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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 34
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I could cope with having pimples and rashes on my face, but I couldn’t live with these repulsive stretch marks on my already pale skin. I felt like it would scar me for life if every remedy I try to clear it off does not work eventually. If I could change my flaws into something as sweet as perfection, I probably wouldn’t hesitate to do so at once. One thing I’ve always disliked the most about this life is its corny imperfections, which contributes to the respective flaws of every human being across the entire planet. I’ve always wished for perfection because I have a pitiful low self-esteem about my appearance, regardless of the fact that almost everyone I’ve happened to cross paths with refers to me as a real life goddess or in most cases, a stunning mermaid. They’d always use words like beautiful, good-looking, fabulous, enchanting and charming on me when they see me for the first time, but little did they know what I was battling with deep down inside my heart. No one has been able to see through the excessive make-up and the lavish clothes I would always wear outside, and it’s so sad for me to live my life this way—always afraid of the unknown and full of insecurities.
How pathetic.

I moved away from the mirror, sat down on the bed and picked up my laptop from the big pillow where I had dropped it the previous night. I placed it on my thighs and switched it on. As expected, it took a couple of minutes for the laptop to boot up, but I was so patient and relaxed that the time didn’t even matter to me at all. After I received a pop-up message on the screen which also says ‘Hello, Welcome’ by an automated female voice, I clicked on my web browser and tapped on the Google search engine so I could look up something I found on the Internet, but as soon as I saw my fiancé’s Instagram account on my ‘History’ web page, I changed my mind and clicked on it without hesitation. Thankfully, it worked out after taking a long time to load, because it led me straight into his popular profile then I clicked on his chat screen so that I could feed my eyes. I was curious to know the type of people he’d been getting familiar with as of late, and I wasn’t disappointed to see what I saw when his chat screen finally opened because I had predicted it already.

Ninety-five percent of Tunde’s followers on Instagram were women. Lots and lots of women at that. But I couldn’t blame him for it, though. He was a good-looking man with a unique, customized handle: Prince_Charming_In_Wonderland.

The font he used to design his username was an attractive one, and his profile picture was the real deal too. To my knowledge, apart from his little daughter, Tunde cherished style more than any other thing he loved. He liked doing things his own way, and that was one valid thing we had in common. I loved him more for that major trait.

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