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My kings daughter - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Dave was an orphan., one who had to struggle most of the times before he could go to bed half empty-half full
stomach. But now here he was now dining with the king and family himself.


There was a time that someone made a very tempting offer to Dave. He was told that he just had to kidnap a 5 yr old child and use him for a 5 million naira ritual. Of course, he rejected it abruptly.

But now here he was, now a : MILLIONAIRE!
His ancestors are now beginning to look at him with favour.

-back to the office-

manager: no problem my lord. May i know your name?

Dave: i… i… I am…..i am…dave.

Dave’s voice was shaky, emotions that were boiling in him were threatining to pop out his eyes.

Manager: “just come with me, dave”.

Dave: okay

He quickly glanced at the king and said
“thank you”


After the bank account was created, Dave promptly drove the king back to the car company, where his driver was patiently waiting.

Dave was about to go to his uncle’s home and the king was going to return to the village.
“Take care my son” The king said.
“i will dad” dave replied(smiling) .

-10 minutes later-

Dave was in the front of his uncle’s house. It looked very different from the way he remembered it. The gate was different, the walls has been repainted. Well its been 5 years he last came here. He then pressed the bell button which has always been there.
His uncle’s wife opened and saw him
“yes, how may i help you?” she asked. By now she was already squinting her eyes, in an attempt to remember where she knew him.

Dave: i know u won’t remember me. I’m looking for my uncle.

“Dave, oh my God. Is this you? See how you have grown. Come in, come in” she replied.
“Thank you aunty. How is everything?” dave asked.

Aunt: “everything is fine my son. Hmm, its been a long time ooh. How have you been?”

dave: very good. What about my cousins, Esther and Mary?

“They are in school” she replied.

Dave: “What about my uncle?”

aunt: “he travelled”
“d--n! Okay, please when will he be back?” dave asked.

Next week monday. What can i get you? Wine? She asked

“thanks, but i’ll be on my way now. I will try and visit next week. Please greet Esther and Mary for me oo.” dave replied.
No problem. Take care oo. She answered.


-25 minutes after-

Dave had arrived the palace. On the entrance he saw Abies and she ran up to him and hugged him.

Wetin again now? Dave thought.

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