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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 21
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On the Internet, I was the most charming and caring man any lady could possibly wish to have all to herself, but in reality — when the mask and the great facade had been pulled off completely — I was the exact opposite of a sweet guy. I wasn’t as considerate and cool as most of those ladies thought I’d be in the real world. I wasn’t even worthy of the attention and the popularity I was getting from the popular Instagram network. I was just a man—a selfish human who sweet-talks to any lady he likes and ends up not keeping to his word when he finds out that the lady in question does not meet up to his expectation at last.

Lola deserved someone better. Someone who would take her for who she is. Someone who would overlook her flaws and treat her like a queen that she’s meant to be, because she was worth it. She deserved it. She needed someone who would be trustworthy, loyal and honest with her forever and ever more.
Unfortunately, that someone wasn’t going to be me. She definitely deserved better.
Snapping out of my thought, I turned on the ignition and reversed the car out of the parking lot, then I pulled up onto the main road and continued driving back home. I had barely even driven up to a mile when I got hooked in traffic, again.

This time around, Michael Jackson’s Earth Song was playing on the radio and I found myself tapping my fingers on the steering wheel and humming the melody aloud. Midway into the first chorus, as I turned up the volume to the highest level so I could sing along at the top of my voice, someone knocked on my windscreen and I took a quick glance at the individual, waved my hand to signify my lack of interest and continued what I was doing, thinking it was probably one of those roadside sellers or the desperate prostitutes that were known for standing around that particular junction at night.

As I got back on track with the melody of the song, the individual knocked again and I heard her saying sweetly:
“Please, wind down the car window, Tunde.”

Her voice sounded familiar. She even called my name, which meant that she knew me somehow. I took a proper look at her face and raised my full eyebrows inquisitively, keeping a frown in place. I recognized her immediately. She gave me one of her habitual smiles when she noticed the look of recognition that had replaced the frown on my face. I heaved an exasperated sigh, turned down the volume of the loud music and did as she said.

“Hey.” I managed to say, smirking pretentiously. “What’re you doing in the middle of the road?”
“My car just broke down somewhere around here.” She said, leaning closer to the window. “Could you give me a lift?”
On a regular day, ‘NO’ was the actual word I would’ve said in response, especially with such a foul mood I was experiencing at the moment, but a more compassionate part of my heart prompted me to give her a big, straight ‘YES!’ without even thinking twice. Right then and there, the lady’s smile radiated like the way heat radiates from a stove and a microwave oven, then she turned over to the other side of the car, still catwalking as usual. Within mere seconds, she got into the passenger seat and closed the door, dropping her handbag and the other items in her hands on the dashboard.

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