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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 42
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“If you know that your name is truly Tonia, repeat what you just said to me.” I challenged her, clenching my fists even harder. “I dare you.”
“I said you’re a rude gold digger.” She spoke confidently, shrugging both shoulders in an ‘I-don’t-care’ manner. “You can do your worst if you want to.”
I lost total control of myself the moment I heard the last sentence she said. It was similar to the same statement that Tunde made about a week ago that almost made me break his head with an umbrella. I could still remember how vexed I was about the issue to the extent that even Alice had to intervene in our dispute. Now, this riffraff had the confidence to use those same words against me and thought she would get off scot-free. She even stood up and folded her hands across her chest, waiting for me to ‘do my worst’!

I started looking around the ward for the nearest weapon I could grab that would do proper justice to her nice dark skin and leave a visible scar on her fine face. Perhaps her beauty had gotten into her head that she felt she could just talk to anybody anyhow she liked. I was determined to prove her wrong by dealing with her mercilessly. Unfortunately, as I was still scanning the ward for a tool I could use, someone opened the door and walked in. She was the matron of the hospital.
Antonia and I quickly pretended to be in good terms with each other because of the elderly woman’s presence. We all exchanged pleasantries like long-term friends, and she asked if we were enjoying each other’s company so far. Of course, we both said yes with fake smiles and forcible laughter at the same time, which got the matron excited for no tangible reason.

“I’d like to check up on the patient real quick.” The nurse announced, taking off the stethoscope she’d worn around her neck. “In the meantime, the doctor would like to see you in his office, Miss ’Cesca.”
“Okay, ma.” I said, eyeing Antonia the same way a tiger would watch its prey with due care, but I made sure Alice and the matron weren’t looking at us when I did so. Antonia returned a scornful look at me before I flipped my middle fingers in the air and mouthed the words: “Screw you!”
Then I left.
In no time at all, I got to the doctor’s office, knocked and went inside just after I saw another person who came out of the same place. I was welcomed and asked to sit. I obeyed.

Unlike most doctors I’d seen over the years, Mr Jeff was a man of few words. He was such a straightforward person and I liked him so much for that particular personality trait.
“Madam, permit me to put this to you this way, but there is fire on the mountain.” Dr Jeff said concisely, adjusting his neat and clear spectacle in a manner that depicted great seriousness.
“Fire on the mountain?” I quoted, surprised. “How? I don’t understand.”
“What I mean to say is…” Dr Jeff started to explain, after sighing, “…the final test result is out, and it’s not what any of us expected to see at all.”

“Could you be a little more specific, doctor?” I asked, scratching the table with my fingers out of desperation. “I still don’t understand, sir.”
Dr Jeff shook his head, giving me a pitiful look, and said: “Let me put this straight to you. If your fiancé’s left arm doesn’t respond to treatment in the next few days, I’m afraid it would have to be–”
He paused, contemplating on whether or not to complete his statement.
“Have to be what?” I urged him on, losing my patience. “Go on! Please.”
Dr Jeff didn’t talk. He’d suddenly gone numb.
“Please say something.” I was basically pleading at this point, since I didn’t know what else to do. “Doctor Jeff?”
I was on the verge of going on my knees when he broke his strange silence with a snap of his fingers, and gave me the shock of my life right then and there.

“Miss Francesca, I’m afraid your fiancé’s arm would have to be amputated.”

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