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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 32
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“Fine. Alright. As you wish!” Alice agreed and sat down on the stair, staring into thin air. I did the same too, not minding the fact that my nightgown was pure white and had the tendency to get stained. We both sat right beside each other for a couple of minutes without saying a word to one another. The eerie silence was starting to get too awkward for me to bear, so I looked at her, tapped her on the shoulder and spoke up:
“First and foremost, how are you doing?”
She said nothing to me.
“Are you feeling okay?”
As expected, she still kept quiet.
“Alice, I’m talking to you for heaven’s sake!”

“For goodness’ sake, why are you always keeping me locked inside of this house?” Alice finally talked, glaring at me in a rather cold manner. “Why don’t you want me to see my father? I am his only daughter for crying out loud!”

I was so speechless. I wasn’t amazed by the fact that Alice was talking to me in such a disrespectful manner, but because everything that came out of her mouth was nothing but the truth. I’d always kept her away from the hospital where my fiancé was admitted, thinking it was the best option for her for the time being, but I now realized the negative effect it was having on the little child. She was traumatized and frustrated to the max.

“Won’t you say something?” She was on the verge of breaking into tears again as she continued glaring at me. Sadly, I didn’t know what exactly to say to her.

“Say something, ma!” She was tapping me on my thigh this time around as the tears still threatened to pour out of her reddish eyes. “Please!”

“Alice, calm down.” I said, caressing her soft cheek. “Everything will be fine. Have faith!”

“Stop telling me that.” She shot back at me, softly. “That’s what you keep telling me all the time! We both know that’s a blatant lie. Everything will NOT be fine!”
“Trust me, everything will be okay.” I reassured her, forcing a weak smile in order to sound convincing enough. “It’s just a matter of time. You’ll have to be patient and prayerful. I believe that in due time, our situation would turn around for the greater good. All we have to do is keep on having faith! Do you understand me?”

Alice shook her head in total disapproval. “That’s not even what I’m talking about.”

“Then what are you trying to tell me?” I asked, gradually starting to feel agitated. “What’re you driving at? Tell me!”

“I want to see my father.” Alice confessed, covering her face with her palms again. I could tell she couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. She just let them pour out freely as much as they came. “He’s all that I have left. I don’t want to take chances concerning this issue and end up regretting my actions later. Please, take me to him, ma! I’ve tried my best to act calm but I can’t pretend anymore. I really miss him—badly.”

Pity would be an understatement to express how I felt about Alice’s confession. I was so touched by her words that a drop of tear escaped my left eye without my awareness. I embraced her warmly and closed my eyes as emotions upon emotions engulfed the air.
“Should I tell you something exciting?”
“Please do.” Alice’s voice was barely above a whisper. She was still crying quietly. “Tell me what it is, ma. I’m all ears.”

“I’ll take you to him today.” I said, opening my eyes back as another tear drop ran down my right cheek. “And I mean it.”

Alice said nothing to me, but I knew she was glad to hear what I said, so I continued speaking: “Would you come along with me?”

“Definitely.” She agreed at once, hugging me tightlier than before. “With all pleasure!”

“Thank you.” I said, patting her on the back in a very affectionate manner. “Thank you for being so strong up to this point. Honestly speaking, you’re one of a kind, Alice.”
“So are you, Miss ’Cesca!” She said coolly, resting her head upon my shoulder. “Thank you so much for agreeing to take me to my dad. I’m so grateful.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Smally.” I said, smiling for real this time around. “You are most welcome.”

With that, we both broke out of the hug and I caressed Alice’s cheeks with my hands while she did the same on my face.
“Go and get dressed.” I told her after wiping off the trails of tears from her smooth face. “Today is a big day. I wouldn’t want us to waste time at all.”

“Great. Yippee!” She yelled out of excitement, got back on her little feet and started making epic dance moves. “I love you so much, ma!”

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