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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Sometimes I’m not. So I can’t really place my hands on anything for now.”

I noticed the look of disappointment that etched upon Tonia’s face when she said, “That’s not fair. But all the same, I guess I’ll probably see you around someday.”

“Yeah.” I nodded with a forced smile on my face, desperately waiting for her to leave my presence. “Some other time. Probably!”
“Call me.” She placed her right palm on my cheek and caressed it softly, then she took it down to my smooth sideburn, touched it and bit her lower lip in a sexy way. “Don’t forget to!”

With that, Tonia winked at me and walked away, swaying her butt with reckless abandon as she did so. Instead of going back to join her friends at the table, she walked toward the door and stood there, discussing with the tall and hefty bouncers and her immodest friends soon joined her right there. After a brief chit-chat between Tonia and the bouncers, she gave them a huge tip, looked back at me and waved with her two hands in the air, then she mouthed what seemed like ‘Goodbye’ before she left with her friends.

I sighed with relief the moment they all left the enclosed room. Tossing the business card into my T-shirt’s upper pocket, I glanced at my wristwatch immediately.

8:35 PM.
I was getting tired of waiting. My patience was gradually wearing off. Maybe suggesting an impromptu hook up to someone new was a complete bad idea. Maybe I shouldn’t have done this in the first place. I doubted if Lola would come to see me, especially after what had transpired between her and my fiancée earlier in the day.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have switched off my phone when I informed her about it at the cybercafé? I wondered, scratching my hair restlessly. If anyone is meant to take the full blame for this issue on ground, it would be nobody else but me and me alone, because whatever I did was an intentional act, so the burden lies on my shoulders. I surely wouldn’t blame her for not coming for something she isn’t prepared for.
Sighing exasperatedly, I clicked on my smartphone’s power button and started to type a new SMS for The Duchess.

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