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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 39
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“Do you remember my favorite song by The Weeknd?” I asked, still retaining my smile.
“Yes.” Alice answered smartly. “The one titled ‘I Feel It Coming’, right?”
“Exactly.” I affirmed, nodding my head. “I know he’s going to be alright because that’s how I feel. I can feel it coming soon! And do you know what they say about feelings?”
“No. Kindly tell me, ma.” Alice replied, starting to smile too. I leaned closer to her, held her small hand and whispered into her right ear:
“Feelings never lie, my friend!”
She chuckled cutely, resisting the urge to laugh as best as she could. I pulled back from her warm shoulder, straightened up, and released her hand at last. After that, I turned around and went to occupy a seat on the other couch in the ward, leaving my phone with Alice so she could play mobile games and worry less.

The moment I sat down, I noticed the other lady looking at me. She looked away immediately we made eye contact and pretended to be completely engrossed in whatever she was doing on her smartphone. I shook my head and rolled my eyes, still looking at her. I didn’t want to jump into conclusion without hearing from the horse’s mouth first, but my instinct kept on telling me that she was Tunde’s side chick. I observed her looks, the outfit she was wearing, and her womanly features. She didn’t look bad at all. Despite the fact that she was sitting, I could still point out some cool attributes about her appearance. She had perky breasts that could be seen from the white tank top she was wearing, irrespective of the brassiere she had under it. She had thick hips in abundance, and a considerably great height that suited her dark skin so well, just the way Tunde liked it.

This lady was elegance personified, and I wasn’t remotely interested in having her so close to my Sugarplum. I was starting to see her as a potential threat too.
“What’s your name?” I blurted the words before I could even stop myself. “Who exactly are you?”
The lady stopped pressing her phone, shot me a weird look and raised her eyebrows, acting confused. “Excuse me?”
“Just tell me who you are. That’s all I’m asking for.”
“Do I look like a child to you?” She asked rhetorically, making a contorted facial expression. “A child who you can just order around as you please, or a slave who does your every wish? The least you can do is to ask politely, then maybe I’ll tell you.”

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