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My First Love  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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It was a fantastic monday morning.

The principal has presented the gift to us,we all went to our various classes.
Olamide:what will u ask from Opeyemi
me:I don’t know yet
Olamide:Use this opportunity to ask her out.
Me:wo,olamide,what I wanted to do b4 is that I will ask her to show me her boyfriend
Olamide:yeeee,are you with your common sense,y will you ask that foolish question
me:Is that a foolish question?
Olamide:ask me again mtcheew
me:I will go to her when it is break time
Olamide:what will you ask from Adejoke?
Me:I don’t know o and I don’t want to ask her out because I don’t want more ladies in my life again but that girl is beautiful oo
Olamide:than Opeyemi
me:you are mad,you don’t know that Opeyemi is miss world(joked)
Let me tell you about Olamide.

Olamide is a type of guy that loved to keep female freinds,he have more that 6 girl friends(may be I should call it wife),he can do anything to get what he want.he was dating 2 girls in our class(science class),2 in commercial class and 2 in Art class at the same time even two friends were among the girls and did not know each other as his wife but I don’t how he did it.
It was exactly 11:45am
I left the class with the sole purpose of going to Opeyemi.I searched every nooks and crannies of the school,I couldn’t find her.
On my way back to our class I decided to pass through the second block,on getting there I overheard a female and male voice,I just kept going but I kept hearing the voice louder at every steps till I got to the last class,guess what I saw

I think you guessed ryt,I saw Opeyemi sitting on the School senior prefect boy lap.I was heart broken,Opeyemi saw me but she did as if she did not see me,I walk slugishly in to the class
I told Olamide everything I saw on my way.
Olamide:my guy u have luz ur chance
me:I think Opeyemi is not met for me and if she is met for me she will be mine for sure it just a matter of time
Olamide:my guy you can’t compete with that big headed s.p,thank God you still have Adejoke,you better go for her before she will do like Opeyemi
me:Ok i’ve heard you
Opeyemi came to the class after abt ten mins,she greeted me but she got no response
Opeyemi:Bolaji,what happen?

I don’t want to inform Faruq about the latest news because he will be making jest of me.
what should I do now?

Should I go for Adejoke or I should compete with the school s.p because I still love that girl.

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