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My Personal Taste - Season 1 - Episode 17
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*Rose’s point of view*

I stood transfixed as i watch Kelly’s mom slap him!

God, i couldn’t believe it. This woman must be very dangerous. Rich Mothers!

She must be the one who told Aunty Caro of her son getting married soon.

Look at her. yelling and threatening her son.

What sort of mother is this?

Kelly said he was cheated on, yesterday? By his fiance? And he didn’t tell me..

Stupid! Why would he tell me anyway..

You think so silly Rose!

But his mom slapped him!

Which mom does that after her son just told her of being cheated on?

For Godsake! Kelly is too grown up to be slapped by his mom.

I shook my head.

…Then i saw her look up. She saw me,
I jumped back with fright. Although i hid behind the walls, but she must have seen a little of this f-----g big pyjamas on me.

“Who’s there!!”
I heard her shout and then followed by her heels coming toward the stairs.

I ran.

“Mom there’s no one else in this house!”
I heard Kelly say.

“I saw someone. Don’t you dare lie to me.”
His mom said.

I turned the doorknob of my room and rushed in, closing it as fast as i could.

Where do i hide?

I was sweating.

If this woman had the mind to slap his son, then i wonder what she’s gonna do to me if she dare get me.

I searched around really fast with my eyes..

“Kelly tell me the truth. Who is that person i just saw!?”
She asked.

I could bet she was at Kelly’s door now.

“Mom there’s no one else in this house except the both of us.”
He said. He was with her.

My heart flew..

Kelly don’t even want her to know.

He’s gonna be so mad at me if she find me.

Yes, the bed, under the bed. I would hid under the bed.

I rushed to the bed and tucked the sheets up. I found out that i can’t. cos its so tiny.

“I saw someone Kelly.”
She insisted.

“Mom please stop this.”
Kelly said
Oh God! i could swear they are right at my door now.

My heart was beathing fast.

Then immediately, the i thought of the wardrobe.

Yes! the wardrobe.

I rushed and pushed the doors. Luckily it opened. I quickly bundled myself in and just as i closed it back, The room door opened.

“Come out right now. I saw you!”
She shouted.

My heart was beathing so loud that i feared they would hear it.

I was sweating and i can’t breathe fine but i stayed still.

“Who are you? You’re hiding right.”
Her voice was far. She is at the bathroom.

“Mom lets get out of here. There’s no body here.” Kelly said.

“Do you think im lying?”
She said. She was right infront of the wardrobe now.

I wanted to cry.

God this woman have caught me.

My hand held tight to the door.

Please God just save me. Do something please.
If this wild woman sees me, im dead.

Kelly please do something.

And just then, I heard a ringtone.

There was silence.

Then i heard her voice, “Hello Dr. Williams.” She said.. She was still standing right there.

“Goodmorning.” She added.

“Oh no no. That can’t happen. I assure you.”
She said seconds later.

“Please i beg on behalf of my son. He’s just going through some trauma.”
She said.

“Yes. He has promised to apologise to her. He really love her.”

She was walking out now.

Oh thank goodness.

“Thank you Dr Williams. Yes im on my way right away.”
She said and i heard the door shut.

She is gone.

How about Kelly.

Did he leave with her or he’s still in here.
I don’t wanna open the door..

I would have to stay till she’s gone.

Then i heard him whisper through the wardrobe door.

“I know you are in there. Just stay right there till she’s gone.”
He said.

I sighed.

***** ***

*Kelly’s point of view*

I know she is in there. The silly girl!
She would need to stay right in there till my mom is gone..

I left and walked to my room.

I know the silly girl saw my mom slap me. She must have been eavesdropping.

Trying to know what’s happening in a family she doesn’t know about.

She’s leaving soon anyway.

*My phone rang*

My mom was calling..

I sighed and picked it.

“Kelly.. Come down stairs.”
She said.

Even though i don’t want to but i got to. I don’t want her coming upstairs to see the silly girl.

I got up and walked out of my room.

I thought of going to tell the girl to get out of the wardrobe before she suffocates.

Yeah, i have to.

So i went into her room but i met her sitting on the bed already.


“Why did you got out of there? Do you want her to see you?”
I asked, A bit annoyed.
She should have just stayed in there till i tell her to get out.

“I couldn’t bear staying in there again ok”
She said.

“My mom is still around and im going downstairs. Don’t dare try to get out of this room till im back.”
I said.

She looked away.

I turned and walked out.


I saw my mom at the sitting-room. She was standing and waiting.

“Kelly..Im going to meet with the Cokers. I wouldn’t want you to come with me because they are still annoyed with you for treating Sugar in such an unspeakable manner.”
She said.

I sighed with frustration.

My mom had just suddenly changed ever since Sugar came in.

This isn’t my real mom.

This isn’t the woman i knew. Understanding and godly.

Now she seem to love wealth and popularity than my happiness.

“Mom you don’t understand. Mom you don’t really know Sugar”
I said.

“Sugar is a sweet girl from a wealthy home. She is your wife. You said you love her. You can’t change that now. You’ve told her parents already.”

“But you can’t choose for me mom. I loved Sugar but i came home yesterday to see her cheating on me with some b---h. How do you expect me to feel?”
I said.

“And you slapped me mom.. It’s been ages since you did that. How could you do that just because you’re desperate to have the Cokers as your inlaw..”
I continued.
She folded her arms looking at me,.

“You know mom.. Im a man, you can’t tell me who to love and who to get married to. Sugar can never be the girl for me mom. She’s a cheat.. I can’t marry her. I don’t love her anymore. It’s over between us.”
I said.

“But you had s*x with her, didn’t you?”
She asked.

I stayed silent.

“Answer me.”

“Okay, we did..”
I said.

I remembered that night, few weeks ago. She was the one who pushed me to the edge.
She pushed me into having sex with her, and we did it unprotected and went on doing it unprotected.

I loved her. That was the reason.

“Used protection all this while?”
She asked.

I got afraid.

“Mom why you asking me all this?”
I asked.

I hope it isn’t what im thinking.

“Because it looks like Sugar is pregnant with your child.”
She threw it to me like a bombshell.

I gasped.

What the heck! This can’t happen.

“Mom tell me this is a big joke please.”
I begged her.

Sugar can’t be pregnant with my child.

Not the w---e!

She shook her head,“Im not joking Kelly.” She said..

God. Oh no!

I slumped down on a seat..

**** ***

*Rose’s point of view*

I was in a long white dress, walking along beach sands. Bare footed, and weak. It seem like i’ve lost my way. Because im looking around but saw no one except myself in this beach.

I tried to walk fast but my legs are tired and heavy.

Then my foot dragged the dress i wore and i fell down, to the sands. Right there, i saw a silver ring, hidden in the sands, Shiny and beautiful.

I took it. It shinned beautifully.

What do i need the ring for anyway.. I thought.

I need to find my way out of this lonely beach and not to find some strange ring.

I don’t f-----g need a ring.

So I dropped it back to the sands and forced myself up but i fell back.

But then i couldn’t find the ring again.

I woke up.

It was all a dream.


I rubbed my eyes.. I was still on the pyjamas even though i had taken my bath right after Kelly left my room and warned me not to step out till he gets back.

I yawned, stretching my body.

I was hungry.

I got up and walked to the window and was shocked to see it was night already.

Where’s Kelly!

Where the hell did he go to?

I walked out and went to his door.

Whatever i’ll have to knock.

I gently did.

No answer.

I knocked again, but no answer.

Should i try opening this door?

I did the cross sign and then tried opening the door a little and it opened.

I saw Kelly on the bed.

He is sniffling.

Kelly Crying?

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