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My Days In An Undisclosed High School - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Dad,Mum am set,i need to start going now…ok bye they both replied in unison…


school activities start,clara was just giving me an occasional glance**maybe she want make i reply her stupid letter..but honestly i didnt know what and how to reply her**,our first period teacher comes in,guess who,our biology teacher **madstar khola**….good morning students he said,gud morning sir the students answered in unison**except me**..before we start today lesson,i want someone to single handedly tell me the name of an organism that exhibit plants and animal features he asked…**there was total silence in the class** did u want me to start calling name,he bleat like a goat that has been infected with anthrax,,still no hands up…..okay clara answer the question he said..clara stood up words aiint coming from her mouth,someone should bail her out or i will flog her mercilessly…..hearing this i quickly raised up my both hands….Sire(the father of a litter of rabbits) here!!!..i shouted…ok,her husband is here to rescue her,lets see if he can get it or end up being floged with her lover like romeo and juliet..he mow like cow that is having a newcastle diseases everyone laughed except a single soul,her NAME is RÀÇhéal….tell the class what you got wayne…euglena i said..waoh clap for him he said,was about to sit down when he said i should keep standing…ok is virus a living cell or non-living cell,both i answered,clap for him again he said,what does amoeba use for movement he asked me again,pseudopodium i said…clap for him again,lastly mention a type of filamentous algae..-spirogyra i said…waoh we are having a genius inthis class oooo,clap for him,clara looked at me and gave me a thank you eyes,racheal was like why did you help her hmmn…**dis one is strong,**3hours later,it was break…racheal didnt go out like wise clara,when i cant hold it anymore i stood and walked out clara stood up also and followed me….when we got outside,she thnked me for what i did in hours back and asked for my reply about the letter….i told her i am still thinking about it but will definately get her result,during closing hour,i said to her….we joked a little and we both walked back to the class on getting there i saw wilson chatting with racheal,.*wat concern me**…suddenly he turned and looked at me following by a wink from him…..lesson continue,this time it was mathematics by physics H.C.T..i tried as much to avoid her gaze when she was explaining but i guess she was looking at me too much…* i resembled your papa ni*

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