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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 56
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So, stop acting like a–”
Before she could even arrive at a conclusion, we both heard the sound of someone’s footsteps coming down from the staircase. We averted our eyes from each other’s faces to the direction of the visible part of the staircase where Alice stood, wearing one of her nice pajamas, exchanging glances between Francesca and I. There was a concerned expression on her face but she was perfectly quiet and motionless. What actually baffled me the most was that she wasn’t even blinking, which was more than enough hint for us to know that she wasn’t very pleased with us.

“Sweetheart.” My fiancée’s hoarse voice changed to its normal ladylike form at once, so did her nasty grimace turn to a pretentious big, friendly smile. “How long have you been standing there, dear?”

Alice fell for the cheap facade. “I just came here, ma. I was about to sleep when I heard voices of people arguing with each other, so I decided to come down here and see what’s going on. Are you both quarrelling again?”
“Of course not, cupcake.” I intervened, forcing a smile too. “Daddy and auntie were just having a heart-to-heart conversation right here. I’m sorry for waking you up, darling.”

“Okay.” Alice nodded, squinting her eyes strangely as if she was looking for something on my black sleeved shirt. “Daddy, how’s your arm now?”

“I believe you meant to ask about what’s left of it?” I managed to crack a lame joke, hoping she would laugh at the glaring dark humor involved, but she didn’t even smirk, which proved that my easy effort was a long shot at making her laugh. Unknown to me, amputation was a sensitive subject that wasn’t suitable for sarcasm or a discussion with a child like Alice. She hadn’t been the same ever since fate caught up with me. She wasn’t the same optimistic little girl anymore. She was changing too fast; metamorphizing from a cheerful extrovert to a sad loner, but I knew that all she needed was some time to get over the trauma she’d been through.

“Daddy, that’s not what I asked you.” Alice complained, frowning. “You’re yet to answer my question.”
“Darling, it’s fine.” I assured her, still forcing a smile. “My upper arm may be disorganized, but it’s in a good condition. I’m still getting regular treatments, remember?”

“Sure, I’m aware, but does it give you frequent pains?”

“Sometimes. Emotional pains? Yes.” I replied, nodding. “But not physical pains. It’s basically like a log of wood right now. It’s just stiff and just there. I can’t feel anything.”

“I’m sorry, dad.” Alice looked like a poor widow who was on the verge of breaking into tears, but her confidence superseded her weakness. She didn’t allow her emotions get the better of her in a sense that she kept on batting her eyelashes in order to avoid shedding those tears that threatened to pour in abundance like a mighty waterfall. “I am so sorry about this!”
“Don’t worry, dear. It’s not your fault. Like I said, it’s fine.” I reassured her, placing my palm on my chest in order to emphasize my honesty. “Go back to your room, sunshine. Everything’s alright with us. You need to rest.”
“Okay, sir.” Alice agreed and turned around to leave. She had barely taken three steps when she stopped, looked over her shoulder and said: “I need a bedtime story. Is anybody volunteering tonight?”

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