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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 41
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“I beg your pardon?” I cut in sharply, blatantly confused. “What are you even talking about?”

Antonia gave me a weird look, squinting her eyes accusingly. “What do you mean by what am I talking about? I’m talking about the night of his accident, when he waited for you at the mall for a fixed date or something. I guess you disappointed him then he had no choice than to leave out of annoyance as any other person would’ve done. That was so bad of you.”

“Honestly, I don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about.” I admitted, getting annoyed. “You are pissing me off, Tonia. And I don’t like getting pissed off.”
Tonia giggled in a rather mocking manner, and said: “Oh. I see what’s going on here. So you weren’t the one he was waiting for in the first place. While you were busy being an ass at home, your so-called ‘fiancé’ was somewhere downtown, having the intention to chill with another woman. D--n! This is really funny!”

If looks could kill, I was very sure Antonia would’ve died a long time ago because of the way I was glaring at her. Just one more word from her mouth could make me unleash the other side of me, which wouldn’t end so much in her favor. I was a very temperamental person by nature, and I knew what I could do to her if she didn’t take heed to my previous warning and compose her wretched self.

“Tonia, I’m warning you for the last time; stop aggravating my anger.” I said as softly as I could, pointing my forefinger at her. “Trust me, you won’t like the outcome of my rage.”

“You think I’m scared of you or something?” She giggled again, dropped her smartphone on the couch and clapped her hands challengingly. “Wonders shall never end. Can you imagine this one? This one that looks like a partial albino escapee is threatening me. A whole me, Tonia?!”

Antonia clapped her hands again, chuckling and glaring back at me. This act of hers made me so furious.
“Take your time — laugh all you want. Make fun of me as you please. But one thing I know for sure is that you will never ever, and I repeat, NEVER EVER have this man to yourself. So you can cry me a river, darling, because I don’t give a d--n about you and your myopic reasoning.”
“Says a desperate woman who fights for a man’s love.” Antonia countered almost immediately, giving me a lopsided smirk. “Isn’t it ironic, though? I mean, from the way I see things, this whole thing going on between you both seems to be a one-sided affair to me. It’s probably heading nowhere in particular, ’cause I don’t think any reasonable man would want to marry a rude gold digger like you.”

“Gold digger?” That was all it took for her to unleash the beast in me. It was as if my normal temper skyrocketed from ten percent to a thousand and one percentage, and I could feel the fire in my spirit, soul and body burning like sizzling hot coal, and my head was as hot as lava. I stood up, clenched my fists and took some steps toward her.
“If you know that your name is truly Tonia, repeat what you just said to me.” I challenged her, clenching my fists even harder. “I dare you.”
“I said you’re a rude gold digger.” She spoke confidently, shrugging both shoulders in an ‘I-don’t-care’ manner. “You can do your worst if you want to.”

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