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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 52
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The look of confusion on Kennedy’s face was crystal clear. However, he answered: “First of all, I see so much potential in you. I see much more than you could ever imagine. You are so special to me. You’re like the last of your kind. But, if I may ask, what do you mean by ‘so I can be prepared for what follows after it’? Do you mind shedding some light on that phrase?”
“In one word, heartbreak.” I explained, looking into his eyes too. “That’s how it always ends. Isn’t it?”
“No. That is not how it always ends.” He disagreed. “You’re wrong.”
“How am I wrong?” I asked curiously. “Give me just one reason.”

“God Almighty – that’s my answer.” He explained. “See, if anybody puts God first in everything they do, they stand a big chance of soaring high in all aspects of their life, which includes their health, finances, relationships and so on. I believe I just answered your question, beautiful?”
“I guess so.” I muttered, releasing his hand at last. “But can you do me favor, Ken?”
“Sure thing. What’s it?”
“Could you kindly stop calling me beautiful?”

Kennedy laughed, staring at me, surprised. “Is this some kind of joke or what?”

“No. I’m actually serious. I want you to stop calling me that.” I stated bluntly, frowning. “I’d appreciate it if you call me something else instead of that.”
“This is strange. I thought women loved to receive warm compliments just like this one. I mean, why’re you taking it this serious?” Ken asked, looking even more surprised than before. “Funny enough, you are actually very beautiful, and I’m sure you know that’s a fact. So what’s wrong if I address you with a word that qualifies your beauty? Why’re you overreacting?”
Sighing heavily, I looked away, staring into thin air again. “I’m overreacting because it reminds me of someone. Someone I don’t want to remember. Someone I’m trying so hard to forget.”

“Who is this someone?”
“I’ve told you before.” I replied, still avoiding to make eye contact with him. “Back in the taxi—on the night we first met. Do you remember?”
Kennedy paused for a few seconds, thinking. When it clicked, he snapped his fingers and answered: “Yes, I remember. You didn’t tell me his actual name, though. All you said was his nickname, Prince Charming.”
“I know.” I agreed, nodding. “I’m just not in the mood to think or talk about him today. You’re the same person who told me to stop catching negative vibes and embrace positivity, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely. I’m the same guy.”
“So that settles it. Now, can we change the topic, please?”

“Your wish is my command, beautiful.”
I shot him a glacial stare at once. “What part of STOP CALLING ME BEAUTIFUL don’t you understand?”

Ken winked at me, chewing another chip of fried potato amid laughter. “You should know I’m just teasing. Chill out, woman!”
“I can see you lack manners. Stubborn he-goat.” I hissed playfully, rolling my eyes, after which I added: “You enjoy getting on people’s nerves a lot, huh?”
“Yes, beautiful.” He admitted, touching my cheek with so much care as if he was handling a fragile egg in his hand. “Especially people I LIKE with all of my heart.”

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