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My instagram Love - Season 1 - Episode 12
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She winked at me flirtateously when she saw me looking up at her. I averted my eyes from her face almost immediately.

“She looks old.” I said, almost having the urge to throw up right on that spot. “Too old for me.”

“But it doesn’t matter, sir. Age is just a number.” Denise argued, winking at me too. “She could be your potential sugar mama. Who knows!”

“That’s disgusting.” I burst into laughter when Denise’s words sank into my ears. “Look, I don’t have time for this. Can you give me the directions to the VIP section of this mall?”

“Yes, sir, but only one condition.”
I squinted my eyes out of curiosity and asked, “On what condition?”
“I want you to talk to the sugar mama upstairs.”

“Over my dead body.”
Denise laughed so hard. I did too. Other workers who didn’t know how close we both were would’ve assumed we were flirting with each other due to the way we were laughing uncontrollably.

After having a good fit, she straightened her face and gave me the description of the VIP section of the mall and told me how to get there on time. I thanked her and left happily, heading toward the elevator. When I entered inside of it, I saw three ladies standing there already, talking to each other. They all smiled and whispered between themselves the very moment I got into the elevator. The chubby one said ‘Hi’ and I ‘Hi’ed’ her back. The slim one grinned and said ‘Hey’ so sweetly. I returned a slight smile and ‘Hey’ed’ her politely. Fortunately, the tallest one amongst them said nothing to me.

I loved the peace and quiet I got all through the movement of the elevator. When we arrived at the topmost floor, I stepped out of it and followed Denise’s description until I located the VIP lounge. The bouncers were more friendlier and much easier to bypass than I thought they’d be when I first saw them. They allowed me into the reserved section without much fuss, and I occupied a seat there, looking around the room where several others sat mostly in pairs. The low background music gave me a great feeling of nostalgia and I soon found myself tapping my fingers on the table and doing the same with my right foot on the floor as I hummed along with the tune.

I glanced at my wristwatch. 8:00 PM on the dot. I nodded satisfactorily and switched on my smartphone for the very first time since I had switched it off after informing Lola about what I had in mind concerning us.
Speaking of Lola, how sure am I that she would keep to her end of the bargain? Come to think of it, this issue on ground isn’t really much of an official deal between Lola and I, is it?

No. Of course, it isn’t. I had taken her by surprise and I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t turn up for the impromptu hook up at all. I said what I said and did whatever I did on impulse—without clear thought, so I was prepared for the best or the worst outcome of my actions.

8:17 PM. Still no signs of Duchess Lawlar anywhere around the mall. I was getting all tensed up and nervous, so I ordered for a cold bottle of water while I continued humming along to the interesting background songs.
While basking in the comfort of my preferred solitude, the three ladies I had seen in the elevator just a few minutes ago soon walked into the VIP section as well. I noticed they didn’t even go through any inspections from the bouncers which shows that they were regular folks in this section. With the speed of light, I took my earphones out of my pocket, plugged it into my phone, inserted the soft earbuds in my ears, bowed my head and pretended to be listening to music so they wouldn’t bug me in case they saw me.
Unfortunately, my cheap facade didn’t work out as planned. On their way in, the chubby lady and the slim one who looked like the youngest among them went ahead and secured a table for themselves, while the tallest one who had ignored me earlier on in the elevator diverted towards my table. She was basically catwalking like a model with so much poise, confidence and vigour while I watched her movement with the side of my left eye.

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