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My First Love  - Season 1 - Episode 23
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In zainab apartment
zainab:I didn’t beleive that you will fulfill your promise

me:When I have nothing to do at home
zainab:what can I offer you
me:uniced water
zainab:uniced water?
she went in and came out with 1 uniced bottle water
zainab:(sigh)am I not pretty enough?
Me:what do you mean?you are more than beautiful even I am yarning to be the lucky guy(lie of the century)
zainab:but I did not see any sign of that in you
me:I am waiting for the best opportunity like this,see zainab I L..

she blocked my mouth with her fingers,she think she did the right thing unknown to her that she made a very biggest mistake because I will use that against her later.

Suddenly our mouth locked together,we kissed passionately for about 3mins before she lead me to her room,Immediately we got to her room I undressed her and she did thesame.I s----d the hell out of her innocent b-----s and I used my hand to located her already wet p---y,I finger f----d her for about 3 mins,she can took it anymore,she pleaded:give it to me please,I want you inside me,I love you,but the last thing I will do with female is to tongue f--k her(Iranu abacha).I insirted my d--k into her virgina,this girl is so tight o(I thought).I f----d her for good 45mins and later took our bath together before I left for my house at exactly 6:15pm.
fast forward to the 10th week.we have made it to the final in the ongoing tournament,and the next match(final)is between AGGS AND LGS

Gamemaster:A cheerful good morning to ones
players:good morning sir
game master:despite being beleaguered by injuries you still fought hard and made it to the final stage,you showed me that you can win without your best players such as faruq,Bolaji,Ojekuli and skrtel.

The four of us was injured when we played against the dreaded Goverment college in the round of 16.

Game master:thank God,your best players have backed to the training but for the day after tommorow’s match Bolaji will not start the match because of his health but he may be subtituted and the principal said if you win the match there are special packages for every one of I wish you the best of luck
players:thank you sir

The both teams were at the westley college waiting for the match to begin

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