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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 35
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I exited his chat screen and went through his timeline for a while, and when I got bored of the posts I saw there, I went back into his chat screen and surveyed the messages in his inbox page. There were a lot of messages from different women but he only replied a few of them. I looked out for the most recent contacts on his friends list, and it came up with a bunch of irrelevant usernames; Anita_Smith, Sarah_Edwards, Ava_Harbiyordun, Rukky_007, Zara_Pounds419, Duchess_Lawlar, Christine_Ola, Posh-Bae_911, Foodie-addict-bae, and finally, Cardi-Nicki-Pearlie.

The funniest and most disappointing part about the entire thing was that my handle wasn’t even among the top ten list of people my so-called fiancé chats with on a daily basis. I couldn’t blame him for that, too, because we basically lived under the same roof for a couple of months so having online conversations wasn’t really necessary for us. I knew I was certainly invading his privacy by using his social media account in his absence, but I really couldn’t blame myself for doing such a thing to someone I loved so much. My overwhelming curiosity and insecurity were to be blamed for my actions instead.

I checked out the messages on every lady’s profile, and they were all lame conversations just as I predicted before even opening all of them. All but one—Duchess_Lawlar.

I recognized her username immediately I saw it, and a frown replaced the stale look on my face at once. I was sick and tired of seeing this particular lady’s messages popping into my soon-to-be husband’s DM, because she was the most jovial of them all, and he seemed to always enjoy their conversations together. Although she wasn’t prettier than I was, she just had some remarkable features that I envied about her, which were her long dark hair, her smooth round face, her plump cheeks, the natural shape of her eyebrows which were both nice and neat, her deep brown eyes, small and cartoonish nose, and last but not least, the incredibly full lips she possessed which looked more like the effect of plastic surgery to me.

What actually annoyed me the most was that this lady’s use of English was too good to be true. She knew how to use punctuation marks and amazing dictions more than I could. I scrolled through their chat log and I could barely even find any typographical error from her, which shows that she was such a genius like Tunde, and a potential threat to my long-term relationship. I saw her as a gold digger and a common thief—which I was quite sure she would be.

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