He said and laughed.

“You have a sister?”
I asked.

“Yeah, my twin. She died.”
He said.

I looked up at him with so much sadness.

I can’t believe he had a sister and she’s dead.

It made me remember my family.

My Dad,
My mom,
My brother. All of them were taken away fro me..

Remembering this hurts.

Remembering I was made an orphan just in few days hurts so deep.

I felt tears gather in my eyes. I try so hard for it not to fall out but it did.

I don’t want him to see my tears so i looked out away, and went to the counter.

“Rose, you not saying anything..”
He said

“Uh?” I sniffled.

I don’t know why i had to sniffle.

“What’s wrong. You just sniffled.”
He said.

“I.. i just feel sad cos of what you just told me about your sister.. Seriously, I hate it when people looses their loved ones. I hate to see that, to hear it..

It hurt so bad. ”
I was crying now.
God, i can’t help it.

Remembering my family,
How they all left me.

Remembering my mom’s last weak smile on that hospital bed.

Her last cry.

She couldn’t even stay for me. She left too!

“Rose, you kidding me right?. You’re crying?”
He asked. He’s voice is low, and he’s right beside me, staring at me with concerned eyes.

I shut my eyes.

“D--n! You don’t have to cry cos of Kate. It’s over fifteen years now. I’ve gotten over it.”
He said.

I looked down.

“Im. im just too emotional..when comes to things like this..” I said amidst cries.

“Man.. I can’t believe this..” He said.

“I can’t help it.”
I said.

“Man! i can’t believe this.”
He repeated.

“You said that before.” I smiled and began to wipe my tears with my palms.

But i don’t why im always not able to stop my tears by myself, Untill the tears decides to stop by itself.

Though i was wiping them but more kept flowing.

This tears need to stop flowing.

Kelly was staring at me.

He must be thinking im such a frail.

“Please can you stop.. stop staring at me?”
I said.
He nodded.

But he’s still staring, but i feel something in the way he looked at me.

It’s more than just a suprised stare.

“I’ll get on with the cooking now.”
I Said and turned the tap to wash my face in the sink.

But then, he drew me into his arms..

I gasped.

“I.. Im sorry, i just can’t believe you.. you cried cos of my sister.. No girl had ever done that.. No girl.”
He’s voice is cracky and i can feel he’s saying the truth.

“Ehm…” I want to talk but i don’t know what to say.

His rich cologne is getting into my nostril.

It smell so good.

The tap is running.

I want to pull away, but he’s hold is kinda tight.

“Ehmm.. I need to turn off the tap.”
I said.

“Uh..” He mumbled,

Then released his arms. I looked away immediately.

I don’t want to see his face, i don’t want him to see mine either.

I turned off the tap.

“Im.. im sorry.”
He said.

He’s voice is low and uncertain.

“It’s it’s fine. I’ll get with the cooking.”
I said and he walked to the breakfast bar.

I don’t know how i feel being hugged by this guy.

I know he did it cos he’s suprised.

I don’t wanna think something else.

Anyway, im leaving soonest and its gonna be like we never met.

I tried taking a glance behind.

I did..and found that he had left.

The juice is there on the table, with the empty glass cup beside.

I shook my head.

Him and he’s sister might have been so close to each other. They must have been best friends.

I wonder what took her away.

I inhaled as i began to get things ready for cooking.

I was going to rice and chicken pepper soup!
I want to cook soup.

But he insisted on chicken pepper soup.
I shrugged.


I got the raw rice into a pot, I pour a small quantity of water, and turned on the electric cooker and place the pot on it as i stired it with a spoon, Then covered it to par-boil.

Just then, Kelly walked in,

“What can i help you with?”
He asked.

I said. Ofcos there is but i don’t want to bother him with any.

“I know there is..”
He said and came to the counter, beside me.

“Will you wash the meat then?” I asked.

“Maybe.” He said.

I gave him a bowl with the sealed chicken inside.

He unsealed it and poured the meat inside the bowl, added water and proceeded to wash it.
I looked at him.

“You ain’t good at this.” I laughed.

He said, smiling.
I love his smile.

Okay, the rice on fire..


