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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 37
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After deleting the useless poem from my lover’s inbox page, I blocked Duchess_Lawlar from his friends list, hissed and sighed with relief. I’d never felt so much bliss and satisfaction like the way I was feeling when I executed my actions. I felt as if a huge burden had been lifted off my shoulders, and the sweet feeling made me smile and grin because I felt so proud of myself. I logged out of Tunde’s account, switched off the laptop and stood up so that I could face other pressing issues in time.

‘Duchess_Lawlar my fresh foot!’ I thought to myself, walking away while I continued to hiss with disdain.
At last, the deed had been done. Done and dusted.

1 hour, 23 minutes, 51 seconds later.

As soon as Alice and I stepped our feet into one of the wards at the topmost floor of the hospital, I bulged my eyes in shock because of the number of people I saw in there already. I could recognize most of them as Tunde’s colleagues at his workplace, and a bunch of them as his friends from our neighborhood. In fact, six out of ten of the people in there were people that I was on familiar terms with, except for the three heavyweight guys that were standing and talking to each other and a particular tall lady who sat on one of the couches in the ward. She was the only lady in the room. I’d seen this lady just once before, precisely on the night of my fiancé’s accident, but we never really talked to each other until she left. All I could remember was that when she was asked some questions by the police officers that came later on that same night, she claimed to be a witness to the event and a victim of the harsh crime. According to the lady’s actual words, she had explained:

“I’m a regular customer of the well-known Camelo Mall. If you doubt me or something, you can ask about me from any of the salesclerks in there, or better still, I’ll suggest you ask from the bouncers of the VIP section. They all know me very well. So, I was out there tonight to get some necessary things with my girls as we usually do, but then we stumbled across this insanely good-looking guy in the elevator. He was so friendly and nice to us, so I decided to talk to him when we eventually got to the top floor. Everything went smoothly as I hoped for it to be, and in no time we made friends with each other. So…”
“Go straight to the point, madam.” One of the officers had interrupted her when he couldn’t put up with her irrelevant sermon anymore. “Give us the main detail of what you witnessed!”

“Alright. Pardon me, sir.” She had apologized politely, and then continued with her explanation: “To cut the long story short, I asked him for a lift when my car developed a fault in the middle of nowhere, and he agreed to help me. We were both in his car together — stuck in traffic — when the incident took place.”

“So what happened?” The same officer had urged her to go on while his colleague kept on jotting the details on a notepad.
“We were beaten and robbed. That’s all.” The lady had concluded with a frown on her face because she was tired of the interrogation. “They beat him when he refused to comply with their instructions, shot his left arm with a pistol, slapped me mercilessly for screaming so much, and stole everything we had on us. They took our phones, our money, and hijacked his fancy car just like that. I still don’t understand why we were the only targets, though. But I’m glad we both survived it.”

That was all I could remember about the explanation she made. Seeing her sitting right there on the couch with a group of other people who were standing on their feet triggered my curiosity to know what was happening in there. The moment I stepped into the room with Alice, everyone’s eyes averted from whatever they were looking at and balanced upon us. Alice ran toward the sickbed immediately she saw her father sleeping right there. Well — not actually ‘sleeping’ — more like lying in a critical state of coma for a week and a few days. Tunde’s left arm was thoroughly bandaged like an ancient mummy in the grave, and his face, neck and his muscular torso still carried a lot of wounds and bruises from the serious beating he got, but they were gradually starting to heal. He was, indeed, lucky to still be breathing despite his gigantic ignorance which almost cost him his precious life. Any sane person would’ve heeded the words of an armed robber just to save their dear life, but no, except for my moronic fiancé of course. He’d seen too much of foreign movies and probably attempted to pull one of those Jason Statham stunts on the criminals, which didn’t end too well for him.

I started walking toward the sickbed with calm and collected steps, not bothering to greet anyone else in the room even though some of them still had their eyes on me. As far as I was concerned, I only came to visit my fiancé in the hospital and leave afterwards, not to come and greet some greedy people who called themselves his colleagues and friends just because of his influential personality and his wealth. When I got there, Alice was sitting on the bed already, caressing her father’s bruises with so much love and affection that made me feel even more pity for her.
“What’s wrong with my daddy?” She asked, confused. “Why are his eyes closed? Why is he breathing fast?”
“Relax, honey.” The lady who was sitting on the couch before, beat me to a sharp response. I looked over my shoulder and saw her coming closer to the bed as well, walking like a starving zombie on those multicolored high-heeled shoes she was wearing. She continued speaking: “Your father is going to be okay, sweetie. He’s still recovering. Don’t be scared.”

I kept on looking at her without saying a word, and she didn’t even spare me a glance at all. She just passed me as if I was some sort of hideous ghoul, an invisible ghost or something that doesn’t even exist in real life. I was awestruck, both eyes widened in disbelief as a particular thought crossed my mind.

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