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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 33
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I laughed on impulse, staring at her in total admiration. Just watching her act so silly like a cartoon character made me feel good.
“I love you more, Smally.” I confessed, still laughing. “You’re so funny!”
“Thanks, ma’am. By the way, you look like a starving creep!” Alice remarked, pointing at my disorganized face. “I’ll suggest you go have a thorough bath and get dressed, too.”

We both laughed at the ridiculous joke she made, and I took no offense in it at all. I said coolly: “I totally agree with you on that one, for real. Lately, my skin has been getting so moist and pale no matter what cream I apply and the good food I eat, and it’s truly freaking me out. I’ve gotten quite dark despite the well-measured amount of warmth I get from the sun and the great comfort I get from the air conditioner every day. I should be getting fresher instead of having these embarassing pimples on my face and the irritating stretch marks around my waist. What’s wrong with me?”
Alice shrugged a shoulder and answered, “I think you’re getting old. It’s just that simple. I think–”
“At twenty-eight?” I interrupted her and gasped, surprised to hear those odd words coming from her mouth. “Come on, Alice, don’t be silly.”

“Honestly, you never can tell.” She argued further, gesticulating with her hands for emphasis. “As I was saying, I think you need to get a nice walking stick as soon as possible, ma’am.”

“You silly brat.” I stood up and extended my hands so I could get a hold of her, but she was quick enough to dash off down the staircase as if she had been expecting my predictable reaction all along. Alice could be a complete pain in the arse sometimes—which wasn’t much of a surprise to me since she shared the same DNA with her troublesome father who I was fond of calling my Sugarplum whenever we were both in good terms with each other like normal lovers should be.

I simply laughed, shook my head, ignored the 7-year-old child and went back upstairs—heading toward the guest room where I’d been lodging for the past few months so that I could groom myself for the little outing ahead of Alice and I. When I got into the room, I locked the door, pulled off my nightgown and stood in front of the big mirror on the wall, clad only in my underwear as I started to inspect the stretch marks around my belly and my slender waist. Thankfully, my fiancé didn’t see this flaw of mine as a big deal even though it irritated me to the max. He was only worried about my snoring habit, which I really wished I could put an end to.

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