“Onions are the only stuff that makes one cry without a reason”
He said as i cut some onions. I was in tears and sneezing too.

“Lemme try few pepper on your eyes.”
I said playfully.

He laughed.

“What’s your hubby?”
He asked.

“Why’re you asking?”
I asked him.

“Its a normal question people ask.”
He said.

“Okay, I love to listen to music, and i love to dance.. But i’m not really good at dancing.” I said.

“You have a nice voice back there in the car.”
He said.

“You think?”
I asked.

I don’t know if im flattered by that..

He said.

“I wasn’t the only one who sang.”
I said, trying to remind him that he did too.

Okay, but his voice isn’t that good.

“I know im horribly bad at singing.”
He said.

I smiled.. “Not so bad.” I said.

He laughed. “Thanks anyway.”

“So what’s your favourite song.”
He asked.

“I love blues.”
I said.

“So what’s your favourite song?”

“Uhmm…From This Moment..”
I said.
He raised his eyebrow. “Wow, by who?.” He asked.

“Shania Twain.”
I said.

“Okay, can you sing it for me?”
He asked.

I shook my head “Im not.” I said.

“You ain’t singing?”

I said.

“Then you ain’t going.”
He said.

I looked at him. He lips curved in a smirk smile.

“You ain’t serious you know.”
I said.

“I am.”

I rolled my eyes.

***** ****


“Wow, Rose you’re a good at this..”
He once he was through with this food.

“Good at what?”
I asked.

He said as he wenf for his glass of juice.

“And you’re good at eating.” I said.

“Who isn’t?”
He said and drank from the glass.

“Im gonna employ you to be my cook.” He said.
I laughed.

“And pay you any amount you want.”
He said.

I laughed. “What if i request for one million naira each week?” I asked playfully.

“No probs. All you need to do is to Just keep giving me the wonderful meals with awesome tastes.” He said.

“Kel. You funny..”
I said.

“Kel? You shouldn’t call me that. That name is between me and my buddy.” He said playfully and I laughed.

**** ***

*Kelly’s point of view*


Rose knocked on my door.

I was on my bed.

I don’t want to answer. I don’t know what has gotten over me again.

I just don’t want her to leave.

She is such a good companion.

I’ve never liked to have someone in my house but then i just want to have her. To have Rose stay with me.

I know i would miss her when she leaves.

I know I will!

And i just don’t want that.

I want her to continue staying in this house.

I want her to stay.

God! What she did few hours ago in the kitchen got me.

She cried cos of Kate’s death.
No girl had ever done that.
I couldn’t believe it…

I just wish to know her more. To know everything about her.

She knocked for the fifth time..

I don’t know what to say to convince her to stay.

I don’t know if im doing the right thing.

“Come in Rose.”
I said.

She opened the door and walked in..

I know she must be bewildered to see me in shorts and polo shirt.

“Kelly, im ready..”
She said, her voice is deep.

I turned to face her.

She’s really beautiful, She’s packed her hair in a more beautiful style., curling the little hair at the front ones again.

This really makes her d--n beautiful.

I called.

She stared at me.

I got up and walked over to her.

I paused to take enough air.

She stared at me.

“Rose there’s a problem”
I said.

“What problem?” She said, Her face changing.

“I don’t know how to say this.” I told her, looking into down.

“Just say it out. Anyhow.” She said.
I inhaled.

I don’t know if im sick or something but remembering all that time in the Supermarket, In the car, when we sang those songs.

In the kitchen when she cried really had cos of Kate’s death.

When I hugged her.

Her funny talks.

The way she laugh to my words, and also frowns at few.

Her excellent meal.

Recalling alll this, I just can’t help to see her leave.

To take her to the airport and watch her go.
Im sick.

“Kelly, please say something.”
Her tone sounds like a whisper.

I swallowed.


“Rose, I don’t know how you gonna feel to hear this but i can’t help it.

im..sorry, im really sorry.. i can’t, i can’t let you go Rose ..

I have no idea what’s wrong with me..”
I finally said, and looked up her.

Her eyes went wide-open, and she looked confused.

“I don’t get you Kelly.”

Kelly don’t understand himself. He just told Rose he can’t let her go.

We’ll find out if rose would accept to stay back or decline.

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